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Know who you follow: Twitter friends demographics!

. 5 min read

We all curate our feeds with a discerning eye (well, most of us!), but have you ever stopped to think about the demographics of the accounts you follow on Twitter / X?

Let's talk about your inner circle – all the fantastic folks you follow, from news sources and celeb crushes to industry titans and fellow cat lovers.

But wait, does Twitter even give you the demographics of the accounts you follow?

Unfortunately, Twitter doesn't offer a built-in demographics tool. Luckily, Circleboom does! So we'll be talking about it a lot in this article.

Circleboom Twitter

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Knowing who you follow in terms of your Twitter friends' demographics goes beyond mere curiosity. It can be a goldmine of information, not just for yourself but also for how you navigate the platform.

Twitter is a whirlwind of opinions and ideas. By looking at the demographics of your friends on Twitter, you can gauge the overall vibe of your feed.

Leaning towards news and political pundits? Your timeline will likely be a lively debate ground. Following a bunch of artists and meme accounts? Prepare for a healthy dose of laughter and creativity.

  • By analyzing your Twitter friends, you can get a sense of the dominant themes and subjects that populate your timeline. Then, you can easily decide upon what you want to see more and less of by following new accounts or unfollowing existing ones.
Magic of Circleboom starts here. It lets you see the interest cloud of your Twitter friends, as well as your followers.

  • Your Twitter friends likely span the globe, offering perspectives from different cultures and regions. This geographic diversity can provide a global lens for local events or vice-versa, turning your feed into a window to the world.
Check where your friends are located with Circleboom's "tweet mapper" feature.
You can also see a global view of your Twitter audience's geographical distribution.

  • Twitter boasts a truly international audience. We're talking folks from all walks of life, tweeting in a multitude of languages. This global nature means your feed can be a vibrant mix of perspectives, news, and humor – all depending on who you follow.
Or if you struggle with, let's say, a feed that has dozens of tweets rolling in a language you can't even read, you gotta give it a second look and reconsider who you're following by checking the language stats of your Twitter friends.

  • We all have our favorite corners of Twitter, but it's important to avoid getting stuck in an echo chamber. By analyzing your follows, you can see if you're surrounding yourself with similar voices or if you've got a good mix. Maybe it's time to add a few accounts that challenge your perspective or introduce new interests!
Want to get out of that echo chamber? Find who to follow with Circleboom and connect with more accounts that share your interests!
Find Out Who to Follow on Twitter to Get Followers
Who to follow on Twitter? With Circleboom Twitter, you can search Twitter accounts by follower/following number, location, language, and tweet count!

  • Twitter is fantastic for connecting with like-minded individuals. If you see a trend in the demographics of your Twitter friends (say, a lot of folks in your city or with similar professions), it's a great opportunity to build connections and foster a sense of community within your timeline.
If you don't think you're following enough accounts near you, you definitely need to do some location-based searches on Twitter.
Search Twitter by Location
Explore Circleboom’s powerful Twitter Location Search tool. Discover, engage, and connect with audiences based on location. Maximize your Twitter presence effortlessly.

  • In an age of bots and fake accounts, authenticity is key. Verifying the authenticity of your Twitter friends ensures that you’re following real people with genuine content. It also keeps you from seeing phishing links, scams, or fake news appearing on your timeline as such accounts tend to share many of them.
Who wants to follow fake accounts? For numerous reasons, I don't. But I suggest you don't wait for your own reasons. Just detect them to unfollow or even block them.
Fake Twitter Account Checker | Find Fake Twitter Accounts
Get sick of possible fake Twitter accounts around you? You can spot those fake Twitter accounts with the Fake Twitter Account Checker provided by Circleboom!

Moral of the story

The list goes a long way, but I believe you got the point.

All this knowledge about Twitter friend's demographics empowers you to curate your feed even further!  Think about the kind of online space you want to cultivate. Get more educated about who to unfollow or block, who or what to mute, how to find more influential and verified accounts to follow, and much more.

Plus, the beauty of Twitter is that these online connections can sometimes blossom into real-life friendships. Imagine attending a concert after bonding with fellow fans over live tweets or grabbing coffee with someone who shares your political views!

Twitter friendships can be the bridge to amazing experiences, so you better keep an eye on who your Twitter friends are. To learn all about these, use Circleboom Twitter.

Know all about your Twitter friends with Circleboom Twitter


Fatih Kemal Oksuzoglu

Passionate about the latest trends and developments in the digital world, all the way from social media marketing to cybersecurity, and enjoys sharing his insights and tips.

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