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How to delete old tweets before a certain time

How to delete old tweets before a certain time

. 4 min read

Are you struggling to delete all your tweets before 2020? How about getting rid of those tweets you posted a few years back and now they make your Twitter account look dull?

We’ve made an elaborate list of reasons why people want to delete their old tweets, and in this article, we will help you with the process of deleting.

Using a third-party tool like Circleboom can really make the task of deleting tweets easier, as Twitter has no easy way to delete tweets. If you want to delete tweets on Twitter, you need to delete each tweet individually. The process would be immensely time taking and inconvenient. A third-party app can help you overcome this difficulty in minutes.

Let’s look at the exact steps to follow when you want to delete old tweets and the most reliable tool to do so.

Steps to delete old tweets:

#1: Upload your Twitter archive:

Log In to the Circleboom dashboard by authenticating your Twitter account. Go to the menu on the left, select -> My Tweets -> Delete Old Tweets. In the next screen, upload your Twitter archive and click next. ( How to download my Twitter history archive )

#2 Enter the end date to delete tweets before a certain date:

After uploading your Twitter archive, you need to enter the date between which you want to get your tweets deleted. In the start date and end date boxes enter the date to delete tweets before a certain time. Tweets published on start date and end date are also deleted.

#3 Update other filters and approve:

If you also want to delete tweets with specific filters, hashtags, or usernames, you can enter it in the keyword box. After updating all your settings, click on Approve to delete tweets.

With these steps, Circleboom will delete all tweets within a specific date range.

Why use Circleboom to delete old tweets?

Picking the perfect tool is an important step before you go ahead and delete your tweets. The right tool makes sure that your Twitter account is secure and you do not violate any Twitter policies.

Here are some of the reasons that make Circleboom a truly efficient tweet delete tool:

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Trustworthy Twitter tool:

Circleboom is a trusted Twitter tool that follows all the Twitter policies and updates. Using Circleboom means staying within the realms of Twitter rules and keeping your account safe from any Twitter suspension. Deleting tweets with Circleboom will also keep your account protected from any unethical users.

Quick and efficient:

Unlike a lot of other tools that require you to go through elaborate steps, Circleboom is easy to follow. The clean interface makes deleting tweets a simple and effortless process.


If you want to delete less than 200 tweets, then you can do so with Circleboom’s free plan. To delete unlimited tweets, you just need to upgrade to the pro plan $7.99 per month. The price is much cheaper than other tools that offer similar services.

The key takeaway:

We hope you found the above steps easy to follow and Circleboom will prove as useful to you as we claim it to be. You can refer to more articles to learn other features and manage your Twitter account better with Circleboom.

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