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How to Delete All Media Tweets

How to Delete All Media Tweets

. 5 min read

Want to delete old stacks of media tweets on Twitter? Sometimes a fresh start is all that you need.

If you want to delete your Media Tweets, then you are at the right place.

This article will give you the best and quick solution for Deleting all the old and unwanted media tweets on your Twitter account.

Media Tweets:

Media Tweets are those tweets that consist of any videos, pictures, or GIFs instead of simple text. Media Tweets are a great way to communicate and to share and watch your interests over Twitter. There is a saying " A picture is worth a thousand words" Pictures and videos bring more color and meaning to your posts.

They truly depict your mindset and interests. People share countless videos, pictures, and GIFs every day on multiple social media platforms likewise on Twitter. So a huge portion of our old Tweets usually contains old media files that sometimes we do not want to be piled up anymore. But you always have the option of deleting old Tweets. Why not choose that?

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Maybe it's the Clean up Time for you :

We all love to share videos and pictures but sometimes keeping old Tweets is not a good idea.

We all have different experiences and moments in life and can't wait to share them on social media after capturing them through video or pictures. But sometimes the things that seemed so relevant and worth sharing to us might seem ridiculous, embarrassing, and inappropriate afterward.

So we prefer not to keep them anymore and we don't want people to watch them because we feel like they framed us in a totally different way at that time. And today we are a new and a better self. So it's always a good choice to get rid of that unwanted posts and shared media stuff and to take a brand new start.

If managing countless cues of old media posts and their related news feed seems difficult for you to be managed. Or you want to have a fresh new start with your endless Twitter journey, deleting old media tweets is the best option for you.

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Best Tool for Deleting Media Tweets:

You must be wondering is there any legit and appropriate tool to help you delete the old media Tweets. Well, we are going to provide you with the best solution in the market that is Circleboom. Circleboom is basically an outstanding social media managing tool that is ideal to smoothly manage and handle everything related to Twitter.

They create countless innovative solutions every day to assist millions of Twitter users and try hard to make their Twitter experience up to the mark.  They have recently launched a new filter specifically for deleting all media Tweets.

In addition to that, this awesome Twitter managing app enables you to perform multiple useful operations through choosing between other useful filters like unliking your likes, deleting your tweets and retweets, etc.

Moreover, it tells you everything about your followers and gives you useful insights about their interests and activities.

Get all your Media Tweets deleted through Circleboom:

Circleboom provides a unique tool that helps you delete any type of media files from your media timeline through greater ease. It enables you to delete your Media Tweets individually or in bulk saving you a lot of time.

There are many tweets deleting tools available in the market nowadays but when it comes to deleting specifically media related tweets, you won't find any suitable tool for that. This new awesome media tweet filter introduced by Circleboom is definitely a great thing that everyone Twitter users can easily use and get benefits from.

Why CircleBoom is The Best Twitter Management Tool:
Circleboom is mainly a Twitter managing tool. This incredible web-application is perfectly designed for providing the best solution for Twitter lovers to manage their accounts conveniently with spending much time or money.

Steps to Follow:

Putting your wait to the end! Here is the complete step-by-step guide for you to delete your Media Tweets one by one or in bulk depending on your choice.

Let's begin!

1- Get your Twitter Archive:

The first step is to get your Archives from Twitter. So for that purpose, you have to request your Twitter Archive from Twitter. Don't worry, It is an easy process.  You will get your Archive shortly.

2- Upload your Archive to Circleboom:

Once you have got it, simply download and extract your Archive. Now find "tweet.js" and get it uploaded to Circleboom. Still, feeling confused? Read it.

3- Media Tweet Deleting Filter:

Now it's the time to select your required filter. You will see multiple filter options there based on "date range" "specific language" etc. You can try them individually anytime. But since you are interested in deleting only media files, for now, go for the filter "remove only media Tweets".

4- Delete Media Tweets in Bulk:

Now you can easily delete your Media Tweets as many as you want. You can either choose and delete them individually one by one or if you want to save your time and effort, then you can easily delete them in bulk. What could be more convenient than that?

So now you have got the best solution for Deleting your Tweets anytime you want, use it today, and have an enhanced Twitter experience.

Circleboom Affiliate Program:

Found this tool useful? Share it with your friends and get a chance to earn a huge share of 30%  when they subscribe through your link. Isn't it cool?

Final words:

If due to any reason you want to get rid of old media tweets that seem more like a useless burden to you, this excellent new filter by Circleboom is all that you need.

Whether you want to delete some specific  Media Tweets or all in bulk, it is ideal for you. So try it today, get rid of unwanted stacks of old tweets, and have a fresh start!

Hope you liked this article, if you still have any queries, feel free to ask.

Kevin O. Frank

Co-founder and Product Owner @circleboom #DataAnalysis #onlinejournalism #DigitalDiplomacy #CrisesCommunication #newmedia

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