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How can I write an internship completion post on LinkedIn?

. 4 min read

Ah, the internship: a magical time of learning, growth, and occasionally wondering whether fetching coffee counts as a marketable skill. Kidding aside, completing an internship is like finishing a marathon with your brain. It's a big deal! So, why not shout it from the digital rooftops of LinkedIn? Writing an internship completion post is not just about gloating (well, maybe a little). It's about networking, expressing heartfelt thanks, and, yes, showing future employers that you're a go-getter who can go get coffee ☕ and so much more.

An example of internship completion post on LinkedIn #amazon

Preparing to write your post

Before you start typing away, there's a bit of soul-searching to do. Think of it as the montage part of your internship movie, but instead of push-ups, you're reflecting on your experiences.

Reflect on Your Experience: Imagine if Gandalf did an internship at a tech startup. What epic tales he would tell! Now, what about you? Did you lead a project that changed the course of the company, or maybe you found a way to save the day with a spreadsheet? Whether it was creating a groundbreaking marketing campaign or finally figuring out the office printer, jot down those wins.

Case Study: Sarah Andrew once interned at a llama grooming startup ( She not only increased their social media engagement by 200% with his "Llama Drama" series but also introduced a line of eco-friendly grooming products. Sarah's reflection led to a LinkedIn post that went viral among llama enthusiasts and marketing pros alike.

Gather Visuals: A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if it's you wearing a llama wool sweater while presenting to investors. If you can't include pictures due to confidentiality agreements, consider creating a simple graphic that represents your achievements or the skills you've developed.

Now, let's find out how you can write appropriate text, gather visuals, find the right hashtags, and utilize templates all in one dashboard: Circleboom!

Thanks to Circleboom's AI LinkedIn Post Generator, you can auto-generate LinkedIn texts for your internship completion post. You can enrich your internship post with extras like emojis, hashtags, grammar fix etc.

Add extras to your LinkedIn post

And your final text is ready with emojis and hashtags! Thanks to OpenAI integration on Circleboom, you can auto-write your LinkedIn texts with GPT-4 without any extra cost! (So, you will save $20 per month)

You can also utilize auto-tailored templates on Canva, which is integrated into the Circleboom dashboard, and all users can benefit from them without any extra cost!

Auto-tailored Canva templates

When it is finished, you can easily share your post or schedule it for a later day and hour. On Circleboom, you will see user-specific, personalized "best times to post on LinkedIn" for your profiles.

I say "profiles" because you can manage multiple LinkedIn profiles and company pages on Circleboom!

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn!

Structuring your post

Crafting the perfect post is like making a sandwich. Let's ensure it's a delicious one, not something you find at the back of the fridge.

  • Opening Statement

"As I bid adieu to my incredible journey at [Company Name], I've traded my coffee runs for market runs... because we literally ran the market! 🚀 Here's the scoop on my internship adventure."

Body Content

Detailed Experience:

  • Describe your role like you're the hero in your own story because you are. Were you the Wizard of Excel? The Whisperer of Code? Share that!

Case Study:

  • Emily, an intern at SuperCoolTech, transformed their data management system, affectionately dubbed "The Beast," into a purring kitten of efficiency. Her LinkedIn post included before-and-after screenshots (approved by her boss) and a fun narrative of her "taming The Beast," earning her praise and job offers.


  • Shout out to those who helped you along the way, but keep it fun. "Huge thanks to Jane Doe, my mentor, for teaching me more about marketing strategies and less about her cat's dietary habits."

Closing Remarks:

  • Wrap it up with your next steps and a light call-to-action, like "If you're navigating the wild world of [Your Field], let's connect!"

Final Touches

Proofread your post as if it were a secret message to the future employer of your dreams. A typo might make them think you're more "attention to detail" than "attention to detail."


Your internship may be over, but your journey's just begun. Share your experience with flair and maybe a bit of humor. Who knows? Your post could inspire the next intern, lead to new connections, or at the very least, give your peers a good laugh.

Call to Action

"Now that you've seen how it's done, why not share your own story? Your internship adventure might just be the next big hit on LinkedIn. Let's start a trend - #InternshipEpics. Ready, set, post!"

Wrapping Up

This approach balances professionalism with a touch of humor, making your LinkedIn internship completion post memorable and engaging. Remember, the goal is to showcase your achievements, express gratitude, and open the door to future opportunities in a way that captures your personality and professional growth.

Circleboom will help you create internship completion posts for your multiple LinkedIn posts, and you won't waste time thinking about it, designing your images, or searching for proper hashtags. All are available in Circleboom's LinkedIn AI Post Generator!

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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