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How to get over 1000 followers on Twitter for free: The Easy Guide

. 9 min read

Figuring out how to get Twitter followers for free, like any other social media platform, is critical for success in the digital world since the number of followers and likes or interactions generated are linked to digital performance.

Increasing Twitter followers is one of the topics that has received a lot of attention lately, especially if you want to create a political agenda. It is still truly relevant for businesses, even though it has recently been used for alternate mediums of following news.

Twitter has a global audience that's growing year after year, year over year. Furthermore, Twitter is not a place for everybody, as most Twitter users are college-educated professionals with annual salaries of $75,000 or more.

General Twitter Stats | Image: Hootsuite

Ninety percent of Americans are aware of Twitter (even though they do not use it).

For comparison, 95% of people are aware of Facebook, and 91% are aware of Instagram. While Twitter is offering such a growing market for social media brand management and monetization, the question is how to get Twitter followers fast.

Twitter Q4' 2020 Fact Sheet
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How to Get Twitter Followers for Free?

It takes a long time to get Twitter followers for free. Posts that will allow the target audience to engage with each other should be preferred, and relevant hashtags that promise high level of engagement should back them up. From its color to its visuals and designs, the profile should be carefully considered, and tactical tweets, whether personal or corporate, should be accompanied by high-quality visuals. It is important to post natural but engaging tweets and pay attention to feedback to grow your Twitter followers.

Now, let's look at the process step by step.

# 1: Build a professional-looking and attention-grabbing profile.

In the same way that Facebook allows you to place a large photo in the context of a small profile photo, Twitter's latest design allows you to do the same. With this new template, you can either make your photo larger or display a picture related to your audience's interests.

At this point, to monitor and analyze your circle's interest, Interest Cloud comes as an excellent choice. It continuously checks your followers' tweets and content and presents that data in a smart graph like below.

Circleboom Interest Cloud

Also, Choosing a wallpaper for your Twitter page's background that reflects your style will enhance the appeal of your profile.

Your profile picture should be eye-catching because it will be the fact that your followers will see.

Using a branded logo for a company account as a profile picture is a simple way to ensure that your followers easily recognize your posts.

More importantly, your bio is the section of your Twitter profile where you include a brief description of your brand or business. But there is another explanation to include in your bio. It is searchable.

As a result, you will want to provide all of the necessary information, such as your website, address, and contact information, to reach more people and get Twitter followers for free.

Keywords that are important to your brand or business should be included in your bio.

Look at the example of the Xiaomi India account. Their bio includes both keywords such as smart tv, smartphone but also hashtags.

Twitter bio section is crucial to get followers on Twitter
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#2: Mix information, content, and humor for effective tweets

If you have all three, this tweet may be one of the most popular because it is something everyone wants. Content demonstrates your dedication and establishes a connection between you and your audience. The most influential caveat on Twitter is humor.

Effective Twitter users compose their tweets as though they were writing an e-mail to a dear friend.

So, if you want to get free Twitter followers, try following certain rules while tweeting.

  • Keep your tweets to a minimum. Don't feel obligated to use all of your 280 characters if you don't need them.
  • Ensure that there is no interruption in your activity. Become one of the most persistent pages, such as those that post weekly Twitter riddles, questions, polls or monthly Twitter interviews or 'Monday tips.'
  • Make proper use of the @ symbol. Remember that tweets that begin with the '@' symbol are only visible to that person and your common followers.
  • Don't use the # sign excessively. When used appropriately, this symbol can be useful, but it can become useless and distracting when used excessively.
  • Use retweets to share tweets from similar accounts in your niche or responses from your followers.

How a company profile can add humor to this mixture? We have some examples from Netflix and DiGiorno Pizza.

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#3: Following the relevant accounts

Follow for Follow is a game where players compete to see who can get more followers on Twitter

If you do not follow them, some users will stop following you after a while. So, are these the followers you want? While follow for follow is the most widely used method to get Twitter followers free, it goes beyond Twitter's intended purpose.

Just follow those whose tweets are important or related to you. You can also use the @ symbol if you are making a statement about someone else. This method can also be used to generate interactivity.

If you have more than 1000 followers, you must be doing something right. Experts also believe that you should not be too concerned about the number of followers.

You can check Circleboom smart search feature to find relevant accounts to follow.

#4: Engagement is more than you think

It does not matter how many followers you have if your audience isn't connecting with your posts. Even if you have a million Twitter followers, your tweets are pointless if no one engages with them.

However, when followers connect your content on Twitter, it is visible to their followers. The engagement almost works as a recommendation. It increases reach and visibility, which leads to getting Twitter followers for free.

Sprout Social Index: Social posts that encourage users to like and share

To engage with your audience on Twitter, you may follow the steps below.

  • "Useful information" is often applied when retweeting. As a result, retweet breaking news, award news, and tweet messages that provide people with tips regularly.
  • Respond to "mentions, comments, and DMs": When you are listed in another tweet, do not miss out on this chance. Please contact them right away. Through your clearer posts, you will be able to improve your engagement rate. And do not forget, other people enjoy reading discussions on Twitter.
  • Pose questions and seek suggestions: When you have spent enough time on Twitter and accumulated a sufficient number of followers, ask questions that will spark your followers' interest. And, of course, retweet their answers.
  • Build retweetable content: Retweeting triggers a chain reaction on Twitter. It's almost as if the number of followers and retweets are directly proportional. So don't be afraid to jot down interesting tweets. These can be informative, amusing, or comments on a specific subject.
  • Use hashtags: Hashtags are Twitter tags that make it easy to follow specific topics. A large number of Twitter users use this feature. Thanks to hashtags, individuals can see you on their timeline as well.
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#5: Your best tweet should be pinned

On your profile, pin your favorite tweet or one that you believe best reflects who you are. Visitors to your profile will determine whether or not to follow you based on your pinned tweet.

What you must remember at this stage is to keep your pinned tweet steadily changing. When the same tweet appears on your profile page with the same pin for years, it can become a monotonous picture for users who visit your page.

To benefit from this feature, you can include a well-known hashtag, a trackable  URL to your website, and a strong call to action in this pinned tweet and boost your chances to get followers on Twitter for free.

#6: Plan and Schedule your Tweets.

Following and unfollowing other users, reacting to DMs and mentions, and responding to comments on your posts should all be part of your everyday Twitter routine and generally meets the requirements of how to get Twitter followers phenomenon.

Compared to a non-chronological network like Facebook, when you post on Twitter, the time of the day differs. Since your tweets won't be noticed if they're posted while your followers aren't on the site. And less visibility translates to lower engagement, traffic, and followers.

As a result, the obvious solution to this issue is to post while most users are online. Circleboom detects your followers' activity on Twitter to provide you with the best time to tweet to support you to get the highest possible engagement from your circle.

Best Time to Tweet algorithm analyzes 200 million tweets per month to define the best time to post on Twitter. Herein, Circleboom allows you to make your strategy and address your circle with pointed tweets sent at the right time.

Circleboom's Best Time to Tweet Graph

Further, if you try to manage your Twitter schedule manually, it cannot be easy. You can simplify this process by using a Twitter scheduling tool and a Twitter management tool.

Best Time To Tweet: How to find when your followers are online in 2021
There are few but decent ways to determine the best time to post on Twitter regarding when your followers are online.

#7: Choose to post more visual content - also videos

As you might be aware, tweets with visual content earn more likes, shares, and retweets than those that do not.

As a result, brands should make an effort to provide a picture with their tweets. Although text-only tweets have nothing particularly wrong with them, images are best suited to halt chronic scrollers and inspire them to read your post.

Using impressive images for tweets can increase your engagement

Wrapping up

Twitter is a growing social media website with millions of users all over the world. It is also growing in terms of monetization options for influencers and creators.

To get Twitter followers for free and organically, you must customize your profile. React to comments, mentions, direct messages, and live chats to begin communicating with your followers.

Create a Twitter schedule that you will follow. Make a Twitter schedule for yourself, whether it is regular, weekly, or monthly. Above all, make sure that what you are sharing is worthwhile. For the best results, use interactive content such as a questionnaire, quiz, or infographic.

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