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7 Must-Know Things About the Latest Instagram Update!

. 5 min read

Hello, fellow Instagram enthusiasts and creators! If you're always eager to explore new possibilities on your favorite platform, Meta's new Instagram update is set to make your journey even more enriching. Meta, the powerhouse behind Instagram, has just unveiled a series of exciting updates aimed at making your content creation journey smoother, more fun, and, most importantly, more expressive. This new Instagram update comes with noteworthy enhancements that have been introduced across Instagram Reels, carousels, and Instagram Stories, offering a nuanced and refined experience.

Let’s cover the new features coming after this latest Instagram update just before 2023 ends. Then I will be talking about how Circleboom Publish can help you have a nice Instagram profile and make the most of these Instagram updates.

Circleboom Publish

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Instagram Update 2023 November: What’s New?

1. Edit Reels with New Features Introduced in the New Instagram Update

Are you tired of struggling with video edits? Instagram is testing the ability for you to scale, crop, and rotate individual clips, providing even more flexibility in your editing process.

And if you change your mind, the latest Instagram update offers relief with new tools like undo and redo, allowing you to effortlessly edit individual clips and refine your content to perfection. Say goodbye to editing woes and hello to a more streamlined creative process, saving valuable time and ensuring a more efficient editing workflow.

Like every other social media post, timing is of the essence when posting reels on Instagram. Make sure you determine your best time to post reels on Instagram for maximum engagement.

2. Latest Instagram Update Brings in the Media Clip Hub

In a bid to make your reels more engaging, Instagram introduces the Media Clip Hub. Now, you can seamlessly add clips with audio to your reels. So you are not only able to diversify content but also be a part of the meme culture that connects you with your audience in a playful way.

The possibilities for creativity are endless, inviting your fans to join the remix revolution. Also, after this Instagram update, you can quickly jump to the audio page from the top of the camera roll and find the inspiration you need for your next creative project.

3. Another one of the New Features in Instagram Update: Custom Stickers

In a move that feels straight out of a content creator's dream, Instagram now lets you create custom stickers from your own photos and videos in your camera roll. The ability to add unique flair to your content is now at your fingertips, courtesy of the Segment Anything AI model.

Speaking of AI, you might want to take advantage of ChatGPT-4 while creating captions for your Instagram posts. It's normally a $20/month service, but Circleboom Publish users benefit from it at no extra cost!

AI Instagram Caption Generator | Create Catchy Instagram Captions
Are you seeking an AI-powered Instagram caption generator? Let’s discover how to create engaging Instagram captions for your pictures, and Reels with AI integration on Circleboom!

4. New Text-to-Speech Voices and Fonts with the Instagram Update

You can now benefit from 10 new English voices, offering the best text-to-speech quality, and six updated text fonts and styles for multiple languages. Additionally, the option to add outlines enhances text clarity, providing creators with nuanced ways to communicate.

5. New Instagram Update Comes with New Photo Filters

Elevate the vibe of your posts with the latest photo filters. From subtle color edits to expressive styles, these updates make it easier than ever to experiment with different looks for your photos and carousels. From subtle color adjustments to more impactful styles, this addition enables experimentation. Your Instagram feed is now your canvas—paint it with the emotions you want to convey.

And if you want to spice up your Instagram feed, you should check out the Instagram grid maker of Circleboom Publish. It lets you create, design, share, schedule, and automate various Instagram grid layouts, either as 3x3 or 3x4.

Instagram Grid Maker | Create and Schedule Grids on Instagram
Let’s find out how to make and schedule Instagram grids! You can design various grid posts with multiple images with Circleboom’s Instagram grid maker.

6. Instagram Updates Insights to Have New Metrics

Understanding how your content performs is crucial, and Instagram has your back. The addition of Replays and a new Retention Chart provides deeper insights into your content's performance. The moment-by-moment breakdown of audience engagement empowers informed content strategy decisions.

7. Latest Instagram Update Refines Drafts Management

The Drafts feature is getting a makeover, letting creators maintain an organized content creation pipeline like never before. Editing in-progress reels is now a breeze with a streamlined view of all your saved drafts. After this new Instagram update, you can preview, rename, and schedule your drafts in advance, ensuring your content is always on point.

The new Instagram update rolled out many features, but there are still other things that you can do to uplift your creator account with Circleboom Publish.

How Can Circleboom Help Instagram Creators After the New Instagram Update

We have already mentioned some ways Circleboom Publish helps you generate, design, and schedule your Instagram posts. But it has many other features to help you manage and grow your Instagram account. So what else can you do with Circleboom Publish?

The best part is yet to come: Circleboom Publish offers a 14-day trial for you to test and benefit from all these and many more!


In conclusion, this Instagram update is a game-changer for content creators. With plenty of new features, the platform becomes not just a space for sharing moments but a dynamic canvas for your creativity. Embrace the changes, explore the possibilities, and continue inspiring your audience with the vibrant and evolving world of Instagram. And don’t forget to keep your friend, Circleboom Publish, close.

Fatih Kemal Oksuzoglu

Passionate about the latest trends and developments in the digital world, all the way from social media marketing to cybersecurity, and enjoys sharing his insights and tips.