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Mass Unfollow on Twitter with Chrome/Browser Extension

Mass Unfollow on Twitter with Chrome/Browser Extension

. 4 min read

Update: Mass Follow/Unfollow feature has been deprecated by Twitter. But you can check circleboom‘s the other features to manage your Twitter account.

Have you been looking for the best way to remove your Twitter followers? Getting rid of unnecessary accounts that crowd your Twitter feed is often the best strategy to clean up your social profile. The good news is that removing mass Twitter followers is easy at the disposal of many Twitter tools and extensions.

Mass unfollowing Twitter accounts seems like the best option because just one click and you are sorted. The bad news is that even though it’s an easy process, it’s not a recommended process. Let me explain this in detail.

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Why should you not Mass/Bulk Unfollow Twitter Accounts?

Twitter has been publicly opposing mass unfollow since 2013. They have clearly stated that no third-party apps should be allowing mass unfollow or bulk unfollow from their accounts. Given their statements and rules, nonetheless, there have been extensions and apps developed that allow this process.

Mass unfollow on Twitter

Because of this, Twitter has developed a very solid algorithm to curb this spammy behavior.  If automated activity on your account violates the Twitter Rules or these automation rules, Twitter may take action on your account, including filtering your Tweets from search results or suspending your account.

Mass unfollow on Twitter

If you don’t follow or unfollow hundreds of accounts in a single day, and you aren’t using automated methods of following accounts, you should be fine. Due to regulations mentioned above, bulk follows, and bulk unfollows prohibited in all Twitter ecosystem whether you use Twitter’s own applications or a third party app

So, the problem is that if Twitter detects your activity of mass unfollow, consider all your hard work behind growing your Twitter account gone.

How can you Unfollow Twitter Accounts?

You can safely use Circleboom to remove your Twitter followers because the tool has been made keeping in mind all the Twitter rules. Circleboom does not permit any aggressive or mass unfollowing with their tool thus saving you from any suspension or ban from Twitter.

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Being cautious with Twitter is a smart plan because Twitter has been actively closing down accounts that violate their policies. Millions of accounts have been shut down by Twitter and since it’s an automated process, chances are you will lose your account forever.

Circleboom has a simple listing system that lets you unfollow all the unnecessary accounts . With Circleboom, you have to click on each visit button individually because that’s how they comply with Twitter policies. Because Circleboom has a fast fetching time, they can fetch followers of huge accounts with more than 250,000 followers in less than a few minutes.

Hence, I suggest using Circleboom rather than extensions to mass unfollow your Twitter accounts. Other than unfollowing, you can also use Circleboom to follow accounts. Just like unfollow, Circleboom lets you follow accounts one-at-a-time.

Here are a few screenshots of Circleboom facilitates:

  • Just click on the Circle tab on the Circleboom dashboard.
  • Search for accounts you want to unfollow. "Lost Focus" are followers who don’t follow back. Eggheads are followers who make a lot of noise. Then, there are fake and spam accounts.
  • Select the option and then click on the accounts you want to unfollow by clicking on the ‘unfollow’ button.
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Try Circleboom

Using Circleboom is extremely simple and efficient way to unfollow on Twitter. I again advise you to refrain from all the tools that promise mass unfollow because you might end up wasting a lot more hours for saving a few minutes of hard work.

Let me know your questions or opinions in the comments below.

Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

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