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Twitter Shadowban Test: Check your status!

. 7 min read
Do you know how to fix Twitter shadowban? First, check your status with Circleboom's Twitter Shadowban Test and then follow our fix guide!

Have you ever felt that your content on Twitter or any other platform is treated as restricted and shown to very few people or completely no one?

If you have, do not worry, you are not paranoid! This is called shadowban! For some reason,  you are blacklisted by Twitter and won't allow others to see your tweets.

You are not technically banned from the platform. You can log in, read tweets, send DMs, watch videos and create content. Everything seems normal!

However, the Twitter algorithm considers your behaviors and concludes that your content might be harmful or sensitive! They don't have the necessary proof to ban you completely, so you are shadowban! Your content is limited in visibility deliberately.

How to check your Twitter Shadowban Status

You should follow these steps to find out whether you or someone else on Twitter is shadowbanned.

#1: Open Circleboom Twitter in your browser or your iOS device.

Aren’t you a Circleboomer yet? Get a new account in one minute.

#2: You will connect your Twitter account to Circleboom.

It’s an automated process; you will only need to follow instructions.

#3: Now you are on Circleboom’s dashboard. Move your cursor to the left and find the “Search” tool.

A menu will appear under the tab. You will see the “Shadowban Test”.

#4: You should enter the username of the account so that you can check if it is shadowbanned or not. It may be your or someone else’s profile.

Click on the “Search” button when you are done writing.

Circleboom will show you immediately if this account is shadowbanned or not. You will also see solutions for being shadowbanned on Twitter.

What are the reasons for Twitter shadowban?

There are many possible reasons to be shadowbanned on Twitter. You might commit one or more to getting flagged by the platform. I listed 5 examples here:

  • Violation of Twitter rules and policies
  • Excessive hashtag use
  • Bulk actions
  • Low-quality content
  • Manipulation in engagement

Violation of Twitter Rules and Policies

A user may be vulnerable to a shadowban if they repeatedly violate Twitter's rules and policies, such as by participating in abusive conduct, spamming, or employing bots to amplify material. The algorithms used by Twitter are meant to spot and block accounts that engage in destructive or disruptive behavior.

If you want to spot spam and bot accounts in your audience, you should conduct a Twitter Audit!

Check your Twitter followers & friends

Audit your Twitter account and spot fake accounts!


If your tweets violate Twitter's policies, the platform can apply some other measures, like limiting an account's ability and placing it in read-only mode.

Or Twitter may ask you to verify your account ownership with the phone number or email for suspicious actions.

Excessive hashtag use

People believe that hashtags increase the visibility of their posts on social media, and they are right! If you use relevant hashtags wisely on Twitter, you will have more chances to make your tweets read by more people.

But you should set a limit to it! If you always use a maximum number of hashtags on each post, this may be considered spam-like behavior, especially if repeated or unrelated to the content. The user's tweets may become less visible as a result of this.

You should always use relevant hashtags with your tweets and limit them to 3-5. Circleboom's Twitter Hashtag Generator helps you find relevant, popular hashtags on any given topic with the help of AI!

This way, you can use hashtags professionally and avoid being shadowbanned on Twitter.

Bulk actions

Twitter's algorithms may restrict an account's reach if there is excessive or aggressive bulk activity, such as mass following or unfollowing, liking, retweeting, or tweeting. Twitter tries to stop people from using automation programs that fudge engagement figures.

But we need some bulk actions, right? For example, we must delete bulk tweets to clean up our Twitter accounts. How will we do that?

The key point is that you shouldn't make Twitter notice your bulk actions. Circleboom deletes all your tweets, retweets, and likes in bulk, but it spreads it over time, so Twitter doesn't notice any violation!

Low-Quality Content

A user's account could be marked as spam if they frequently upload low-quality, pointless, or repeated content. Twitter wants to give its users a top-notch experience. Thus it makes such content less visible.

So, if you want to remove Shadowban on Twitter, you should start using high-quality tweets. But how? I know it is quite challenging to get captivating ideas on Twitter.

Lucky you! Thanks to Circleboom's AI Tweet Generator, you can take advantage of ChatGPT and Canva to auto-generate meaningful, engaging and visually attractive Twitter posts.

Circleboom's AI-Powered Tweet Generator

Be pro at tweeting with ChatGPT on Circleboom!


Manipulation in engagement

A shadowban may result from using strategies to increase interaction, such as purchasing likes, retweets unnaturally, or follows. Twitter's algorithms can identify and punish accounts that behave inauthentically.

So, stay natural on Twitter. There are many ways to increase impressions and engagement organically on the platform. Do not buy likes and followers if you want to fix Shadowban on Twitter.

Check Twitter Shadowban Status

If you want to know your shadowban status, you can check some points. For example, you can spot if you have fake followers!

Inactive accounts also can be the reason for Twitter shadowban. You can reduce the risk of being shadowbanned on Twitter by detecting and removing inactive accounts around you!

Twitter Shadowban Fix

If you believe you are shadowbanned by Twitter, you can check your status with Circleboom's Twitter Shadowban Test.

You can immediately find out if you are blacklisted by Twitter. Then, you need to fix your Twitter shadowban.

How can you remove Twitter shadowban?

Circleboom offers unique solutions to remove your Twitter shadowban in totally organic ways.

Here is my list to fix your Twitter shadowban:

  • Delete your offensive content
  • Keep your following/follower ratio at a desired level
  • High Twitter account quality score

Delete your offensive content

You might not think that your tweets are offensive but Twitter can think differently. Just one of your tweets could be why your shadowban is on Twitter.

So, you should start deleting your tweets, retweets, and likes. If you do it with Circleboom, you will be safe because we follow Twitter rules and policies about bulk actions. We won't jeopardize your account.

On Circleboom, you can delete your Twitter archive! This is the most shortcut way to delete your content and remove shadowban on your Twitter profile.

You can delete more than 3,200 tweets on Circleboom!

Twitter Archive Deleter by Circleboom

Erase your suspicious content on Twitter in bulk!


Keep your following/follower ratio at a proper level

You may be flagged as spam if you follow many accounts but are followed by a few on Twitter. This will eventually result in shadowban!

You should keep your following/follower ratio at a proper level. One of the best ways to realize it is to see who unfollowed you on Twitter. You can spot these Twitter unfollowers and take action against them to keep your ratio at an appropriate level.

Who Unfollowed Me?

Thanks to Circleboom's "Unfollower Alert", you get a notification when someone unfollows you on Twitter.

Also, you can find who is not following you back on Twitter with Circleboom. These accounts need attention. You can make them follow you back so you can reorganize your follower/following ratio.

High Twitter account quality score

Circleboom brings a new term to make things easier: Account Quality Score!

This ground-breaking function examines a number of factors, such as user engagement numbers, follower profiles, and tweeting patterns, to give users a thoughtful assessment of the quality of their accounts. The Account Quality Score gives users the ability to evaluate the success of their Twitter initiatives, pinpoint areas for improvement, and make data-driven choices to improve their overall social media presence.

So, if you have a high account quality score, you are most probably clean from Shadowban on Twitter.

How do I recover a Twitter account from Shadowban?

If you suspect your account is shadowbanned on Twitter, you can check your shadowban status and find out if you are on Twitter.

Possible reasons for Twitter Shadowban

  • Following or followed by fake accounts
  • Many inactive accounts among your audience
  • Bulk actions
  • Low-quality content
  • Violation of Twitter policies

How to recover from Shadowban on Twitter

If you are shadowbanned on Twitter, there are some easy steps to recover your account from Shadowban.

  • You can spot and unfollow fake Twitter accounts.
  • Clean up your Twitter account from inactive accounts
  • Increase your Twitter account quality score

Tweet-level measures

Twitter engages in corrective measures at the level of individual tweets when a particular tweet breaches Twitter's guidelines. This includes tweets that infringe upon the rules by sharing or duplicating other tweets through methods like posting screenshots, quoting tweets, or distributing URLs of tweets that go against the platform's regulations.

  • Limiting the visibility of tweets
  • Excluding tweets from having ads on them
  • Requiring removal of the tweets
  • Labeling tweets

Final Words

There are a couple of reasons why you may be shadowbanned on Twitter:

  • Violation of Twitter rules and policies
  • Excessive hashtag use
  • Bulk actions
  • Low-quality content
  • Manipulation in engagement

And there are some ways to remove the Twitter shadowban:

  • Delete your offensive content
  • Keep your following/follower ratio at a desired level
  • High Twitter account quality score

You can take advantage of great Circleboom features to fix Twitter shadowban. There are amazing tools at affordable prices.

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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