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How to use hashtags on Pinterest to increase engagement!

How to use hashtags on Pinterest to increase engagement!

. 10 min read
Do you want to find relevant, popular hashtags for your pins? Circleboom's Pinterest Hashtag Generator helps you increase impressions and engagement on Pinterest with the right hashtags!

The # symbol is everywhere on social media platforms. Hashtags are mostly used on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Writing them has become a part of the language of Internet communication. Therefore, using hashtags on Pinterest should be considered a valid, effective social media communication method.

A hashtag is a type of wording without spaces and punctuation that follows the # symbol to assemble content related to a specific topic on social media platforms. It makes following trends and finding content accessible.

#photooftheday or #happy can be given as hashtag examples.

If you want to build a social media marketing strategy for your business, you should pay attention to the use of hashtags. Utilizing them would expand your business' network and connections on social media.

It would be helpful to use hashtags according to the characteristics of social media platforms. For instance, Pinterest differs from Twitter in the sense that the former is a visual browsing space, whereas the latter is more of a microblogging area.

Therefore, if you want to enhance your actions and goals on Pinterest, you need to focus on how hashtags are used on this site.

About Pinterest

You may need to know the platform better to use hashtags effectively on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a well-known visual searching platform where people can find many pictures based on specific topics like tattoo design, styling examples, products, ideas, etc. Moreover, it has become a top-rated social network where users or Pinners can share content on their Pinterest profiles.

Businesses, bloggers, and organizations can benefit from Pinterest to attract website visitors. When people click on the Pins you share on the Pinterest boards, they can easily connect to where you want them to be.

How do hashtags work on Pinterest?

A few years ago, Pinterest did not focus much on using hashtags compared to Twitter and Instagram. Then, utilizing hashtags to classify content has also become significant on Pinterest, like on the other platforms.

Although putting hashtags on your Pins is not necessary, it is handy for boosting your profile through hashtags on Pinterest. If you have a new Pin, hashtags might make your posts among the top search results.  

Pinterest can tag the new content you add to the platform and make it visible to the users who search for the specific hashtag. Secondly, your Pins are ranked and located on the website according to the hashtags.

Do not forget! Pinterest is a search engine. If your Pins contain hashtags, they can be shown as search results based on these hashtags. So, browsing hashtag is another form of searching on Pinterest.

A Pinterest user can use hashtags either by

  • entering the phrase, beginning with # and without spaces, on the search bar like other keywords or
  • clicking on the hashtags written on the description of the Pins.

But there is the thing that hashtags are not clickable on desktop, while you can click on them on mobile.

Hashtags are not meant to replace the keywords fundamental to the the Pinterest world. Therefore, they should be used along with the keywords.

Why should you use hashtags on Pinterest?

Although Pinterest hashtags are optional, they are nevertheless accommodating if you want to target particular demographics. Here are three reasons why using hashtags on Pinterest is a good idea.

Although hashtags on Pinterest are optional, they are helpful, particularly in assisting with the target audience's discovery of new Pins. Additionally, it is easy to apply and produces immediate results.

1. Hashtags help other users find your content

Hashtags make your Pins easy to be found by other Pinterest users. They can link your Pinterest profile with the users.

If they are properly used, your Pins can be seen on the right page, which will attract your potential audience. Therefore, using hashtags is part of the keyword strategy on Pinterest.

2. To be specific

On Pinterest, some search results may stay too general or ambiguous. Hashtags can be useful for specifying the content.

It can be beneficial for both the searchers and your Pinterest profile because you can also classify your Pins in a certain way.

3. To stay updated

Another thing about using hashtags is to follow popular trends on social media. Hashtags work as keywords on Pinterest, but they are also helpful in joining the flow of social interactions.

Putting a #happyfriday with your product can make a difference; your Pin would be connected to the page people visit, and your brand can appear dynamic and present.

Ways to use hashtags on Pinterest!

It is significant how to use hashtags on Pinterest. As mentioned above, Pinterest is a place to browse visuals through keywords. Hashtags are supplementary parts of this searching mechanism.

To use Pinterest professionally, you need to use hashtags correctly.

#1 Put your hashtag in the description

First of all, you need to know where to put your hashtag phrase while sharing a Pin.

It should be in the description part. Specifically, locating them at the end of the descriptive wording is better. The text would become easier to read in this way. For the same reason, putting them in the middle of the description is not a good idea.

#2 Stay pertinent

Yes, there are generic hashtags, and using a few of them can be helpful. However, do not forget to relate them to your product or brand. In the end, you need to contact the people who are interested in your Pin.

Therefore, a good Pinterest strategy would be using popular hashtags connected to your brand.

#3 Address both general and particular

It is not always easy to speak to the audience broadly and narrowly. Sometimes, you may want to address topics from different perspectives to catch various interests.

At this point, hashtags can help your Pins to be involved in general and particular categories. For instance, you may want to share your brand's cosmetics product on Pinterest. You can use a hashtag like #cosmeticslovers, and at the same time, add #vegancosmetics to aim particular interests.

Some seasons can give perfect timing for posting Pins for your brand's products. You can boost your strategy on Pinterest by using hashtags specific to particular periods like Christmas, summertime, holidays, etc.

You can visit inspirational websites to get ideas!

#5 Do not go to too many of them

Hashtags are complementary wordings aimed to improve your organization's or business's digital strategy on Pinterest. Using too many hashtags would alienate the audience as on other social platforms.

Your Pins with too many hashtags might seem spammy. Also, an increasing number of hashtags would make the description of your Pin hard to follow and read.

Your goals for your Pins should be aiming to be accessible and interested in by the people.

#6 Highlight your brand

Building a solid social media and platform strategy is highly significant for developing your business or organization. In the case of Pinterest, you need to know how searching mechanisms work and what people like or dislike.

If you want to make your Pinterest account more professional and business-aimed, you can use your brand name in hashtags. As a result, you would make people recognize your brand and products on the Pins they are interested in.

How to add hashtags to pins?

For Pins, hashtags go in the description.

Instead of sprinkling them throughout your well-constructed sentences, I advise adding them after your description.

Allow Pinners to read through your call to action before they become sidetracked and click away to a hashtag feed, keeping in mind that hashtags are clickable!

Type "#" and a word or phrase to add a hashtag.

Alternatively, you can use Circleboom Publish to make things easy! It is a social media management tool that supports Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and TikTok.

You can create, design, publish, schedule, and automate your pins with Circleboom's Pinterest scheduler. You can add hashtags and descriptions to your pins easily with Circleboom.

And you can manage your multiple Pinterest boards and accounts on Circleboom.

Circleboom Publish

Create your pins, add your description and hashtags to your pins and schedule your Pinterest posts.


You can also use Circleboom's Pinterest Hashtag Generator to find amazing, related hashtags for your multiple pins to increase their reach on the platform.

Thanks to AI Pin Generator on Circleboom, you can easily find the most effective hashtags for your pins with the help of ChatGPT.

You can easily auto-write your pin descriptions with an AI pin description generator and find the right keywords and hashtags for your audience.

How Should Businesses Use Pinterest Hashtags?

Pinterest is actually a great marketplace that you can sell without a website.

Use hashtags to promote your pins, so your products and services are on Pinterest. Make a hashtag for it if you're pinning something that isn't widely used but might still be intriguing. You can start a hashtag trend with a solid marketing plan.

Using hashtags on Pinterest is a terrific strategy to increase the visibility of your content. Adding pertinent hashtags may increase brand recognition and make your content more visible to customers. Potential customers are more likely to trust a firm since they know how simple it is to locate them.

Since your pins will allow you to add your website URL or the product page, Pinterest hashtags in 2023 will probably increase traffic to your website. People who use it can learn more about you and your offer.

What Types of Hashtags Should Marketers Use on Pinterest?

There are some important tips for marketers about how to use Pinterest hashtags.

  • Be particular and detailed.
  • Use precise language to describe the information in the Pin.
  • Employ a brand hashtag.
  • Before other hashtags, use the brand's hashtag so that it will be the first to be seen.
  • Avoid using hashtags with fewer than 100 extremely popular uses, extremely niche, or ambiguous.
  • Utilize both general and specific hashtags.
  • Be timely, impartial, and pertinent.

What Types Of Pinterest Hashtags Should Marketers Avoid?

Marketers should avoid these hashtags;

  • Forbidden hashtags
  • Unspecific and pointless hashtags
  • Hashtags with fewer than 100 uses
  • Specialized or widely used hashtags

These are the most-used and popular Pinterest hashtags so far in 2023:

  1. #pinterestquotes
  2. #pinterestinspired
  3. #pinterestwin
  4. #pinterest project
  5. #pinterestsuccess
  6. #pinterestideas
  7. #pinterestwedding
  8. #pinterestmom
  9. #pinterestworthy
  10. #pinterestaddict
  11. #pintrest
  12. #pinterestphoto
  13. #photooftheday
  14. #pinterestart
  15. #pinterestfind
  16. #pinterestinspo
  17. #aesthetic
  18. #picoftheday
  19. #love
  20. #art
  1. #ArtInspiration
  2. #ArtJournaling
  3. #DigitalArt
  4. #WatercolorArt
  5. #Illustration
  6. #OilPainting
  7. #AcrylicPainting
  8. #Sketchbook
  9. #MixedMediaArt
  10. #AbstractArt
  11. #PortraitArt
  12. #FanArt
  13. #StreetArt
  14. #Crafts
  15. #Printmaking

What is the difference between Pinterest hashtags and Instagram hashtags?

It makes sense that Pinterest and Instagram are frequently mistaken for one another and even considered the same, given their shared emphasis on the need for visual content to capture users' attention. Since you'll probably share the identical snap or image on both, why not use the same hashtags and text writing?

Unlike the story you want to convey on Pinterest, Instagram hashtags tell a far longer story. Instagram allows up to adding 30 hashtags per post, and many users will use related and irrelevant hashtags to reach that maximum.

The critical thing to remember is that, on Instagram, you can generally hashtag terms that relate to the photo in question and your brand or presence.

Even though this may group all your posts under a few broad search terms, it can occasionally be highly misleading when the hashtags seem utterly unrelated to the content.

Hashtags are searchable terms on Instagram, and the search results frequently lead to posts and pictures you might not have even considered.

Imagine finding a few ginger cats when you search for the hashtag "ginger cat," followed by a plethora of irrelevant photos posted by someone who formerly owned a ginger cat. Well, that's pretty much how Instagram works.

In other words, you'll be able to adjust your hashtagging for the right platform after you know what a hashtag is and how to choose a few important ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hashtags can Pinners use for their Pins?

You can put up to 20 hashtags on your Pin's description. However, using hashtags to fill the description part with such a number of hashtags is not preferable.

Can Pinterest users put hashtags in comments under the Pins?

Yes! Hashtags can be written in Pinterest comments as well as in Pin descriptions. Some users prefer to put hashtags in the comments not to bother the audience in the description part of a Pin.

Nevertheless, do not forget that hashtags in Pinterest comments do not affect your Pins' ranking in the search engine.

Is it possible to use hashtags for the Pins that have already been posted?

It is possible to add hashtags to the old Pins. However, it will not change the place of the old Pins, although they include hashtags later. Re-sharing the old Pins would be more helpful to put forward your old Pins rather than putting hashtags.  

Wrap Up

Hashtags have become essential components of social media platforms for a long time. They have useful functions, such as grouping the same topics and connecting them under a phrase beginning with a # symbol. Every social media platform has particular qualities, which may change how hashtags are used.

As a visual search engine platform, Pinterest is compatible with the functions of hashtags since it presents a place to find particular ideas and topics. Therefore, it might be very beneficial to learn how hashtags work on Pinterest to boost your business.

You can find the most interesting, attractive, and relevant hashtags with Circleboom Pinterest Hashtag Generator. This is not everything that Circleboom offers. There are many other features that you can try at affordable prices.

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