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7 Twitter optimization tools range up your account!

. 8 min read

Twitter is known for offering a user-friendly account management experience. Many users of this social media platform enjoy the same straightforward steps to feel at home on Twitter.

But why settle for less when there is much more to be discovered to optimize your Twitter account? Why not explore every avenue to make the most of your Twitter presence? If your next question is “How?”, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a diverse range of Twitter optimization tools that will make your account hit a home run.

#1 Circleboom Twitter

If you’re looking for more, don’t worry! We’re just getting started. While Twitter Analytics may be the right place to get the ball rolling, it certainly isn’t the only Twitter optimization tool you should have up your sleeve. To guarantee the fastest growth of your Twitter account, your next stop has got to be Circleboom, where you can find unique features that Twitter Analytics doesn’t have.

Circleboom Twitter is designed to ensure that you’re ahead of the game when it comes to an understanding your audience. Circleboom Twitter’s User Analytics feature delivers you a comprehensive survey of who engages with your account. You can access interactive graphs that give you all the information you need.

Circleboom User Analytics

So what exactly does Circleboom Twitter User Analytics offer? First up, it has Twitter Follower Stats to track the stats of your new followers and your follower growth. You can also see a list of verified accounts that follow you.

What about fake followers? Circleboom helps you handle them. Circleboom’s Fake Twitter Account Checker is an excellent optimization tool to detect and remove fake followers that add nothing to your growth.

Audience Demographics on Circleboom

Now you know about who follows you, what about who you follow? Circleboom Twitter Account Analysis is undoubtedly the right place to learn more about your following. You can see the inactive Twitter accounts, spammers, and fake accounts to remove them from your following list. You can also easily access your following demographics.

Do you want to speak the same language as your audience? Circleboom Twitter Language Stats helps you find out more about your international audience so that you can reach them more effectively. A global audience means different time zones and different engagement times. With the help of Circleboom’s Best Time to Post optimization tool, you can ace the engagement game.

Twitter Analytics falls short of providing its users with Twitter gender statistics. Circleboom has the Twitter Gender Statistics feature where you can access the statistics of the gender identities of your audience. This missing puzzle piece will help to maximize your Twitter outreach.

Circleboom also offers the Twitter Interest Targeting service, which tells you all about your followers, audience, and Twitter friends' areas of interest. All of this information is brought to you on an interactive graph.

Analytics tools help you learn all about your audience. Now it’s time to tailor the best marketing strategy to make sure your audience stays engaged. Let’s take a look at the best Twitter marketing tools Circleboom has to offer to kick-start your social media marketing campaigns.

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#2 Twitter Analytics

The first place to start is Twitter’s very own Twitter Analytics feature. Twitter Analytics is packed with data that helps you to keep track of the impact of your Twitter presence. It offers a general view of how well you’re reaching your audience as well as the particulars of a single tweet. The best part? It’s free, the dashboard is easy to use, and it’s just clicks away.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard

The Account home page of Twitter Analytics lets you see your top tweets, tweet impressions, and profile visits to understand your engagement with your audience better.

If you want to analyze the performance of individual tweets, it’s time to visit your Tweet analytics page. Here you can get a detailed report of how a single tweet interacted with your audience.

#3 Circleboom Publish

Circleboom Publish is great for businesses looking to boost their marketing success on Twitter. It brings helpful and dependable optimization tools to the table. One of the best things about Circleboom Publish is that you can accomplish much on a single dashboard. So you won’t ever get lost.

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Circleboom Publish Dashboard

Your content is more impactful when it reaches your audience at the right time. Circleboom’s Twitter Scheduler tool makes sure that your audience doesn’t miss out on anything. Are you having second thoughts about your scheduled tweets? Circleboom Publish lets you edit them before they appear on the feed.

Circleboom Publish will help you with that if you want to diversify your content. You can easily post your RSS feeds to your Twitter account. You also have the option to add a hashtag or any type of text to your RSS tweets.

Circleboom Publish can curate content for you too. With the Content Curation tool, you have the opportunity to select from thousands of articles in 11 languages to keep your audience on their toes.

Circleboom Content Curation Tool

Doing all of this for a single Twitter account can easily be challenging, now imagine what it must be like for multiple accounts. Overwhelmed? Don’t be. Circleboom Publish makes multiple account management on Twitter as simple as possible.

You can also save time and energy that you could channel into your growth by using Circleboom’s automation tools.

Unlike My Likes tool lets you unlike your past liked tweets at once, saving you from going through them one by one. If you want to go through them anyway, it has a free-text search to filter out your likes. You can do the same with your retweets as well.

What about your own content? Circleboom’s Delete All Tweetstool is wonderful for deleting all of your tweets in bulk or filtering out specific tweets through a keyword search, or deleting your old tweets, however, you wish. You can also delete your tweets by date or by language.

#4 SocialPilot

SocialPilot is another option for growing your brand on Twitter. It can help you schedule your tweets and manage multiple accounts on Twitter. SocialPilot helps you out with Twitter’s 280-word character limit while scheduling your tweets.

SocialPilot also has an analytics feature that tells you more about your audience. It shows you popular hashtags, who engaged with your posts the most, and your top-performing content. You can easily download and share your SocialPilot Analytics reports in PDF format, making it easier to keep track of metrics.

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#5 Audiense

Audiense allows you to contact your audience directly by creating a chatbot to reply to your DM’s. It also has automation tools to help you bulk follow, unfollow, and send tweets to your audience.

You can also get analytics reports on your audience, including key information like location and age range. Like Circleboom, Audiense also tells you the best times to tweet. Reports created by Audiense are also downloadable in PDF format.

#6 ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is another Twitter optimization tool that offers various features. With ManageFlitter, you can get to know your audience by using its Analytics feature. ManageFlitter also lets you use Twitter Search, using filters to find more people to follow. If you want to see and potentially unfollow inactive accounts, ManageFlitter makes a list of them for you.

ManageFlitter’s PowerPost tool is a tweet scheduler tool that sends out your tweets at the best time for visibility.

#7 SocialOomph

If you’re looking for a different alternative, you should check out SocialOomph. SocialOomph is mainly automation-based. It allows you to DM your new followers. You can also use it to automatically follow those who follow you and unfollow those who’ve unfollowed you.

SocialOomph’s Purge Tweets and Purge DM’s services let you delete your tweets and your DM’s in bulk.

SocialOomph can schedule your tweets for you. It also lets you add your RSS feeds to your Twitter account.

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Editor’s Choice

On Twitter, you are what you tweet. At the end of the day, the quality of the content you put out there determines your success. It’s so easy to get lost in the world of hashtags, retweets, likes, and trending topics. That’s why you need the right tools to make things much more manageable.

Twitter optimization tools are the go-to choice for enhancing your growth on Twitter. They make life easier and get you even closer to your goals for achieving success. Circleboom is a great optimization tool because it covers all areas you will need help with. Its unique features like Gender Stats and Twitter Interest Targeting make it an excellent candidate to team up with on your Twitter growth journey.

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