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How to build a Twitter following via attracting the right followers

How to build a Twitter following via attracting the right followers

. 10 min read

Twitter could be the key to reaching the largest possible audience if you wanna build a Twitter following.

On Twitter, people come for information and lead the conversation. Most of the information is unfiltered, and it is a great and bold medium to grow awareness and gain like-minded followers.

It is still feasible to develop an engaging Twitter account that draws dedicated supporters even if you are new to Twitter and techniques to get more Twitter followers.

How to build a Twitter following?

To accomplish so, you will need to create original and unique content and discover the correct Twitter tools to help you take your content to the next level using various strategies and parameters.

While Instagram relies largely on graphics and various entertainment methods, the information you post on Twitter, particularly the words you use, demands considerably more thought.

You won’t need bots or aggressive tactics, believe us. You can get valuable, real-life followers by taking sensible, practical measures and using the correct Twitter management tools for your content.

Whether you are searching for more leads or attracting the target audience’s attention, the following suggestions are all fair game.

Is it possible to get more followers on Twitter easily?

The answer to the question is hopefully “yes.”

Creating value is old-fashioned yet still the surefire way to get more followers on Twitter.

Yet, we have easy to apply checklist in detail in the below article. If we need to summarize the overall mindset to build a Twitter following;

  • Share valuable information
  • Stay always up-to-date
  • Use hashtags
  • Share and Tweet at the right time
  • Appeal to eyes as well
  • Use automation
  • Share multiple times in a day
  • Leverage other social media and online channels to draw in followers

Now, you must get the idea.

But how to apply these tips on getting more Twitter following in practice. No worries, follow our step-by-step guide now.

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What to tweet to get more followers on Twitter?

Let’s start with finding good old content on Twiter, but how? Theoretically, you need to search the web, follow other news or information sites and create your content based on these and your opinions.

Isn’t it a bit intimidating when considering the endless search results of Google for a single word?

This is why we are indeed inviting you to find valuable and up-to-date Twitter content via Circleboom article curator and RSS feed connection features.

Circleboom Article Curator

Circleboom’s Twitter Tool monitors over 127,000 distinct RSS feeds to offer you thousands of blogs and websites with similar content based on your areas of interest, which you can choose from thousands of categories. With just one click and in seconds, you can share these selected articles.

Create tweets out of articles and RSS feeds

In this way, you will ensure that you always find content for your Twitter audience, and the new content will always keep the pulse of your interests.

Curate and schedule Tweets

Once you’ve uploaded your articles to your queue and selected your queue parameters, Circleboom will automatically post them based on the posting time interval and frequency you designate.

Note: Due to Twitter restrictions, you can schedule articles for Twitter but not add numerous articles to the queue in bulk.

Connect RSS Feed to find what to tweet for more followers

With each passing day, Circleboom makes it easier to find good content and get more Twitter followers.

There is one more true treasure for you! You can add RSS feed links to your Twitter dashboard on Twitter and have them automatically published.

If you are a research enthusiast, RSS should have been in your life for a long time.

Why not use them as content on your Twitter profile?

Connect RSS feeds to Twitter profile and post updates

How to use hashtags to get more followers on Twitter?

Twitter chats are real-time discussions using a specific hashtag. They work similarly to a chat room via threads, but they are visible to a wider audience when hashtags are used.

However, using the same popular hashtags when commenting, reposting, or tweeting may not yield the best results. Because there are so many tweets in that hashtag, yours is likely to sink deep down among popular accounts.

Here’s how it works.

You will find result-driven and optimized hashtags that will work with your target audience with Circleboom’s smart hashtag and keyword tool.

Find the best keywords and hashtags for your profile

By just searching the keywords of that certain interest, you can easily identify trending keywords and hashtags, find others with similar interests, and reach the target market with Circleboom’s Smart Search.

Don’t waste time waiting for attraction from popular hashtags or trend topics only. Analyze your audience and create your trend topic to get more Twitter followers and more fruitful conversions.

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Use Interest Cloud for more relevant tweets

With Circleboom’s Twitter Interest Cloud, you can discover your followers’ interests in about one click. This tool helps you to plan your content around the inclinations of your target audience.

Interest Cloud compiles an up-to-date collection from your followers’ profiles and thousands of tweets, then displays it in a dynamic graphical representation you what your friends and followers are thinking and talking about.

Circleboom Interest Cloud works wonders!

How to get more followers on Twitter for your business?

The abovementioned methods will pave the way for success in professional and personal Twitter profiles aiming to get more Twitter followers.

But is there more for businesses?

Consider yourself as a B2B consultancy firm that wants to use Twitter more awareness and a basis to feed the audience for your thought leader and industry pioneer role. Finding, curating and posting content will still be the musts of how things work, but you need to upscale your Twitter strategy with optimization, Twitter analytics and automation.

Don’t forget that you will not have too many bullets to shoot as a business if you are aiming for prestige and brand awareness. Every action should deliver results.

So, let’s proceed with some next-level tricks to grow your business on Twitter.

Find the best time to tweet and never randomize your work

Do you know how many of your followers are active on social media at any one time? If you want to improve and upgrade your Twitter engagement and eventually get more Twitter followers, you’ll need to figure out the most reasonable time to post.

A successful Twitter business account strategist should also be aware of the best times to tweet.

Circleboom analyzes all of your followers’ Twitter actions over their tweeting hours to determine the best time to tweet and analyze the data as a smart graph.

Find the best time that works for your Twitter profile and reach your audience at one shot
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Dive into the world of Circleboom publish, and create post designs, plan and automate your tweets!

We are benefiting from Twitter analytics and making well-informed decisions to build a Twitter following for your business.

The next will be polishing your content and automating all manual tasks to increase efficiency and reach a top-notch agency-level Twitter marketing strategy.

To do this, let’s uncover post design and content automation features of Cirleboom Publish!

Twitter about words but don’t overlook appealing to the eyes of the audience

Circleboom has partnered with Canva to provide customers with an integrated Canva app under the same dashboard.

You can continue to design your post visual or cover in the Canva interface based on Twitter image sizes with one click.

Create your Twitter post with one-of-its-kind photo and video editor, Canva!

And you can do it all while staying on the Circleboom dashboard; you’ll only have to sync your Canva account once or get one for free in seconds.

You can choose from thousands of adjustable and editable ready-to-use templates, graphics, and photos to enhance your Twitter content.

Circleboom's Canva design tool

If you aim for reputation on Twitter, then creatives should be your best friends along the journey.

Next step: Switching to Tweet Scheduler

This tweet scheduling step will change your life in a way that you have never experienced before.

Imagine all the work and personal time that will be saved tweeting multiple times in a day, week and cumulatively in a month? Manual tasks consume time like a snowball; you get used to it, but it does not mean that you are exactly on the right path.

What about scheduling Tweets for hours and days ahead?

Twitter is about short and quick content. You need to catch up with every change, update and agenda. But you do not have to do it all alone.

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Circleboom Tweet Scheduler

Circleboom can help you auto-tweet your content at a given time and date if you want to plan tweets with a specific date. It’s now time to specify your options for tweet scheduling and automating.

Schedule or add tweets to your queue!

To auto-tweet, you must set your post-interval, start, and end times. You can utilize the start and finish time options to schedule tweets for when your users are active.

Adding your queue means making them ready to be posted on predetermined intervals.

Also, you can select a date and specific time to sent that tweet beforehand.

Scheduling a tweet means selecting an individual day and time to post it.

Why is automation that crucial to get more followers on Twitter?

Because you can tweet multiple times in a day, plan for special tweets days ahead and automate all designed and curated content in seconds that will last for days or maybe a weeklong content plan.

Dedicated personnel can make mistakes, forget when to tweet and can get tired in busy times. But, the system will save you no matter the conditions are or how busy your week is.

Lastly, drive in traffic from other social media channels too

Our last but solid suggestion will be not to act timid about sharing the content on multiple platforms or cycling a post over different social media realms.

Circleboom Publish also offers scheduling and auto-posting options for other social media platforms.

Connect your multiple social media accounts to design, plan and schedule content!

You can share your Tweet as new content for Instagram or LinkedIn and refer users to Twitter profiles or website links. And what is more, you can post to multiple social media accounts simultaneously here.

Post your Twitter content to other social media platforms for more reach and engagement.

Wrap Up

To build a Twitter following through a fair game while enjoying the perks of digital tools, the below guide can be your best buddy, whether you are a personal or business account looking for ways to get more Twitter followers.

If you are as excited as we are about the magics of Circleboom, join us now!

Wanna more information on the topic? Look at our articles on How to Use Twitter Insights to Increase Followers and Engagement and Grow your Twitter Follower with Your Target Audience.

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