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Steal our guide to real estate social media content planner!

Steal our guide to real estate social media content planner!

. 10 min read

For the past few years, searching for a home has largely gone online.

Several advertising websites or marketplaces have altered the landscape for real estate agents regarding visibility and audience reach.

Social media was one of the newest developing mediums, necessitating a real estate social media content planner.

With the social distancing lifestyle snuggled into our lives for almost two years, real estate has changed its practices considerably like almost all other industries.

Instead of conducting open houses and scheduling many showings in an afternoon, agents are now doing considerably more work behind the screen, whether it is streaming video walk-throughs for multiple customers at a time or collaborating with other videographers to build 3D tours.

Which platforms are beneficial for the real estate social media calendar?

Facebook to reach each segment

Create a Facebook business page to get started. It is more formal than publishing to a personal account. It opens you up to business-related tools like page statistics and the opportunity to promote postings to your audience.

High resolutions images and videos perform well, so make sure to include eye-catching visuals in every post you make.

Connect with groups and marketplace on Facebook for promotion

Because the Facebook algorithm likes posts with high levels of engagement, ask questions to elicit responses or provide content that your followers would love, such as a forthcoming local event so that they will like and share it.

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Instagram for more aesthetics

Every post will need to be visually appealing because this is a powerful channel to put out the aesthetics of your real estate assets.

Include your contact information and additional data in the caption that goes with the photo.

Use swipe up to obtain more attention and referrals to your real estate website if you have a business profile.

Insta vibes can be adapted to real estate photos too!
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LinkedIn for real estate circles

Linkedin is the hub for professionals, so you can create a Linkedin company profile to look more prestigious. Or you can make changes to your personal profile, and if you operate a business, build a page for it as well. LinkedIn is a fruitful place to network with other real estate agents, communicate with brokerages, and engage with existing customers.

You can share neighborhood news and articles about your niche.

Also, you can publish articles on hot topics such as rent controls, mortgages, other industry-related topics and gain an interested audience.

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Twitter to keep the pulse

Twitter is all about following the news and setting the agenda. As a realtor, your real estate social media content planner for Twitter can be founded upon industry news, republishing and curating articles around the niche to appeal to buyers and your peers.

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What about using a real estate social media content planner for all of them?

Theoretically, using the abovementioned platforms while leveraging all their functions seems like a perfect plan.

Yet, in practice, thinking for each platform’s social media content plan, preparing a unique content calendar for real estate accounts on multiple platforms and keep them organized are not the kind of tasks you can pull off all by yourself and your work hours.

Here we got the good news: Wanna meet the best-in-class real estate social media content planner in the market?

You can Design, Plan, Automate, and Post your content using Circleboom Publish from a single dashboard. Also, bear in mind that you can and will be charged for the features you use, allowing you to choose the Circleboom plan that best meets your company’s needs.

Start with article curation in your niche and keep your audience up-to-date

You can publish high-quality articles to your Facebook page, Twitter, and Linkedin using the Discover Article tool to educate, inform, or engage your audience. However, the secret is that you will only need to determine your topic categories and select posting intervals. Circleboom’s all-in-one social media management platform will take care of the rest.

Find articles, choose them, and have them automatically published to numerous social media accounts.

Using the “Discover Article” option, you can select your language from 11 different languages and your interest topics from over 300 Circleboom-created interest categories.

Choose real estate-related interest areas to browse relevant articles and blogs.

A list of related articles will show as you select items, and you may add your favorites to your queue.

Select the articles you liked and schedule or plan their auto posting.

Circleboom Publish will automatically publish your articles based on the posting time interval and frequency you specify once you have uploaded them to your queue and set your queue parameters.

Adding a queue will make the selected articles posted at determined intervals, as shown here.

Also, you can select to publish that article on a specific date and time and schedule it for publishing on multiple social media accounts.

And what matters most here is that a real estate social media content planner enables you to publish these articles or the posts created from scratch on multiple accounts you have added to Circleboom.

You can share or schedule the post to multiple accounts with one click
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The next step for planning your real estate social media calendar: Leverage RSS feeds for continuous content curation

With each passing day, Circleboom makes it easier to find good content. We have several features that allow us to provide high-quality information without interruption at all times.

You can add RSS feed links about the real estate industry and automatically publish them to your social media profiles. These could be URLs to relevant websites, news sites, or blogs.

Now, how about sharing them as content on multiple social media profiles?

RSS feeds always will "feed" your content plan.

You can automate their publishing process by setting the frequency and RSS update number. You can even humanize your automated RSS shares with personalized intro and outro texts in each caption.

Customize your automation plan, even this is possible with Circleboom Publish!

The Advanced plan option is available if you require more particular queue settings, such as post-free days. You can choose the specific days you wish to auto-post to numerous social media accounts with this subscription.

Add hashtags to your content calendar for real estate

Hashtags can be used to categorize postings, enhance engagement, gain attention to a specific niche, strengthen a brand’s image, and reach a specific demographic (and vice versa).

When it comes to seasoning salt, a pinch can make a big difference in the flavor of a meal. Yet, if we are honest, neither too much; nor too little should be used. And using hashtags for your real estate social media calendar is similar to that.

You should study what hashtags are now being used by competitions, businesses and customer profiles to get an idea of how to come up with better hashtags if you want to use hashtags efficiently because some hashtags at specific periods (let’s say it’s about mortgage regulation in your country and it’s a trending issue) might generate unimaginable Twitter interaction and followers.

But we have one more tool to tell you.

With Circleboom Smart Search and Live Keyword Searcher, you can do it in seconds by allowing the algorithm to crawl thousands of tweets, retweets and replies in your interest area.

Search relevant keywords and hashtags for your business.

With Circleboom’s Smart Search, you can effortlessly detect trending keywords and hashtags, connect others with similar interests, and reach the target market by just scanning the keywords of that particular interest.

Don’t waste time relying just on trendy hashtags or hot topics to gain attention. To optimize your content calendar for real estate and more profitable conversions, analyze your target and build your own trend topic.

You know how a first impression affects sales. Visualize your real estate content!

A house with nice decoration sells… In the digital environment, nicely edited, wide-angle indoor photos with current lifestyle templated in soft color tones can be sold on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin too!

Circleboom has teamed with Canva to provide users a Canva tool that is integrated into the Circleboom dashboard.

With one click, you can continue to design your post visual or cover in the Canva interface based on proper image sizes for different social media platforms. And you can schedule or add those creative content to the auto-posting queue too!

And you can do it all from the Circleboom dashboard; you’ll only need to sync your Canva account once, or you can create one for free in secs.

You can also choose from thousands of customizable and editable ready-to-use templates, images, and graphics to enrich your real estate content.

Ready-to-use templates will help you to show off your real estate photos.

Polish your house images, retouch and adjust their contrast, and then integrate them into more stylish Canva templates to make it look like a piece created by an agency.

Don't underestimate the power of video content in real estate marketing!

As a modern-day real estate agent or estate advisor, you would like your company to stand out most prominently among your competitors.

A real estate listing with videos receives 400% more inquiries than one without. So, creating successful video content for real estate marketing can let you be on the winning side!

It's not difficult to make a list video for real estate marketing. You can also create video tours of residences you've already sold to demonstrate your ability to complete your works! Hence, you can receive multiple commercial opportunities for every sale this way.

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Final Verdict

We hope that using the strategies outlined in our post on creating a real estate content calendar and planner will assist you in determining your social media strategy.

Circleboom has outstanding features at reasonable costs, with plans that can be adjusted to fit any budget. Don’t fall into the widely seen trap of doing everything in your business yourself; instead, rely on technology and tools to take the load off your shoulders.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on products like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Sprout social, most of which are stuffed with too many similar features you will never use. We offer a higher-quality service with a more user-friendly interface for a much lower price.

Join us now if you’re as enthusiastic as we are about Circleboom’s charm!

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