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Why do people want to delete their old tweets?

. 16 min read

Some of us find it hard to believe that people would want to delete their old tweets, something that marks who they are. We don’t like changing opinions or content being removed once posted. But deleting old tweets is a very common practice on Twitter and there are many supporting reasons why people want to do so. In fact, at times, deleting old tweets is the only way forward, the clean slate that allows you to start afresh.

Many people on Twitter are looking for a way to delete their tweets about celebrities, sports professionals, or political figures (such as deleting "Trump/Biden tweets").  So in this article, we will look at some of the most common reasons why people want to delete their tweets. Have a look at them and see if you can relate as well.

So if you're one of these people, this article is for you. And you know what else is for you if you're looking to delete all tweets? Circleboom Twitter!

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Reasons why you might want to delete some or all your tweets

Change in political ideologies and deleting past political tweets:

Political tweets are definitely one of the most deleted tweets because people have fickle opinions when it comes to politics. Many people change their opinion about leaders with their changing governance, or political pressure, or fear can also scare them. When this happens, they rush to delete old opinions and tweets. Many politicians are also seen deleting old tweets with changing alliances.

How To Delete Tweets By Keywords/Hashtags
There are thousands of scenarios that require us to delete tweets by keywords orhashtags. Some common examples are: * Have you recently changed your industry and need to delete tweets with words related to your old industry? * Do you want to bulk delete tweets that contain all words targeting…

Change in relationship status and deleting old tweets:

A problem common to all generations, changing relationships result in people deleting old tweets. People like to get rid of photos or tweets they have posted with their exes. All those love posts that make you grieve and no longer make sense need to be removed to move forward.

Why should I delete tweets about my ex
With Circleboom, you can generate a solution for the question, “should I delete all tweets about my ex” quickly.

Lack of engagement (retweets/likes) is a big reason to delete tweets in bulk:

Many influencers, celebrities (which we will talk about in more detail later on), or common people may end up deleting tweets that don’t receive high engagement. Retweets/likes/comments are a sign of their popularity. And tweets with low engagement weaken their Twitter account, and they prefer to have them removed.

How to mass delete tweets based on popularity!
Find out how to mass delete tweets based on popularity! Keep tweets with likes and retweets, and delete others with fewer or zero engagement!

Delete tweets and save face in front of family members:

Your father suddenly follows you on Twitter, and you rush to delete all your party tweets or tweets that he would not approve of? Well, yes, many new family members begin to follow, and we rush to delete tweets that we don’t want them to see.

How to Delete All Media Tweets
Circleboom enables you to delete media tweets individually or in bulk saving you a lot of time.

Deleting all tweets because of privacy concerns

Over time, your tweets can accumulate a wealth of information about you, some of which might be personal or sensitive. Deleting your tweets can help protect your privacy and reduce the risk of identity theft or phishing attacks.

Is Circleboom safe? All you need to know about it!
The more social media channels have become significant, the more the needs have emerged to be good at managing them. Circleboom offers remarkably effective products to help the administration of social media accounts of yourself, your brand, or your organization.

Some people somehow love to get controversial on Twitter. But even if that's not the case for you,  your tweets can sometimes unintentionally offend or provoke other users too. Plus, depending on the content and whom it may address, the consequences you may face are numerous, including social exclusion, being shadowbanned on Twitter, and even facing lawsuits.

Deleting all tweets, or at least some of them that contain specific keywords, can help you avoid unwanted drama, backlash, and even some more serious problems.

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Delete the tweets sent in an inebriated state:

Familiar with drinking and tweeting? While we cannot delete messages or emails sent out when drunk, social media posts are something that definitely gets deleted after sobering up. People do delete embarrassing tweets sent out when drunk if they find them out of context later.

Delete/Unlike All Tweets or Multiple Tweets in Seconds
Give me back my likes! Is that even a thing? Can you unlike all tweets fromTwitter in a few seconds? Yes, you can, and that too by following very simplesteps. It’s even possible to look for specific tweets and unlike them. This newfeature has been rolled out by Circleboom […

Deleting all tweets as a part of reputation management

Your online presence and digital footprint can significantly impact your personal and professional life. Old tweets can be taken out of context or reflect poorly on your current reputation. Deleting them can be a proactive step in managing how you are perceived by others. This is especially critical if you're running a business account on Twitter or if you are a professional content creator who eventually wants to become an influencer.

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Wonder about creating a business account for Twitter and using a professional Twitter account? A mature Twitter business account would be the solution to your marketing needs.

Deleting tweets because of a change in niche/industry/job:

Many of us resort to Twitter to post industry updates or job updates while working. But, when you change your industry or job, you want your new colleagues and followers to only interact with your present without questioning your past job history. To avoid unnecessary discussion, many people feel it’s best to delete all tweets related to old jobs.

Plus, employers often review social media profiles as part of the hiring process. Tweets that seemed harmless at the time can be misconstrued or viewed unfavorably by potential employers. Removing these can help present a more polished and professional image.

Sudden change in thoughts? Delete your tweets:

Have you seen yourself rushing to Twitter when you are really mad at something and posting embarrassing tweets? A few hours later, you are regretful of your own tweet, and you want to delete it. This has happened to all of us. When our anger subsides, our emotions change, and we feel our tweet exaggerated and want to delete it immediately.

Deleting irrelevant tweets:

Some tweets just don’t make sense after a certain period of time. They look like blabbering that you want to get rid of. Many people like to clean their Twitter accounts of tweets that seem like complete nonsense over time.

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Do you want to delete that one specific tweet that you posted in the month ofDecember last year? Or, you can’t get enough time to delete all your tweets from2017? Or, whether it’s that one tweet you published on last valentine’s thatneeds to be erased? Whatever your reason may be to delete tweet…

Delete tweets for the sake of your mental health:

Twitter can sometimes be overwhelming, with its constant stream of information and opinions. Deleting your tweets can be a form of digital detox, helping you reduce stress and focus on your well-being.

Is social media more traumatizing than we know?
Our dependency has reached such a level that issues such as social media detox and social media break are on many people’s agenda.

Deleting old tweets and erasing old memories:

Have you had an unhappy period when you took to Twitter to share all your pain without any gain? Well, erasing old memories is another very common reason why people delete old tweets. They want to put behind those bad days and any tweets or social media posts associated with them.

You can name numerous more reasons here, but whatever the reason may be, sometimes all we want is a clean page, right? Deleting all your tweets can symbolize a new beginning or a shift in your life’s direction, allowing you to start anew with your online presence.

But don't feel awkward—you won't be the first one to do so. Many famous people and even company profiles have deleted some or all of their tweets. Let's take a look at some of these cases and the motivations behind them.

Why Do Celebrities Delete All Their Tweets?

Imagine you tweeted some mean things about someone you somehow got a little mad at. How many people would have seen it? 100? 1,000? Not even all your followers, I bet.

What is the new Twitter feature, View Count?
Twitter shows how many times your tweets are viewed, even without engagement.

Now imagine being a celebrity with millions of followers and doing the same thing. Yeah, the regret would probably hit harder, and so is the need to delete tweets. However, it's not even as uncommon as you might think it would be since many famous people often find themselves in the spotlight for their tweets.

The reasons can range from personal to professional, and sometimes, they are a response to the public’s reaction to their posts. Let’s delve into some specific cases to better understand this phenomenon.

Why Did Kanye West Delete All His Tweets?

Kanye West, a figure known for his controversial and influential presence on Twitter, has deleted his tweets on several occasions. While the exact reasons are often speculative, it’s believed that West uses this action as a form of protest or to distance himself from previous statements that have sparked debate or backlash. It’s also suggested that he does this to draw a line under certain periods of his life or to create a buzz around new projects.

Why Did PewDiePie Delete His Tweets?

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, has had a tumultuous relationship with Twitter. A few years ago, he criticized the platform for being a place where people can be overly negative. He has deleted his tweets to disengage from the toxicity he perceives. By removing his presence, he aims to focus on his content without the distractions and negativity that can come from social media interactions.

This is what his bios says as of 2024:

"I dont use Twitter, this account is just to prevent fake accounts."

Why Did Taylor Swift Delete Her Tweets?

Taylor Swift’s decision to delete her tweets in 2017 was part of a broader social media blackout that coincided with the launch of her album “Reputation.” This move was seen as a marketing strategy to generate intrigue and signify a transformation in her artistic persona. It created a clean slate for her new music and allowed her to control the narrative around her brand.

It may also have to do with her being "canceled by Kim Kardashian", which Taylor claimed to have stood up against two years after it happened.

Why Did Tom Hanks Delete His Tweets?

Tom Hanks is known for his positive and uplifting social media presence. And his decision was not to delete all tweets but to stop tweeting as of 2020. It may have been influenced by a desire to maintain that positivity and not contribute to the often contentious nature of online discourse. By stepping back, he preserves his reputation as a universally respected and beloved figure. Plus, he also mentioned two years later in a New York Times interview that "he has enough attention on himself".

Why Did Chrissy Teigen Delete All Tweets?

Chrissy Teigen has been open about the harassment and negativity she has faced on Twitter. Her decision to delete over 60,000 tweets was a protective measure for her family’s safety and well-being. It was also a response to the scrutiny she faced over past tweets, which led her to reassess her engagement with the platform and the impact it had on her personal life.

Some sources also claim that she has been linked to some conspiracies and has been mocked by many users because of that. Nevertheless, she deleted many of her tweets and stopped tweeting in 2023.

Why Did Michael Burry Delete All His Tweets?

Michael Burry, famous for his financial predictions, often deletes his tweets after sharing his market insights or opinions on economic matters (just like a lot of NFT influencers or crypto influencers do on Twitter). For him, this could be a way to avoid conflicts with Elon Musk, stay safe from potential legal issues with any possible investor, or prevent his comments from being misinterpreted or used against him. His deletions are possibly a precautionary measure in the volatile world of finance.

But most recently, in 2023, he deleted all his tweets and after a final tweet that says "Sell.". As of 2024, he has no tweets on his 1,4M-follower profile.

Why Did Lorde Delete All Her Tweets?

Lorde’s decision to delete her tweets and minimize her social media presence was a conscious choice to focus on her music and personal growth. She has expressed a desire to live a life that isn’t dominated by online interactions, choosing instead to share her art without the constant scrutiny of the public eye.

Why Did Apple Delete All Tweets?

Apple’s approach to Twitter is unconventional. The company has chosen not to engage in traditional tweeting, instead using its account as a billboard for announcements or events, unlike the popular belief that it's done to, so to say, wage war on Elon Musk. This strategy keeps the focus on their products and services rather than on social media engagement.

Though there are no tweets from the handle "@apple", the company still communicates on Twitter from the official Twitter accounts of its products and services such as Apple TV, App Store, etc.

Why Can’t President Delete Tweets?

The President of the United States’ tweets under the handle "@POTUS" are considered official records, which means they must be preserved under the Presidential Records Act of 1978. This law ensures that presidential communications are documented for historical and legal purposes, making it illegal for the president to delete tweets. Plus, the Presidential and Federal Records Act Amendments of 2014 specifically focuses on electronic records with regard to this question. Similarly, individuals concerned with their own record history might use Onerep to remove public records, ensuring their personal digital presence is curated to their privacy standards.

Singers, investors, company profiles, and even the Presidents... They all have their reasons to delete all or some of their tweets. But these are very well-known examples whose acts made it to the headlines of even conventional newspapers.

Other than these, there are also many journalists, corporate managers, small business owners, content creators, NGOs, and other people of influence, as well as corporate business accounts, who choose to bulk delete all or some of their tweets. How do I know this? Because I know that they use Circleboom Twitter.

Delete All Tweets - Find, Filter, and Delete Your Tweets
Looking for a tweet deleter, you can rely on? You can delete all your tweets in bulk or selectively via Circleboom’s tweet delete features!

How Do People Delete All Their Tweets? The Answer is Circleboom!

You can delete all your tweets (not just the most recent 3,200) or filter what to delete easily by using Circleboom Twitter. It lets you;

Here's a step-by-step explanation of how to get rid of your unwanted tweets.

Step #1: Log in to Circleboom Twitter and connect your account.

Step #2: Navigate to the left menu on your dashboard and click "Delete all my Tweets" under "My Tweets".

Step #3: Before proceeding, you should have your Twitter archive downloaded and ready. If you have it, then click "Start Here" and move on.

Step #4: Find and upload the file named "tweet.js" from your archive. You can simply drag and drop it.

Step #5: All your tweets (including retweets and replies) will be listed before you. On this screen, you can choose to delete all your tweets or apply the aforementioned filters of date, keyword, popularity, etc., to delete them selectively if you wish.

Step #6: When you are done, click the red button that says "Delete my Tweets". Then, another question will pop up to double-check if you are sure. When you click "Delete Tweets" again, you're all good to go.

IMPORTANT! Deleting all your tweets is a permanent action and cannot be undone. So, make sure that you pick what you really want to get rid of before starting this process!

Despite having such amazing features, Circleboom is not only a Tweet-deleter tool. It lets you conduct advanced Twitter searches, check your analytics, get insights of your followers and followings, and much more!

Final Words

The act of deleting tweets is a personal choice that can reflect dozens of reasons. Whether it’s to avoid controversy, reinvent oneself, or simply declutter one’s digital footprint, the decision to delete all tweets is a powerful statement in the age of social media. As we’ve seen, even public figures are not immune to the desire for a clean slate.

Ultimately, the reasons behind such a choice are as individual as the tweets themselves. But the solution is the same for all: Circleboom Twitter.

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