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How to get around Twitter suspension: All you need to know to save your account!

. 6 min read

If everyone agrees that Twitter should be a free and safe place, you should follow some rules. If you don't, you will be suspended.

Do you know how close you are to suspension? Check your status and find out!

Twitter suspension happens when you violate Twitter rules, perform malicious activities, engage with spammy and fake profiles, and for other reasons.

Overall, we can say that there are 3 reasons for Twitter's suspension:

You should avoid abusive content and inactive, spammy profiles to prevent Twitter suspension. Also, you should be giving importance to your account security.

How to save your Twitter account from suspension

When your Twitter account is suspended, you can recover it back!

You should follow this path to recover your suspended Twitter account:

  1. Review the Suspension Email: When Twitter suspends your account, they typically send you an email explaining the reason for the suspension. Read this email carefully to understand the violation that led to the rest.
  2. Appeal the Suspension: If you believe your account was suspended in error or if you have resolved the issue that led to the suspension, you can appeal the suspension. To do this, log in to your suspended account (if possible), and you should see a notification with instructions on how to appeal. Follow the instructions provided to submit an appeal. If you can't log in, you can still submit a request by visiting Twitter's help center and filling out the suspension appeal form.
  3. Provide Necessary Information: When appealing, explain your case clearly and concisely. If your suspension was due to mistaken identity or a misunderstanding, clarify this in your appeal. If you've addressed the violation (e.g., deleted the offending tweets or changed your behavior), explain your steps to rectify the issue.
  4. Wait for a Response: Twitter's support team will review your appeal and respond to your request. This process may take some time, so be patient. Twitter will email you their decision regarding your account's suspension.
  5. Follow Any Additional Instructions: If Twitter requires you to take further action, such as confirming your identity or completing specific tasks, comply promptly to expedite the account recovery process.
  6. Prevent Future Violations: Adhering to Twitter's rules and policies is crucial to avoid future suspensions once your account is reinstated. This includes refraining from spammy behavior, harassment, hate speech, or other violations.

If you don't want to jeopardize your Twitter account and lose time with all these processes,  you should be careful from the first moment of your Twitter experience.

Measures against Twitter suspension

I will give you 3 tips that you can use to save your Twitter account from suspension.

#1 Have a high account quality score on Twitter

The account quality score is introduced by Circleboom to show how healthy and safe your Twitter profile and followers are.

Circleboom v2 has introduced a notable feature called the Twitter Account Quality Score. This innovative tool assesses different factors like tweeting patterns, follower demographics, and engagement statistics to offer users a valuable assessment of their account's quality.

This Account Quality Score enables users to evaluate the effectiveness of their Twitter strategies, pinpoint areas that need enhancement, and make informed decisions to improve their overall presence on social media.

As it analyzes your followers and content, it is also a measure to understand how close you are to suspension on Twitter. A low account quality score means you have low-engagement followers, more fake friends, etc. which can be seen as an essential factor to be suspended on Twitter.

Higher Authority Score Tips

By implementing these suggestions correctly, you can boost your Authority Score. Rest assured, you can accomplish all of this using Circleboom!

Keep a close eye on your Twitter followers and perform a cleanup

Twitter's updated algorithm takes into account the quality of your Twitter followers when determining your trustworthiness.

If your followers include fake or inactive accounts, Twitter may perceive you as one of them. Consequently, your content's visibility will suffer, leading to a lower Authority Score on Circleboom.

Therefore, using Circleboom for a Twitter profile audit is advisable, identifying and eliminating inactive or spam accounts from your list.

#2 Build connections with active and top-notch followers

After clearing out low-engagement followers in the initial step, it's time to seek out high-engagement users with impressive quality ratings.

You can make use of Circleboom's advanced "Search Tool" to discover similar, high-quality profiles to follow. This tool provides you with specialized filters to refine your search effectively.

#3 Tweet engaging content

Producing captivating content is essential to draw in genuine individuals with similar interests. If consistently crafting high-quality tweets proves challenging, you can opt for a clever approach by utilizing Circleboom's AI Tweet Generator.

AI Tweet Generator - Circleboom

Auto-generate tweets with Circleboom's AI Tweet Generator.


Thanks to Circleboom's AI-powered Tweet Generator, you can automatically generate captivating tweets on a wide range of topics and in various styles. Whether you want to create educational, humorous, or optimistic tweets, this tool allows you to diversify your content and expand your follower base.

#2 Detect fake and inactive followers and clean up your Twitter profile

If you are followed by fake and inactive followers on Twitter, you will be regarded as a "low-quality" profile with lots of fake and spammy followers.

Once you are regarded as one of these low-quality accounts, Twitter will observe your actions more closely and chances will be higher of being suspended because of some suspicious actions.

That's why I highly recommend conducting a Twitter audit, spotting inactive and fake people around you on Twitter, and cleaning them from your account.

Circleboom enables you to audit your Twitter audience and spot fake, spammy, and inactive accounts around you. Then, you can visit those profiles and unfollow them easily!

Also, you can find who unfollowed you on Twitter with Circleboom. This is another way of creating a high-quality profile with high-quality followers.

#3 Delete offensive tweets

Do you have some offensive content in the past? If you do, you should be careful because they could be an excuse for Twitter suspension NOW!

If you have tweets that can be considered offensive, I highly recommend you delete them all with Circleboom's Mass Tweet Deleter!

Circleboom - Mass Tweet Deleter

Mass delete your old tweets with Circleboom!


You can secure your Twitter account by deleting your old content so you can find a way to protect yourself from suspension.

Suspension is the worst, but there is also Twitter Shadowban that you won't be suspended, but your visibility will be decreased and your tweets will be seen by very few people or no one.

Final Words

Twitter suspension is real. If you lose your Twitter account, creating a new account and finding your old followers will be very difficult. So, please give attention to those warnings and advice given above and take action.

Circleboom is the most effective and comprehensive Twitter management tool that helps you audit your followers, increase your account quality score and delete old, offensive content. This way, you can easily secure your Twitter profile and stay away from suspension.

You can take advantage of many other great tools and features on Circleboom at affordable prices.  

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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