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How to reach more followers on Instagram! Tips and tools!

. 8 min read

In 2024, followers are considered one of the most valuable currencies on social media. Even if you create the best content in the world, it won't matter if you don't have any followers. Whether your aim is to monetize your account or increase sales for your business, you need followers. But, why are followers so important, and what are the benefits of having a lot of followers?

In this guide, we will answer these questions and provide tips on attracting more followers. Let's get started.

Let's check Altug's guide on how to grow your Instagram followers from 1,000 to 5,000 and learn the best tips and methods!

Reach non-followers with Circleboom!

Why is it important to reach more followers on Instagram?

Reaching more followers on Instagram is important for several reasons:

Increased Visibility: Having more followers means that your posts are exposed to a larger audience. This increased visibility can help you attract new followers, increase engagement on your posts, and expand your reach organically.

How to grow your reach on Instagram: hack the algorithm!
How can you broaden your Instagram audience reach to attract and win over new visitors to your profile? You may enhance brand recognition, create an online community, or even sell your goods or services by growing your Instagram reach to help you realize your business objectives.

Enhanced Credibility: A larger follower count can contribute to your credibility and authority on Instagram. Users are more likely to trust and engage with accounts that have a significant following, as it signals popularity and influence within the platform.

Greater Influence: With a larger following, you have the potential to exert more influence and impact on your audience. Your content is more likely to be shared, liked, and commented on, leading to increased brand awareness and potential opportunities for collaboration or partnerships.

Business Growth: For businesses and influencers, a larger Instagram following can directly translate to business growth and success. It provides a larger pool of potential customers or clients, increases brand visibility, and can drive traffic to your website or products/services.

Monetization Opportunities: With a substantial following, you may unlock various monetization opportunities on Instagram, such as sponsored posts, brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, and even selling your own products or services.

For example, if you would like to explore the ways to make money from Instagram Reels, you can check our detailed guide below ⬇

How to Make Money from Instagram Reels: 4 Amazing Tips!
Instagram reels are a new feature on the app that allows users to create up to 90-second videos set to music. It’s been one of the latest attempts of Instagram to get into the short-format video industry and compete with TikTok. There is incredible marketing potential for Instagram reels.

Social Proof: A high follower count serves as social proof of your popularity and relevance on Instagram. It can attract more followers organically, as users are more likely to follow accounts that are already popular and well-regarded within the platform.

Overall, reaching more followers on Instagram is essential for expanding your reach, increasing engagement, building credibility, and unlocking various opportunities for personal or business growth on the platform. However, it's important to focus on attracting quality followers who are genuinely interested in your content and engaged with your brand, rather than solely prioritizing quantity.

How to reach non-followers on Instagram?

Reaching non-followers and gaining more followers on Instagram involves implementing various strategies to increase your visibility, engagement, and appeal to your target audience. Here are some effective tactics:

Optimize Your Profile: Ensure that your Instagram profile is complete, visually appealing, and effectively communicates your brand identity. Use a clear profile picture, write a compelling bio, and include relevant keywords and hashtags to make your profile easily discoverable.

Post High-Quality Content: Create and share visually appealing and engaging content that resonates with your target audience. Use high-resolution images, videos, and captions that are authentic, relatable, and relevant to your niche or industry.

Engage with Your Audience: Foster meaningful interactions with your followers and non-followers by responding to comments, messages, and mentions promptly. Engage with other users' content by liking, commenting, and sharing posts that align with your brand.

Post Consistently: Maintain a regular posting schedule to keep your audience engaged and interested in your content. Consistency is key to staying relevant on Instagram and attracting new followers over time.

Monitor Analytics and Adjust Strategies: Use Instagram Insights or third-party analytics tools to track the performance of your posts, identify trends, and understand what resonates with your audience. Adjust your strategies based on insights to optimize your reach and engagement.

By implementing these strategies consistently and authentically, you can effectively reach non-followers and attract more followers to your Instagram account. Remember to prioritize building genuine connections and providing value to your audience to foster long-term engagement and loyalty

With Circleboom, you can easily achieve all of these and take your Instagram account beyond its potential.

Thanks to Circleboom Publish, you can

  • prepare the most effective posts and reels,
  • easily manage your account,
  • and even schedule your posts.
  • Apart from these, you can easily reach people who do not follow you with the AI-supported post generator.

Instagram Management

You can create, design, share, schedule, and automate your Instagram posts from multiple accounts at once! 


What to post on Instagram to grow your reach.

There are many content types on Instagram:

  • Reels,
  • Stories,
  • Pictures,
  • Videos,
  • Carousels,
  • Grids,
  • Panoramas, etc.

The best type for you is about you and your followers.

But the quality of your Instagram posts is more important than their types. You should create eye-catching, attractive posts to increase your impressions and engagements, which would lead to enhancing your Instagram reach.

You need assistance to create well-designed Instagram content.

Circleboom Publish, with all its amazing features, is here to help you! You can create, design, share, schedule, and automate fantastic and various Instagram posts for your multiple Instagram accounts on Circleboom at once!

You can create Instagram-specific posts & reels.

What does Circleboom Publish have?

AI Instagram post generator

Do you want to create Instagram posts but you want them to look professional? Then, you need a professional Instagram post generator. It is hard to find an effective, safe, and affordable Instagram post generator online!

Don’t worry! Now, you have it! Circleboom’s AI Instagram Post Generator helps you generate auto-generated Instagram images, captions, comments, emojis, and hashtags in one workspace and within a few seconds.

You can use ChatGPT integration to create AI-generated Instagram captions and hashtags to enrich your Instagram posts. Once you have your Instagram image and caption with hashtags, emojis, etc. you can share them immediately or schedule your Instagram posts for the future.

Also, you can set time intervals and automate your Instagram posts. Circleboom is the best way to create and schedule Instagram posts on PC. You can generate various types of Instagram posts like grids, panoramas, carousels, and schedule Reels on your desktop.

For example, you can split your images into 9 and create 3x3 grid posts with Instagram Grid Maker!

Instagram Grid Maker | Create and Schedule Grids on Instagram
Let’s find out how to make and schedule Instagram grids! You can design various grid posts with multiple images with Circleboom’s Instagram grid maker.
You can split your images into 9 and 12 and create 3x3 and 3x4 grid posts.
How to schedule Instagram Reels in advance!
You can hit the point if you know the best time to post on Instagram. At that moment, scheduling Instagram Reels could be a perfect weapon to grow your reach and increase the range.

Instagram hashtag generator

You can take advantage of ready-to-use hashtag groups on Circleboom’s social media hashtag generator or use an AI hashtag generator while creating your social media texts. It decides and adds the best hashtags for your social media posts. So you don’t lose time and energy searching for them anymore!

Instagram posts, stories, and reels scheduler

It's easy to plan and schedule Instagram posts, stories and reels. Address your audience whenever you need to. When it is time, we will auto-post on Instagram at the precise time you've defined.

Time is limited! But, you shouldn't let it limit your social media experience! We are aware that managing a consistent Instagram posting routine is hard. It is getting more challenging if you have more than one social media account to take care of. But, don't worry!

Circleboom Publish enables you to batch your Instagram content for a whole week or even a month in one sitting! You can batch-create your content and schedule it in bulk.

Instagram batch scheduler

Circleboom - Social Media Scheduler

Schedule your posts on your multiple Instagram accounts.


Instagram post planner

Planning your Instagram posts saves you time and energy. On Circleboom Publish, you have an amazing Instagram Post Planner to organize your Instagram posts in every detail. You can also plan the date and time of your Instagram content.

You can upload multiple photos and design them with amazing templates, images, effects, filters, backgrounds, fonts, and other kinds of material.

Instagram panaromic post

On Circleboom Publish, you can create, design, share, schedule, and automate panoramic Instagram posts for your multiple Instagram accounts. With the Instagram panorama feature, you can create amazing visuals to get impressions and engagement.

Did you get bored with the same Instagram feeds? If you are up to new visuals, Instagram panorama posts could enhance your creativity and attract new people with new tastes!

To Conclude,

Expanding your Instagram reach involves meeting certain criteria set by the Instagram algorithm, allowing your posts to reach a wider audience. Key to achieving this are the content you share and the timing of your posts.

To enhance your reach and engagement on Instagram, it's essential to carefully curate your content and determine the optimal times for posting. Circleboom Publish, an Instagram scheduler, aids in this process by assisting you in identifying suitable content and determining the most effective posting times.

In addition to Instagram, Circleboom Publish supports scheduling for other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.

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