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Tips for Creating Effective Twitter Ads on a Small Budget

. 7 min read

Wanna Create Effective Twitter Ads on a Small Budget in 2020?

Yes, it is absolutely possible. Want to create ads on Social Media platforms but have a reduced budget?

Don't worry! Twitter is the perfect platform to create Ads in less budget.

Twitter is one of the popular social platforms that is not only one of the most effective and efficient social media marketing platforms but also serves the digital market everywhere in the world. If you want to analyze how twitter is used for marketing in less budget? And how is it used for the digital marketing platform with such reasonable prices?

Then your wait is finally over because I am introducing with you some special Twitter Marketing tips about how twitter is used as a digital marketing platform and for creating ads at such a small budget. And I'm pretty sure that these tips are going to work for you as these helped me a lot in making effective ads without spending much.

Why Twitter Advertising?

When using Twitter as a digital advertising platform it is very important to know “why twitter advertising?” when there are many such platforms available.

The answer to this frequently asked question is that Twitter has been one of the top social media platforms and continuously growing over the past few years. But now it’s one of the giant social platforms for connecting with people, and getting more engagement and traffic all around the world.

Therefore, all this popularity and usage makes it an ideal medium to be used for digital advertising and for spreading the word.

Whether you’re starting with a fresh Twitter account or have been using it for a long time you can easily harness its advertising potential. but wait, if you have never used it before and are not aware of this twitter ads feature then you have to create a twitter account first.

Initial Steps:

Well, the whole process of signing up is super easy. You just have to follow some simple steps. After creating your Twitter account,  move towards, and enter the requirements asked like your country and time zone.

After filling the requirements just click on the option “Let’s go. By tapping this gives you access to Twitter Ads Manager services and gives you many features such as advertising campaigns and analyzing metrics.

Discern Your Niche By Choosing Advertising Object:

No one in this world is born without a sense of thinking and ideas. It can be different from each other but it is within us. And when it is for your Twitter ads then it is very important to find what are the things or talents that you have got and want to show to the world.

So just identify it and display it via pictures and videos. Because the campaign object you selected determines which engagement types and campaign actions you’ll pay for. Twitter ads account contains a list of the objective with three subcategories from which you have to choose the desired one.

The list is as follows:


  • Reach: This means if you want to maximize your ad reach and let the other people see your tweet.
  • In-stream video views: This means you can run a short video ad at the start of videos from Twitter’s premium content partners if you want to do it.


  • Video views: You can show videos or GIFs if you want to show it to people.
  • App installs: This means you can enable it if you want people to install your app.
  • Website clicks or conversions: You can enable this option if you want people to go to your website.
  • Engagements: By enabling it you can maximize engagement with your Promoted Tweets.
  • Followers: This is for building your Twitter audience.


App re-engagements: For this, you’re billed for each app click. If you want people who already have installed your app to open and use it and to gain more traffic on your site, you can effectively use it.

After clicking the desired objective, the ‘Campaign set up’ will show up on the screen. In that section you have to name your campaign, then choose how to pay for it, and then set your campaign budget, and select the suitable option that whether to start the campaign right away or schedule it for later purposes and adds.

Tips for Creating Effective Twitter Ads

But for this purpose, it is very important to set up and design the ad in a way so that the content you want to show to the world gets the expected traffic. For this purpose you have to follow the following tips:

1- Make Your Ad Clear:

While composing your add it is very important to make your brand and business clear at first. As it is very important to target Twitter users who don’t follow your brand by using the Circleboom Twitter search Tool. So, make it obvious what your ad is all about and show your content to the world in the most efficient way so that your content grabs the people’s attention. It will also help you to gain more profit from the business content you show on your ad.

But before publishing your ad keep it in mind that your brand must be verified because your users may click from your ad through to your Twitter profile, so it is up to you to make your Twitter profile bio in perfect shape. This will attract them and engage them towards your work and posts.

2- Target Your Exact Audience:

The motive behind targeting the exact audience will help you choose the right targeted audience for your ad and this will help you maximize your budget. You can simply do this by targeting the audience by using demographic targeting strategy.

In it, you will define your audience by gender, age, location, language, and technology. And with the help of location targeting, you can target the people of a specific area to users based on specific interests like events, interests, and behaviors or you can target a whole country if you want to cover the broader area.

This will help you to reach the estimated audience and get the right desired output from the content and help you to balance your budget as you add more and more targeting options to your campaign section.

3- Organize Your Ad Group And Bidding Setup:

After filling all the required info move towards the ‘Ad group setup’ page. But before starting your first Twitter ads campaign, you need to know that you probably have to stick to one ad group. But with the course of time and your experience you can reach more Twitter ads.

After it split up your campaign into subcategories to target different audiences of different areas. Always use different creative ideas for every campaign and always test ads on different budgets and timings.

The most important thing in setting up the bidding process is that its users are provided with the option to choose how much they want to pay for each interaction or campaign. If you choose automatic bidding which is by default in every setup, then Twitter will set your bid at the lowest price based on your budget, and in return, you will get the best output from it.

This would be a great initiative for its users to start if you’re a beginner at Twitter advertising and want to create effective ads and bidding in less budget.

4- Choose Ad Placement And Launch Campaign:

After organizing your ad group and bidding it’s very important to choose the ad placement i. e the area of the platform you want to show your ad whether to show it to the user’s timeline, profiles, and tweet details and pages or on search results.

This option is available at the top right side of every screen, from there you can choose where you want to display your ad. Don't forget to review all the options once again to avoid any mistake so that you can reach the exact target and save your budget. Then select the “Launch campaign” to launch your ad.

5- Select Your Budget:

The most important asked question is How do twitter ads Pricing Works?

When you post an ad through twitter then it is all up to you that how much output you want to get from the ad in a small budget. There’s no minimum budget set to show an advertisement on your Twitter account. The amount you’re willing to pay is the total budget you want to invest in your ad to get the most output from it. This is known to be the beauty of twitter as a social platform so that its ads cost as less as you like to invest.

Wrapping Up:

Twitter ads are great tools for increasing followers' engagement, traffic, and best techniques for targeting the audience. Not only this it consists of the most reasonable prices and pretty good results out of it and has been the most efficient platform to create the most effective ads in a small budget.

Curious to try Twitter Ads? If yes then try the most reasonable marketing platform to grow your business not within months but in days.

Want to learn more Social Media Marketing tips then visit Circleboom Blog

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