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Why does one Instagram account have multiple features and the other doesn't?

. 3 min read

If you think you are using the latest version of Instagram with all available features, you might be wrong!

Or, you have already noticed that your friend has an Instagram feature that you don't have!

Why is that happening? Why does one Instagram account have some features but another Instagram account doesn't?

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There could be several reasons! Let's find out!

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Check your account if one of these is the reason why your Instagram account doesn't have a feature!

#1 Account Type

Instagram provides various types of accounts, such as personal accounts, business accounts, and creator accounts. Business and creator accounts usually have additional features aimed at promoting businesses or creators, such as Instagram Shopping, Instagram Insights, and branded content tools. In contrast, personal accounts may have access to a more limited set of features.

If you want to learn how to switch to Instagram Business, you can watch this video:

#2 Account Settings

The features that are available on an Instagram account can be influenced by the settings and preferences chosen by the user. Certain features may require manual activation or configuration in the account settings. For instance, features such as Instagram Shopping or Instagram Insights may need the account owner to establish specific settings or connect their account with other platforms or services.

#3 Account Verification

Accounts that are verified, indicated by a blue checkmark badge, are usually linked to public figures, celebrities, or established brands. Verified accounts may enjoy extra features, such as Instagram Live badges, swipe-up links in Stories, or early access to beta features that are not accessible to regular accounts.

#4 Geographical Location

Instagram occasionally introduces features in stages, beginning with specific regions or countries before releasing them globally. As a result, users in various geographic locations may have varying access to features at different timeframes.

#5 Account Activity or Behavior

Instagram has the authority to limit or restrict specific features for accounts that violate its community guidelines or terms of service. This could include accounts that engage in spammy or abusive behavior, violate copyright rules, or have received penalties for policy violations. Such accounts may face limitations on their access to certain features.

#6 App Version or Update

Instagram frequently releases updates to its app that include new features, bug fixes, and improvements. Users who are using different versions of the app or have not updated to the latest version may experience differences in their access to features.

It's important to note that Instagram's features and policies may change over time, and not all users may have access to the same features. If you are experiencing issues or have questions about specific features on Instagram, it's recommended to refer to Instagram's official documentation or contact Instagram directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

A solution!

If you use your Instagram accounts with Circleboom Publish, you will have many great features. This way, you can enjoy features without any limitations.

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Final Words

In conclusion, the availability of features on Instagram can vary among accounts due to several factors. These factors include the account owner's settings and preferences, verification status, phased rollouts of features, compliance with community guidelines and terms of service, and the app version being used. As Instagram's platform constantly evolves through updates, different accounts may have varying access levels to features.

It's crucial to understand that Instagram's features and functionality can be influenced by various factors, leading to differences in access for users. Staying updated with the latest app version and adhering to Instagram's guidelines and policies is recommended to ensure the best possible experience on the platform.

If you use Circleboom Publish for your Instagram accounts, you will have amazing features without any limitations! Circleboom also supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, and TikTok (soon). You will have a great social media management tool at affordable prices.

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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