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Get organized on LinkedIn: How to schedule LinkedIn posts in advance

. 11 min read

Looking for ways to schedule LinkedIn posts? This article will show how you can schedule LinkedIn posts and why you should do it in detail.

For the most part, having a private profile, maybe a Facebook or Instagram Page for a business deemed sufficient. However, LinkedIn can provide you with a plethora of unexpected professional opportunities to make your brand stand out in the eyes of your competitors.

Nowadays, LinkedIn has evolved into a medium that stands for much more than a job-search tool. It is ideal to meet new business partners with a refined audience, find vendors even from different countries, and influencer marketing by sharing knowledge, especially for networking and B2B processes.

Before getting into how to schedule LinkedIn posts, let’s recall why LinkedIn matters for you and your brand?

With almost 756 million members in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is the largest networking platform medium in the world’s professional community. LinkedIn has over 57 million companies and a straightforward mission: to connect the world’s professionals to make them more successful and effective.

What are the advantages of having a Linkedin Company Page?

· Increasing brand recognition among target audiences

· Inspiring other employees to get involved and form a community

· Identifying the desired target market

· Maintaining your status as a “top tier” company and cultivating a network of experts

LinkedIn Usage Statistics

As the parent company, Microsoft reported, LinkedIn sessions rose 31% year over year in Q1 2021. Microsoft adds that engagement is at an all-time high but doesn’t elaborate.

LinkedIn traffic was 1,117 million in September 2020, according to SimilarWeb. Since April, there has been a five-month stretch of steady traffic growth. LinkedIn is now the world’s 24th most visited website (22nd in the US).

Data source: Microsoft

· In the United States, LinkedIn is among the most trusted social media platform. 73 percent of social media users agree that LinkedIn protects their privacy and data to some extent. In comparison, only 53% of people who use Facebook think in the same way.

· LinkedIn obtains 15x more content impressions (9 billion) than job postings.

· The exposure of ads on LinkedIn can boost purchase intent by 33%.

· As previously stated, LinkedIn is no longer just for recruiting. Advertisements can increase purchase intent, resulting in more sales down the road.

What to post on LinkedIn: Best Examples and Practices
If you follow the right steps we’ve listed on what to post on Linkedin, you will enhance your LinkedIn engagement.

Why schedule LinkedIn posts?

So far, we have learned why content marketing on a LinkedIn Page is important. Let’s assume you’ve done your research and analyzed your audience, and you’ve devised a content strategy.

However, if you are juggling too many tasks at once and not dedicating enough time to this, the final step of getting the posts published on your page can become tedious.

Even if you do it with utmost precision, other things come up and you can become distracted. This situation also applies to your coworkers and employees.

As LinkedIn Marketing Solutions stated, it is now possible to schedule LinkedIn posts in advance to organize your content marketing plan and marketing strategy in hand so that tackling the actual posting work each day – may be less or more frequently- is no more a problem.

And also, for special days and weeks or predetermined campaigns, scheduling LinkedIn posts is quite beneficial and relieves the burden off your shoulders.

If you ask can you schedule LinkedIn posts on the platform itself, the answer to this question is no, for now.

LinkedIn itself does not provide a LinkedIn scheduler feature yet suggests certain third-party tools to integrate LinkedIn pages and schedule LinkedIn posts through them.

One of the third-party LinkedIn scheduler tools you can use for your pages is Circlebom Social Media Publisher.

Circleboom launched a social media management and publisher in Q2/2021. Circleboom’s full-featured social media scheduler can simultaneously schedule and publish your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business!

How to schedule LinkedIn Posts with Circleboom?

First of all, you need to sync your social with Circleboom. Once this is done, you are ready to schedule LinkedIn posts.

Thanks to the intuitive design approach, the rest will be easy if you are a common social media user.

The steps will include creating content (uploading image/video/gif, writing captions, scheduling it on the calendar on the target day and time).

Step #1: Log in to Circleboom Publish.

It will only take a minute to create an account if you do not already have one yet.

Circleboom Social Media Publisher will automate your content for you

Step #2: Click on "LinkedIn Profile" option.

Here, you will see account options for Twitter, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Page, Google My Business, and Instagram. Among them, click LinkedIn Profile to continue.

Manage multiple LinkedIn accounts with Circleboom Publish easily!

Step #3: Finish the authorization process. Sign in with the LinkedIn button to link your LinkedIn profile to your Circleboom Publish dashboard.

In few seconds, you see your LinkedIn account will be linked to the Circleboom Publish dashboard.

To manage multiple LinkedIn accounts at once, add all your accounts to Circleboom Publish

Step #4: Open the post scheduler.

Open the menu on the left side of the dashboard, and click "Create New Post."

On the Create New Post dashboard, create your posts for all your social media accounts linked to Circleboom Publish!

Step #5: Select your social media channels your want to post or schedule your posts.

Choose the LinkedIn accounts you wish to post to by clicking the select account section.

Circleboom Provide enables users with a user friendly interface to make every step simpler.

Pro Tip 1: You can use the "Select by Social Media Platform" option to post to all of your LinkedIn profiles. Hence, once you click the LinkedIn icon, it will choose all of your LinkedIn accounts linked to the Circleboom Publish.

Pro Tip 2: Further, you can link all your LinkedIn profiles to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts from one dashboard.

Hereby, you can add up to 5 accounts and group them up on your dashboard in the Pro subscription plan.

With Circleboom Publish, you can post to multiple accounts at once!

Step #6: Create your posts.

After you've decided which accounts to publish to, it's time to write your post.

You can preview your post as it's being created on the right hand.

Once you've finished writing your post, you have three options: publish it right now, schedule it for a future date, or put it in your queue. These settings are located underneath the post preview area.

You can publish your post directly, schedule it for a future date or add it to your queue with Circleboom.

Click the blue "Schedule it" button to schedule your post for a future date. Please select the Send Date and Send Time you want your content to be scheduled on your LinkedIn accounts.

Schedule your LinkedIn posts for a future date with Circleboom

That's it!

How to add your post to your queue:

Step #1: Open Circleboom Publish dashboard.

Find the "Settings" tab option from on the left-hand menu.

Choose settings

Step #2: Choose “Queue Settings”.

Find three sections in the Setting menu, named after “manage social media accounts,” “article settings,” and “queue settings.” Select queue settings here.

Then, continue with Queue Settings

Step #3: Select your account and configure your timing preferences here.

After you've selected your social media account, you'll see options for time zone, start time, end time, and time interval. Make your selections and then press the "Save queue settings for..." button.

Configure your timing settings

After you complete the queue settings, use the “Add to my Queue” option while preparing your posts.

Pro Tip: If you need to develop a more customized queue plan, use Circleboom Publish's "Advanced Plan" function.

You can create a detailed social media calendar with Circleboom's Advanced Plan feature.

With "Advanced Plan," you can set your queue plan for weekdays, weekends, or specific days of the week.

What characteristics that a LinkedIn scheduler should have?

· Even if a social media scheduler tool has many features, your LinkedIn efforts could be wasted if it is unsafe. Circleboom keeps track of all social media rules and regulations.

· Using a scheduling tool only appears to work if the tool is simple to use and innately user-friendly, seeking to make your task easier than before.

· Circleboom’s free plan allows you to test out the LinkedIn scheduler, as well as Twitter User Analytics, Schedule Tweets, Keyword and Hashtag Search, and many other features.

· When using LinkedIn scheduler tools, it is critical to have the support you can rely on at all times. Custom support of Circleboom will help you with any questions in mind.

Benefits of using LinkedIn Scheduler Tools:

LinkedIn’s stance towards third-party scheduler tools is quite positive, and they also emphasize their benefits on content marketing and analytics. Yet,  as per LinkedIn rules, the automation tool must comply with the User Agreement.

· It will become more convenient to have an extensive overview of the upcoming week(s) if you schedule several posts ahead of time. You will be able to spot busy or spare days.

· When you plan a batch of content in a row, you allocate related individuals’ time or your time to focus on other tasks, such as analyzing results and improving future content.

· You can interact with your followers by responding to their comments, keeping track of brand mentions and important discussions, and assessing metrics and results with third-party social media publisher tools.

Other third-party tools for LinkedIn page management can be considered too. LinkedIn Marketing Partners’ list includes Salesforce and Khoros apps to enable marketers and brands to create content on LinkedIn to get more assistance in publishing, analyzing, and planning their social media marketing plans.

Manage multiple LinkedIn accounts at once place: The Pro Guide
Trying to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts can be difficult if you are not organized but with Circleboom Publish, it is not!

How to create engaging posts on LinkedIn?

As you know how and why you need to schedule LinkedIn posts, we can now take a step forward with the content. When developing a content strategy, you must consider two factors: your company’s goals and the expectations of your target audience.

Even though parameters change in each sector or product range, you can take the below ideas as a guideline to get fruitful results.

Status updates - easy and enjoyable

The “LinkedIn Status Update”- the Create Post section- on the top of the homepage in your LinkedIn Profile is one of LinkedIn’s most useful features.

· You can share images, videos, documents or create daily or weekly polls on hot topics in your niche.

· Before sharing, you can also choose which posts you would like to share with anyone or just your connections.

For daily engagement, utilize quick functions of start a post area

· Share links to articles, websites, or videos that you find interesting.

You can also create traffic to your website by sharing linked content on LinkedIn.

· LinkedIn posts with images receive 2x the amount of engagement.

LinkedIn offers several features to spice up even a status update

· Larger images perform even better, with click-through rates 38 percent higher than other images. LinkedIn suggests a resolution of 1200 x 627 pixels.

· Mention (@NameHere) someone or something that might be of use to some of your contacts.

How to promote your business on LinkedIn: Quick Tips
To develop a solid professional network, it is now a must-have to establish a strong presence and promote your business on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Articles

Do you already have a blog somewhere? Also, share it through a LinkedIn article and include a link to your website. You have not only published a new LinkedIn article, but you have also increased traffic to your website.

LinkedIn articles boost your visibility going beyond your connections

Given that the majority of your contacts are like-minded specialists, picking topics that will resonate is simple.

Besides, your connections will receive a notification for every post you write and publish. It is an excellent opportunity for you to demonstrate your best practices on your chosen subject.

If your connections enjoy your content enough to like or share it, you may be able to reach a new audience.

Video content

A video post is 20 times more likely to be re-shared by LinkedIn users.

On LinkedIn, video is the most re-shared type of content similar to other social platform statistics. A video is a beneficial form of content if you want other LinkedIn connections to help you spread your message. You can also dive into our article on how to do video marketing on LinkedIn to learn more.

Like those of many other platforms, LinkedIn’s algorithms aim to provide users with a feed that includes various content from people in their networks. Your followers may be notified or see your video content appear in their feeds if you share it.

How video marketing can bring you more than imagined | Source: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

For more information regarding LinkedIn Best Practices on content, you can look at how LinkedIn’s marketing solutions approach social media content, blog content, and video content.

Circleboom’s LinkedIn Scheduler will work for any content, including the ones with Media attached.

The Quick Guide: Create a LinkedIn business page for your enterprise
As you create a LinkedIn business page, you can make the right connections for your business, increase your brand awareness, strengthen your B2B marketing.

Wrapping Up

To cut to the chase, your LinkedIn company page will serve as a showcase for your company and its products and services, while your personal LinkedIn profile can serve as a powerful tool for spreading your message, increasing brand awareness, and serving as a thought leader.

You can build a strong network around your business and raise awareness of your professional image.

There are several free tools with common traits, but they are limited when it comes to LinkedIn scheduling options.

Even though many scheduling tools claim to solve the same problem, they only provide a fraction of the functionality of the paid solutions.

So, why not give Circleboom’s LinkedIn Scheduler a try and see which features are the best fit for you, so you can switch plans later if necessary?

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