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How do I make my restaurant more Instagrammable?

. 15 min read

As a restaurant owner, being on Instagram is a smart choice for your brand, especially because Instagram boasts a user base exceeding one billion. Around 90% of these users follow business profiles, including restaurants, and approximately 60% discover new products or services through this platform.

Here is the list of key elements to make a restaurant more Instagrammable:

  • Eye-catching decor
  • Signature dishes and drinks
  • Interesting backgrounds
  • Natural lighting
  • Interactive experiences
  • Hashtags and user-generated content
  • Events and special occasions
  • Engagement on Instagram

Instagram is a visual platform! So, if you are looking to make your restaurant, café, or any business overall Instagrammable, you should turn it into a place where people can take good shots! User-generated content is the new trend for successful marketing strategies. Naturally, people will be more willing to share their experiences on your restaurant on their Instagram accounts if they find your place Instagrammable!

Making it Instagrammable is not enough! You should make people know it! The best way to promote your business on Instagram is to have a good Instagram profile!

Here is the list of key elements to make your Instagram profile popular:

Managing all of them sounds like a difficult business. If you have to post on multiple Instagram accounts, the effort will increase exponentially.

That's why I want to introduce Circleboom Publish here!

Advanced Instagram Management by Circleboom!

Professional Instagram management for multiple accounts at once!


  • Multi-account management
  • Scheduling and automation
  • Auto-tailoring for specific Instagram designs
  • Ready-made templates
  • Hashtag generator
  • Carousel, grid, panorama post creation
  • Reels and Story scheduling
  • User-specific best time to post

All these and more are available on Circleboom. As an official Instagram partner, you will always be safe with Circleboom!

Circleboom also supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile!

Why is Instagram important for restaurants?

Instagram is a powerhouse for restaurants for several reasons:

  • Visual Appeal: Restaurants thrive on visual allure, and Instagram is a visual platform. Stunning food photos, vibrant ambiance shots, and behind-the-scenes glimpses resonate well with users, enticing them to visit.

What is Instagrammable food?

Instagrammable food is all about visually stunning dishes designed to stand out on social media platforms like Instagram. These meals are colorful, creatively plated, and attention-grabbing, often featuring vibrant colors and unique presentations. They're crafted to surprise and delight, encouraging people to share their dining experiences. These dishes use novelty, creativity, and fresh ingredients to create an interactive and visually appealing dining adventure perfect for sharing on social media.


A focused, nicely taken plate image

Not ordered, low-quality food image


  • Engagement and Community Building: It's an ideal space to engage with customers, share stories, respond to comments, and build a community around your eatery. Interaction fosters loyalty and helps in understanding customer preferences.
Engage with people
  • Showcasing Culinary Creations: Restaurants can showcase their menu, signature dishes, specials, and even new experiments. High-quality images and videos can highlight the food's taste, presentation, and quality.
High-quality food image for social media sharing
  • Local and Global Reach: Instagram's reach extends locally via location tags and hashtags. This helps in targeting the local audience effectively. Additionally, it can attract tourists and visitors when they search for food options in your area.

Here is the list:

  • #Foodie
  • #Foodstagram
  • #InstaFood
  • #FoodPhotography
  • #Yum
  • #FoodPorn
  • #Eeeeeats
  • #Foodgasm
These hashtags are found by Circleboom's Instagram Hashtag Generator!

  • Influencer Partnerships: Collaborating with influencers or food bloggers can amplify visibility. Their posts about your restaurant can reach a broader audience, driving traffic and interest.
Partnerships with food influencers
  • Marketing Campaigns and Promotions: Restaurants can run promotional campaigns, contests, and offers, leveraging Instagram's features like Stories, Reels, and IGTV, to attract more customers.
Participate in a game!

Instagram is a potent tool for restaurants to showcase their offerings, engage with customers, and establish a strong brand presence, ultimately driving foot traffic and boosting business.

Now let me go back to how you can make your restaurant more Instagrammable!

#1 Eye-catching decor

Eye-catching restaurant decor serves as a catalyst for organic marketing on platforms like Instagram. With striking visual elements, restaurants entice customers to photograph and share their experiences, generating user-generated content. These captivating interiors or exteriors prompt patrons to showcase their visit, driving engagement and exposure on social media. This free and authentic marketing becomes a tool for brand promotion, enticing potential customers to explore the restaurant.

#2 Signature dishes and drinks

Signature dishes and drinks serve as anchor points for a restaurant's Instagram presence. These unique and visually appealing culinary creations become standout features that customers are inclined to capture and share on social media platforms. By offering these distinct items, restaurants invite patrons to share their experiences, effectively turning customers into brand advocates. The allure of sharing something exclusive or iconic contributes to increased user-generated content, driving engagement and broadening the restaurant's online reach.

Signature dishes and drinks

#3 Interesting backgrounds

Interesting backgrounds within restaurants contribute significantly to their Instagrammable appeal. These backgrounds, whether vibrant murals, stylish interior designs, or visually captivating settings, serve as backdrops that enhance the aesthetic quality of the photos shared on social media. They provide a visually appealing context for customers to showcase their dining experience, making their posts more engaging and shareable. These backgrounds serve as storytelling elements, complementing the food or drinks captured in the image and adding depth to the overall story of the restaurant experience.

#4 Natural Lighting

Natural lighting holds immense importance in making restaurants more Instagrammable. Its soft, diffused quality enhances the visual appeal of food, drinks, and overall ambiance, allowing for better photo quality without harsh shadows or artificial color casts.

Natural light complements dishes' colors, textures, and presentation, making them more vibrant and inviting in photographs. It also helps capture the details and intricacies of the culinary creations, elevating their attractiveness in images shared on social media platforms like Instagram.

#5 Interactive experiences

Interactive experiences in restaurants play a pivotal role in making them more Instagrammable. These experiences provide patrons with engaging and shareable moments, encouraging them to capture and post about their visit on social media channels like Instagram. When restaurants offer interactive elements such as unique table settings, creative serving presentations, or engaging activities like DIY food assembly or themed decor, it prompts customers to document these moments, enhancing their overall dining experience.

Host interactive experiences

Google Business Profile is another great platform to manage your business and reach people online. You can create multiple accounts if you have to manage multiple chain stores in one dashboard!

Thanks to Circleboom's amazing Google Business Profile Manager, you can create, design, share, schedule, and automate Google posts for multiple accounts.

You can create "Events" and "Offers" to attract customers, give them incentives to leave their honest reviews (always avoid buying fake Google reviews), and host interactive experiences in your restaurants! A good step can be taken to be more Instagrammable!

#6 Hashtags and user-generated content

Hashtags act as a digital bridge, connecting your restaurant's content to a broader audience. Customers using unique or branded hashtags while sharing their experiences amplifies the restaurant's visibility. For instance, if your eatery is known for its special dessert, encouraging patrons to tag their photos with a specific hashtag like #DelishDessertsFrom[RestaurantName] can create a collection of user-generated content. This showcases your menu and attracts potential customers who search for those specific hashtags.

Circleboom's Social Media Hashtag Generator helps users find the most effective, relevant hashtags for their restaurant and food related content. No more thinking to find the right hashtags for your social media posts!

Hashtag Generator 

User-generated content (UGC) is a goldmine for restaurants on Instagram. Encouraging customers to share their dining experiences, be it a beautifully plated dish or the cozy ambiance, promotes authentic and relatable content. This UGC serves as social proof, showcasing genuine experiences and enticing potential visitors to explore the restaurant. Reposting UGC on the restaurant's official account acknowledges the customers and creates a sense of community and engagement, fostering loyalty among followers and attracting new ones.
Combining strategic hashtags and leveraging UGC can significantly enhance a restaurant's Instagram presence, creating an interactive and enticing platform for food enthusiasts and potential diners.

User-generated content

#7 Events and special occasions

Events and special occasions add an extra layer of Instagrammability to restaurants in several ways.

Hosting events or special occasions provides unique content opportunities for Instagram. From themed decorations to specially crafted menus, these occasions offer visually captivating moments customers are eager to share. Sharing posts related to these events creates a buzz, encouraging patrons to engage and share their experiences, thus generating user-generated content that showcases the restaurant's offerings.

Increased Engagement and FOMO

Events often create a sense of urgency or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among customers. When restaurants host exclusive events or limited-time offers, it drives customers to document and share their experiences on Instagram. This boosts engagement and attracts potential customers who wish to be a part of the excitement, driving foot traffic and online interactions.

As I pointed out above, you can use Circleboom's Google Business Profile Manager to create and share your special Events and Offers. You can add coupon codes, dates, and buttons to trigger FOMO and make your special events more appealing!

Special Event creation

Brand Building and Visibility

Well-curated events contribute to building a restaurant's brand identity on Instagram. Each event or special occasion tells a story about the restaurant, its values, and its commitment to creating memorable experiences. Capturing and posting these moments on social media humanizes the brand, fostering connections and emotional ties with the audience, thus increasing visibility and expanding the restaurant's online presence.

#8 Engagement on Instagram

Engagement on Instagram holds immense significance for restaurants in enhancing their Instagrammability:

Foster Community Interaction

Engaging actively fosters a community and bonds with customers. By responding to comments and direct messages and interacting with user-generated content, restaurants showcase their attention to customer feedback. This practice strengthens relationships and encourages patrons to share experiences, nurturing a lively and involved online community.

Showcase Social Proof and Credibility

High engagement levels serve as social proof of a restaurant's popularity and credibility. When followers see active interactions, genuine responses, and a lively community, it reinforces the restaurant's appeal and authenticity. This, in turn, attracts more followers, enhances brand trust, and increases the chances of user-generated content that showcases positive experiences.

Amplify Visibility and Reach

Engagement on Instagram directly impacts a restaurant's visibility on the platform. High engagement rates signal Instagram's algorithms that the content is valuable and worthy of being featured on users' feeds or explore pages. The more a restaurant engages with its audience, the higher the likelihood of its posts reaching a broader audience, thereby increasing visibility and potential customer reach.

Instagram: A Gastronomic Haven for Food Businesses!

Instagram has transcended its origins as a photo-sharing app to become a powerhouse platform for businesses, particularly for the culinary world. For food establishments, from quaint cafes to fine-dining restaurants, Instagram has evolved into an irresistible landscape ripe with opportunities. Here's a closer look at why Instagram serves as a savory feast for food businesses seeking to attract taste buds and hungry patrons.

Visual Temptation

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; on Instagram, that adage holds. The platform's visual-centric nature allows food businesses to showcase their culinary creations in mouthwatering glory. Statistics reveal that posts with images receive substantially higher engagement than those without. A compelling snapshot of a beautifully crafted dish or a perfectly brewed coffee can captivate audiences scrolling through their feeds.

Social Proof Through Engagement

Instagram's engagement features, such as likes, comments, and shares, offer a direct line of communication between eateries and their customers. High engagement rates on food-related content generate buzz and serve as social proof, validating the quality and popularity of a food establishment. According to recent studies, nearly 80% of users make decisions based on recommendations from peers and influencers, making a restaurant's engaged community a powerful marketing tool.

The Power of Hashtags

Hashtags are the breadcrumbs that lead users to your gastronomic delights. Strategic use of hashtags on Instagram significantly increases discoverability, allowing food businesses to reach a wider audience. Research indicates that content with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those without. Crafting a unique and relevant hashtag for your food establishment can amplify your reach, inviting more patrons to the table.

Influencer Marketing

In the realm of food businesses, influencers reign supreme. Collaborating with influencers allows eateries to leverage their established audiences and credibility. Statistics show that influencer marketing on Instagram yields an average ROI of $5.78 for every dollar spent. A well-placed endorsement from a respected food influencer can elevate a restaurant's visibility and drive substantial foot traffic.

Instagram is an incubator for menu experimentation and innovation. Through showcasing new dishes or seasonal offerings, food businesses can glean valuable insights from customer experiences in the comments section. A study revealed that 75% of companies used input from social media to modify their products or services, indicating the crucial role Instagram plays in shaping menus and offerings based on consumer preferences.

How do I make my restaurant menu attractive?

Restaurant menus are crucial in enticing customers and influencing their dining experience. These menus act as brand ambassadors, shaping the initial perception of a restaurant by reflecting its identity and values. A menu's visual and informational appeal is pivotal, influencing customer choices through vivid descriptions, strategic design, and tempting visuals. It's not just a list of dishes but a story that communicates the essence of the dining experience awaiting patrons.

So as a restaurant owner, you should approach menu design professionally. Everyone can create a list of dishes on an empty page. But, if you are searching for ways to create graphically well-designed menus that will attract people and guide them in their decisions, I would suggest you use Circleboom's image design feature!

After you get into the Canva dashboard, click on "Design" on the left, and then write "menu" on the search bar. Various kinds of menu templates will be listed. You can tailor them as you wish, add new elements, and craft your own menu. Then, you can share it on Instagram with your multiple accounts in one click!

Menu design on Canva with Circleboom

On Circleboom, you can find amazing design templates for any topic!

Does social media increase sales for restaurants?

Yes, social media can significantly impact restaurant sales!

Social media helps restaurants increase sales!

Social media has emerged as a game-changer for restaurants, significantly influencing sales by widening their reach and engagement. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter serve as digital billboards, showcasing a restaurant's ambiance, signature dishes, and special events to a broad audience. Compelling and interactive content captivates and entices potential customers, potentially converting online engagement into foot traffic and sales.

Engaging with customers on social media builds relationships that foster loyalty. Responding promptly to comments, sharing user-generated content, and offering promotions retain existing patrons and entice them to return. Collaborations with influencers or food bloggers can extend the restaurant's reach to a larger audience, potentially leading to increased sales as their followers become interested in visiting.

Moreover, social media is a hub for promotional activities. Restaurants use these platforms to advertise special deals, discounts, or events, attracting customers during slow periods or encouraging new visits. Additionally, positive reviews and recommendations shared on social media carry significant weight, influencing potential customers' dining decisions and driving them to choose your restaurant over competitors. When combined with targeted advertising, social media becomes a versatile tool, allowing restaurants to reach specific demographics or local audiences, effectively boosting marketing efforts and ultimately impacting sales positively.

How often should restaurants post on Instagram?

The frequency of posting on Instagram for restaurants can diversify based on your audience and the type of content you share. However, a good rule of thumb is consistency without overwhelming your followers. Here's a breakdown:

  1. Maintain Regularity: Post at least 3 to 5 times a week to keep your profile active and engage your audience. Consistency helps you stay relevant in your followers' feeds.
  2. Understand Audience Behavior: Analyze your audience's behavior using Instagram Insights. This data can reveal when your followers are most active. Consider posting during these peak times to maximize visibility.
  3. Quality Over Quantity: Focus on quality content that aligns with your brand style and resonates with your audience. Posting too frequently with low-quality content might lead to disengagement.
  4. Mix Content Types: Diversify your content. Share food images, behind-the-scenes moments, customer testimonials, promotions, and event announcements to keep your feed interesting.
  5. Story Updates: Use Instagram Stories to share more frequent updates throughout the day, like daily specials, limited-time offers, or events. Stories allow for more casual and real-time content.
  6. Adapt to Seasonal Changes or Events: During special occasions, events, or seasonal menu changes, increase your posting frequency to showcase these updates.
  7. Monitor Engagement: Control your engagement rates. If you notice a drop in engagement after increasing your posting frequency, consider scaling back or adjusting the type of content you're sharing.

Ultimately, finding the right balance involves understanding your audience, tracking engagement metrics, and adapting your posting schedule based on what works best for your restaurant's Instagram strategy.

Thanks to Circleboom's Queue Scheduling feature, restaurant owners can specify time slots and share their content automatically on multiple Instagram profiles. They don't need every time arrange their posts. Circleboom will do everything!

Instagram auto-poster helps you automate your posts!

How can I find Instagrammable restaurants near me?

Find trendy restaurants near me!

If you want to turn your Instagram profile into a place where you show off and promote restaurants and cafes, you should find Instagrammable restaurants near you!

Here are the ways to be able to find Instagrammable, aesthetic, trendy restaurants and cafes near you:

Instagram Explore

Use the Explore feature on Instagram and search using location tags or hashtags related to your area. For instance, look up #YourCityEats or #YourCityFood to find posts about local restaurants.


Search for specific locations or landmarks in your area. Many Instagram users tag the location of their posts, allowing you to discover nearby restaurants.

Food Bloggers and Influencers

Follow local food bloggers or influencers who frequently post about restaurants in your area. They often highlight trendy or visually appealing eateries.

Online Guides and Reviews

Check restaurant review platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Google Maps. These platforms often include user-uploaded photos, helping you gauge a restaurant's visual appeal.

Local Events and Magazines

Local event listings or food-focused magazines often feature articles or roundups about the best eateries, some of which may be Instagram-worthy.

Word of Mouth

Don't underestimate the power of recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues. They might know of hidden gems or trendy spots that are highly photogenic.

Combining these strategies can help you discover Instagrammable restaurants nearby, allowing you to explore and capture visually stunning dining experiences.

Bonus: What makes a café Instagrammable?

Here are some unique characteristics that can make a café particularly Instagrammable:

Aesthetic Interior

Stylish décor, unique furniture, colorful walls, cozy corners, or themed settings create perfect photo opportunities.

Latte Art and Signature Drinks

Latte art

Intricate latte art, vibrant smoothie bowls, or creative signature beverages serve as visually appealing subjects.

Plating and Presentation

Beautifully plated dishes, whether they're desserts, brunch items, or pastries, are enticing for food photography.

Natural Lighting

Ample natural light brightens up spaces and enhances the quality of photos.

Interactive Elements

Engaging elements like chalkboard menus, interactive walls, or creative displays invite customers to take photos.

Unique Selling Point

Special foods

Café specialties like artisanal baked goods, vegan options, or a specific cultural theme can attract attention on Instagram.

Outdoor Seating or Scenic Views

Cafés with outdoor spaces, rooftop settings, or scenic views create picturesque backgrounds for photos.

Cozy Ambiance

A cozy or quirky ambiance with books, board games, or themed decor can create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for photographs.

By focusing on these aspects, cafes can create an environment encouraging customers to capture and share their experiences on Instagram, making it a more Instagrammable spot.

Wrapping Up

In the world of Instagrammable dining experiences, restaurants unfold stories that transcend the confines of physical spaces. Through visually captivating dishes, inviting ambiance, and engaging narratives, these eateries craft a digital presence that tantalizes taste buds and sparks a desire to savor every moment.

Beyond mere likes and shares, success in this digital gastronomic journey lies in authenticity, customer connections, and consistent delivery. Restaurants recognize that the digital realm isn't just a platform; it's a canvas where every dish, detail, and story blends to create an unforgettable and Instagrammable dining experience. As these establishments evolve in the digital landscape, they remain poised to serve meals and memories, offering a feast for both the palate and the camera lens.

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