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3 Twitter Management Hacks for every Twitter User

. 3 min read

ajority of the Twitter users spend a good amount of time trying to figure out their unfollowers on Twitter. They unfollow Twitter accounts that do not follow back or are spam accounts or they do not want to continue following. In this article, we will look at the best Twitter unfollow hacks to help you unfollow easily and safely on Twitter.

While unfollowing accounts on Twitter, it’s important for Twitter users to be careful as excessive unfollowing can result in account suspension. Being vigilant while unfollowing can help you from Twitter bans in the long run. Following the hacks below will help you in smartly unfollowing accounts and growing your Twitter followers.

Twitter Unfollow Hack #1: Unfollow Accounts who do not Follow Back:

Rather than unfollowing all the accounts, it’s better to first let go of Twitter accounts who do not follow back. Circleboom can help you know the Twitter accounts who you follow but who do not follow back. Finding such accounts on Twitter can be time-consuming, but you can easily spot them on Circleboom and unfollow them.

To spot unfollowers on Circleboom, authenticate your Twitter account with Circleboom. Once logged in, go to -> “The Circle” -> “Not Following Back.” Circleboom will list all your unfollowers. You can visit their Twitter account from the dashboard and unfollow them.

Twitter unfollow

Twitter Unfollow Hack #2: Unfollow Inactive Accounts:

Inactive Twitter accounts could be any Twitter accounts that exist but do not involve in any Twitter activity like tweets, retweets, or likes. Some of these accounts could be bots that have been created for Twitter follow-unfollow but have never been used to send out actual tweets. Others could be real Twitter users who joined Twitter but haven’t used it over a period of time.

To unfollow inactive accounts from the Circleboom dashboard, simply click on the “The Circle” -> “Inactives” and all the inactive accounts you follow will be listed. You can visit each account to unfollow them.  Circleboom will list all the accounts with no activity within 30 days as inactive accounts. You can sort by “last tweet date” to unfollow the most inactive accounts.

Twitter unfollow

Twitter Unfollow Hack #3: Unfollow Spam/Overactive Accounts:

Getting rid of Twitter accounts who spam, tweet too much, or are fake is an important process of cleaning your Twitter account. All those Twitter accounts who send more than 20 tweets per day are flagged as overactive accounts by Circleboom.

To unfollow overactive accounts, go to your Circleboom dashboard, click on the “The Circle” -> “Overactive.” All the overactive accounts will be listed and you can unfollow them by visiting their Twitter account.

You can also use the Circleboom grid power search to look for specific accounts or filter your search by keywords/hashtags/dates.

Final Words:

Using reliable tools like Circleboom to manage your Twitter account will always make sure that your account is at no risk. Twitter is not against following and unfollowing, but just the excessive usage of it limits the purpose of the platform.

I hope you will be careful while managing your Twitter account. You can also refer to our blogs or FAQs if you have any questions related to Circleboom. If you’ve any additional queries or comments, you can share them below.

Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

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