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Buffer vs. Circleboom: Which one is better?

Buffer vs. Circleboom: Which one is better?

. 10 min read

Suppose the moment has come for you to think about how managing several social media accounts manually is getting harder. In that case, it might be helpful to consider third-party platforms that would ease your effort.

Notably, it is significant to use external social media management tools for professional causes since they facilitate an opportunity for the creation of more quality content by giving less time.

Circleboom and Buffer are the two of the social media management tools you might want to look at in the sector. Here, you can read a comparison of them.

We start with Circleboom.

What is Circleboom?

Circleboom is one of the most useful social media management tools you can work with. It offers features to help social media users cope with the challenges of maintaining an active social media presence for their personal or business accounts.

The Twitter account management tool of Circleboom, Circleboom Twitter, has been significantly notable to many. You can use many features on Circleboom Twitter, such as the Search Tool, the Circle, User Analytics, and Delete Tweets tool.

Following the noteworthy Twitter management tool, Circleboom has launched another product: Circleboom Publish. It does not focus on a single social media channel; instead, it gives one space from which you can use several social media accounts on various social media platforms.

Circleboom Publish supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile.

Circleboom has been nominated to be a high performer software of winter 2022 by the G2 platform. G2 is a peer-to-peer evaluation site in which companies can explore, comment, and review the elements in the technology marketplace.

Imagine that you have to prepare content for your brand's social media campaign to post on various social media platforms. You need to deal with many things, such as time management, post creation that is specific to each social media platform, social listening, responding to comments and questions, etc. Circleboom offers products having updated helpful features for your social media management experience.

What is Buffer?

Buffer is another company having products for the management of social networks. It was founded as a startup approximately 11 years ago, in November 2010.

You can manage your social media accounts on various social platforms through Buffer.

For the most part, Buffer has three features. One is about to schedule posts you want to publish. You can arrange the time as you wish to post.

Secondly, you can add many media such as videos, GIFs, photos, links, etc., into your posts when you prepare them on Buffer.

Thirdly, you can access the social metrics of the post you shared, such as likes, comments, shares, clicks, etc.

There is a new tool Buffer has launched, which is named "Start Page". You can rapidly create a landing page and a link, URL, for your company.


Circleboom vs Buffer

You can look at the comparison between Circleboom and Buffer to decide on which one is more satisfactory for your brand or organization. To compare Circleboom and Buffer adequately, this article focuses on Circleboom Publish instead of Circleboom Twitter.

We start with subscription models and pricing.


There are different pricing packages for Circleboom Twitter and Circleboom Publish. Therefore, the pricing and plan section for Circleboom refers to the Publish tool.

For Circleboom Publish, you can select between four categories of pricing packs such as Free Trial, Pro, Premium, and Business.

There are four subscription options on Circleboom Publish
  1. Free Plan

The Free Tier pack supports only three social networking networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can link three accounts and utilize numerous Circleboom Publish features with certain limits.

For example, each social media account can only have a total of nine posts published at any given time. This free option does not contain the design tool. One RSS Feed connection that is updated every 6 hours can be created.

2. Pro Plan

The Pro Plan, like the Free Tier, has a limited layout. However, it provides more excellent room for customers to act.

The number of posts that may be saved for scheduling or queueing is limited to 300 per social account. You may use the design tool to assist you in creating posts. You may also create 50 RSS Feeds, which will be refreshed every 5 minutes.

Pro Plan allows its users to connect five accounts to Circlebom Publish. Social accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Business, and Pinterest can be manageable via Circleboom Publish.

In the annual way of payment, the pro plan costs $15.83.

3. Premium Plan

You need to pay $34.99 per month for the Premium plan.

The appealing side of this package is to grant the users an unlimited number of posts that can be scheduled and put in a queue in their Circleboom Publish account. In other words, there are no daily, monthly or annual restrictions.

You can manage up to 10 social media accounts.

The design and RSS Feed tool, with 50 connections, are available.

4. Business Plan

The Business package costs $79.99 per month.

The other features are similar to the Premium plan. You can manage more social media accounts by 30 than the other plans. Likewise, the number of the RSS Feed connections is more significant by 100.

Buffer's pricing plans are mainly based on the number of social channels. For example, 4 Twitter profiles and 2 Facebook profiles make six social channels. Buffer offers four categories like Circleboom such as Free, the Essentials, the Team, and the Agency.

Buffer has also four different subscription models
  1. Free

One user can access to and utilize the features on your Buffer account. You can only use a maximum of three social channels. You can put up to 10 posts in the queue for each social channel.

2. Essentials

You pay $5 per month to Buffer for each social channel in the annual billing system.

There is a huge gap between the free plan and the Essentials in terms of the number of posts you can schedule. Buffer offers up to 2000 posts you can have to publish later on your Buffer account.

The number of included users is the same as the free package by one.

3. Team

The price of the Team plan begins at $10 per month for each social channel.

You can schedule 2000 posts per channel on your Buffer account.

The Team plan allows its users to include unlimited other users for access to the Buffer account as well as to invite other colleagues or customers to work together on Buffer.

4. Agency

The Agency plan is mainly suitable for the marketing agencies with several social channels. You need to pay $100 per month to Buffer for ten social channels. If there is a need for additional social channels, each will cost $5 per month.

The other features resemble the Team plan, such as 2000 posts storable per channel, unlimited access to the other users, etc. It differs from the Team plan in terms of agency-friendly pricing and custom access and permissions.

Supported social media networks

In Circleboom Publish, the social media networks supported are not entirely standard. If you use the Free plan, you can only access LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The other packages are similar to each other in that you can manage social accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, and Pinterest.

All of the pricing plans on Buffer allow the users to manage social channels on the same social media platforms. You can use Buffer to take action on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

As you can see, one of the main advantages of Circleboom Publish comes here. While many social media management tools don't still support Google My Business, Circleboom Publish enables users to manage multiple Google Business accounts on the same, simple dashboard. For more details, you can check our guide here:

How to manage multiple Google My Business accounts at once
With this article, you will have uncovered managing multiple Google My Business accounts in a single dashboard.

Post creation and Scheduling

Both Circleboom Publish and Buffer offer a product that gives easiness to publish posts to various social channels from a single place.

Buffer and Circleboom Publish design the post creation as scheduling posts and putting them in a queue. You can either arrange a time to publish content at that time or to publish at intervals you choose.

Circleboom presents a built-in feature through which posts can be published in an automated way. In other words, the RSS Feed functions to transform the content automatically on a website you select into social media posts. This is also one of the ways you can create posts for your social channels.

Content curation

The aspect of content curation distinguishes Circleboom Publish from Buffer. There is a feature, article curation, which can help the users stay updated, follow recent topics, and publish them on their social channels.

Moreover, you can use the design tool on Circleboom Publish to prepare posts in a creative way. This tool helps users curate photos, images, designs, etc., for their posts.

User Experience

Buffer's publishing, analytics, and engagement tools are located separately on Buffer design. Circleboom's tools are accessible from a sidebar on the left side of the main dashboard.

According to the G2 platform, Circleboom user ratings are as follows: Ease of use is 9.3 and the ease of setup is 10.0. Whereas, Buffer's ease of use is 9.2 and ease of setup is 9.2 according to the user rating on G2.

As you can see both tools are appreciated by users.

Tracking and Analytics

As businesses, it is significant to monitor and look at the quality and quantity of the engagements on social media platforms. Buffer has tools for the engagement and analytics of social media performance.

The engagement tool helps users not to overlook comments and conversations.

The analytics tool is helpful so as not to be lost in social media actions. You need to trace how your brand's social media strategy works and deduce insight from the performance of the social media actions.

Editor's choice

Buffer and Circleboom have similar effective tools in terms of social media management. However, there are some details that would influence the preferences of the potential users.

As a business, inclining to the cheaper product is favored. You have to spend money on several things, and you have a limited budget. Therefore, Circleboom's product is more logical than Buffer's. You pay a standard monthly price and use more social media accounts compared to Buffer.

Moreover, you can manage your Google My Business account on Circleboom Publish, whereas Buffer does not include this platform in its application.

The other aspect of putting Circleboom forward is to have access to tools to find and curate content for your social media accounts. It is not always easy to be creative and up-to-date.

Buffer also has tools shining out compared to Circleboom Publish. For instance, engagement and analytics tools are highly useful for building a solid social media strategy. Nevertheless, when looking at and evaluating all sections compared, Circleboom Publish is more preferable to Buffer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you use Circleboom?

Circleboom has two main products as Circleboom Twitter and Circleboom Publish. If you want to use a product focusing on only Twitter, you can choose Circleboom Twitter, which has different features than Circleboom Publish. If you're going to manage social media accounts located on several platforms, Circleboom Publish fits your purpose. Hence, the use of Circleboom might have nuances based on your choice.

2. What is the difference between Circleboom Twitter and Circleboom Publish?

First of all, the number of social media platforms is different. Circleboom Twitter deals only with Twitter. Secondly, Circleboom Twitter has specific tools. For instance, Circleboom Twitter provides users with the Search tool, the User Analytics tool, My tweets tool through which you can delete tweets, retweets, likes, and replies in bulk, and the Circle tool, which Circleboom Publish does not contain.

2. Can I use Buffer for free?

Yes, you can. Buffer has four different pricing plans that include a free one. The tools and features are not advanced, but you can reach basic ones.

3. Is Circleboom trusted?

Yes, you can trust Circleboom's working principles and approach to the relationship between users and social media companies. You can read a detailed article on the reliability of Circleboom, named "Is Circleboom safe? All you need to know about it!".

4. Why should I use Buffer?

There might be many reasons to use Buffer. If you experience hardships in managing social media accounts, you can try it. Particularly, if you need to get an analytics tool or engagement tool, Buffer might satisfy your need.

5. What does Buffer do to social media?

It brings them to one simple area to assist the users in their management of social media channels. Also, social media channels become a data pool for whom want to evaluate the engagement and interaction with other users in their network.

To sum up

Circleboom and Buffer have overlapping social media management tools, which might arise a need for a comparison. There are similarities such as managing many social media channels from a single place, scheduling posts in advance, putting posts in queues, etc.

However, they diverge from some points that might affect potential users when they need to decide on which application would suit their purpose. Circleboom Publish shows up more optimal than Buffer in terms of Pricing, Post curation, content curation, and user experience.

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