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Why should I delete pictures of my ex

. 5 min read

Should I delete pictures of my ex? Sounds weird, isn't it? However, it is not in some way.

We always enjoy fresh starts, but sometimes we can need decent, clean breaks in our life for new, fresh beginnings. Such requirements may appear right after the end of a relationship.

Social media has drastically affected your conventional way of connection so far. If you consider that human relations are already quite complicated and always tended for change. Unfortunately, changes are an inevitable matter of fact for humankind.

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If you make a quick search on Google, you will find questions such as;

  • What does it mean when you dream about your ex?
  • How to get over your ex?

If the situation is hopeless, questions continue;

  • Should I delete pictures of my ex?
  • Should I delete pictures of my ex on social media?

You may still dream about your ex, but if the situation you are in is hopeless, it can be much better to go your own way. Get the question, "how to get over my ex?" out of your mind first. Moreover, keeping photos of your ex can be hurtful for you. To avoid that, deleting your old pictures of your ex on Twitter and other social media platforms would be a nice step to begin.

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How to delete pictures of your ex on Twitter

If you have found an answer to the question in your mind, "should I delete pictures of my ex?" It is better to take action immediately. You can delete all your tweets and Twitter media about your ex within a few steps listed below. So, let's dig in:

Before beginning, first, you need to download your Twitter Archive. It is an easy process, and you may find here how to download it.

Step #1: Log in with your Twitter account on Circleboom.

Don't worry; Circleboom has a secure dashboard, and it guarantees your account's total safety on the Circleboom dashboard.

Step #2: Go to the dark menu bar on the left and then click on "My Tweets" and "Delete Twitter Archive" respectively.

Then the interface will be prompting within seconds.

Step #3: When your Twitter Archive is ready, continue via clicking "Start here" to upload your Twitter Archive file.

The archive file will be uploaded quickly.

Step #4: Once you have uploaded the archive file, you can use Circleboom's filter features to spot tweets about your ex.

If you want to delete Twitter media attached to those tweets directly, you should check the checkbox under "Filter by Media Type" below.

Let suppose that you probably don't want to bother yourself with memories triggered by your ex's pictures. If you don't want to see anything else about him or her, you can quickly delete all tweets during the time you've dated your ex.

Delete all tweets by date:

It checks all your Twitter media by tweets' dates.  Via selecting the "Start Date" and "End Date" you can spot and delete tweets by a certain time.

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You can delete tweets published on a specific date/month/year using Circleboom. Using Circleboom can let you erase tweets within seconds what might take hours to find on Twitter.

Delete all tweets by word:

With this feature, you can shortlist your Twitter media that contains particular hashtags, mentions, or any specific words on it.

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Delete all tweets by language:

Via the language filter, you can mass delete Twitter media in specific languages. Just choose the language to filter the tweets you are seeking.

Short Notice: You can also delete all retweets from your ex or all replies you have made on your ex's tweets with Circleboom. Via retweet and reply check boxes on top of the dashboard. It can be just easy to pass the sponge over everything.

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Wrapping Up

Circlebom would help you to delete all your tweets about your ex. For further, such as bulk deleting your leftover Twitter likes and retweets from your ex, check out Circleboom for an all-in-one, complete account management. Circleboom is an awesome social media management tool to control everything related to your Twitter account.

Onur Ciddi

Visual Arts Enthusiast, Copywriter & Content Specialist at Circleboom

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