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How to grow your blockchain community on Twitter? (crypto tips for Twitter)

How to grow your blockchain community on Twitter? (crypto tips for Twitter)

. 11 min read

You can imagine how Twitter has become crucial for the digital marketing strategies that businesses are building. From lead generation to social listening, Twitter presents enormous opportunities for companies or individuals to grow their networks.

It is not only a place where people share things but also follow the latest agenda across the globe.  Speaking of the world of blockchain database systems, it is essential to stay updated for individual users, businesses, and organizations. Thus, Twitter can be one of the sources of expanding blockchain networks and knowledge.

What is a blockchain?

Blockchain is a system that records information, which makes it a shared database on a computer network. The fundamental thing that differentiates the blockchain mechanism from the other databases is that the information entered cannot be changed or distorted.

In other words, it ensures that data will be secure or precisely as original without needing a third party. As imagined, a decentralized blockchain does not present a feature to edit data in the storage.

How the enterprise blockchain database system works is also different from other systems. There are blocks with a certain capacity to hold entries that are gathered together. When these blocks are full of their capacities, they are connected to the previous ones, which generates the chain of information, namely, the blockchain.

The time when blocks have become parts of the chain is significant. The chain is chronologically made in this system.

Blockchains can be understood as record books that are not going to change. They are also called "Distributed Ledger Technology" (DLT).

The blockchain database system has been used for many data types, such as cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and contracts.

Blockchain database system and Twitter

Twitter's remarkably dynamic atmosphere allows the circulation of various ideas, sharings, and discussions on different topics. Users encounter a wide range of things such as memes, news, hashtags, polls, etc. Therefore, Twitter facilitates a space where thoughts and public awareness can emerge.

Hence, think about the importance of an area on a computer system that is constantly developing and getting popular on Twitter!

The progressive nature of the crypto industry fits in very well with the promises of Twitter. The number of monetizable daily active Twitter users is reported as 166 million. Most Twitter users are young adults who are interested in new technologies and trends.

Having people interested in your blockchain project is crucial to enhancing and expanding it. Hence, it would help if you generated as many people as you could in order to make them speak of your work. Having such a community requires having strong strategies implemented on convenient platforms.

Moreover, knowing your audience and presenting your brand voice powerfully on Twitter will advance building a blockchain community.

On Twitter, you can pull many investors, developers, and consumers for your crypto entity, decentralized blockchain platform, or project. The more your business or product becomes a solid and popular brand, the more investors will be attracted by it on Twitter.

You can utilize Twitter's tools, one of the fastest means to spread information to the global public, to make your product known to many people.

#1 Use Twitter threads

Twitter allows its users not too much space to write texts per Tweet. As a microblogging structure, texts posted on Twitter can consist of up to 280 characters.

Thus, If you want to elaborate on what you want to share, you can design the content as chain Tweets: Twitter threads.  

The blockchain world is constantly expanding and evolving its features. Telling the audience novel things about the sector or your project would require more characters than a Tweet can contain. Therefore, you can present and use your Twitter profile as a space that people want to visit to learn about cryptosystems.

Use Twitter threads to educate people about blockchain technology.

To do things easier, you can schedule Twitter threads with Circleboom Publish. You can also save your threads as drafts on Circleboom to continue working on them later. This will save you time and energy to search more on blockchain technology. For more details, you can read this article:

How to schedule threads on Twitter: Guide for 2022
Circleboom Publish provides users with an excellent Twitter thread creator and scheduler feature. Thanks to it, you can schedule threads on Twitter without any difficulties. Plus, you can create more than 25 individual tweets for your threads on Circleboom.

#2 Make announcements

Nowadays, most people want to follow the latest news and reports via Twitter.

Do not forget to post updated news and information about your business, sector, or relevant areas. Announcing what is going on about your business and sharing informative reports will boost the familiarity between the audience and your business or sector.

Making announcements on Twitter draws attention.

#3 Use polls and organize Q&A sessions

Posting Twitter polls is a way to contact the audience. You can learn which people are inclined to what and what they prefer.

In return, people can contribute to the actions your business would take, and your business can get insights into what is interested in by target groups. Also, voting in a Twitter poll is very fun and exciting.

The blockchain world is not something people have been accustomed to for a long time. People want to understand the system and mechanisms as well as how your brand acts on them. For this reason, organizing question and answer sessions is another way to communicate with the people and grow your company's or project's blockchain community on Twitter.

Therefore, welcoming questions from people interested in your brand or project and answering them is highly significant to advertise your business and clarify things.

#4 Know your network better and be aware of their interests on Twitter

If you want to enlarge your blockchain community on Twitter, you need to use your profile professionally. Keeping an eye on your network is one of the aspects of using Twitter effectively. If you want to enlarge your blockchain community on Twitter, you need to use your profile professionally. Hence, analyzing data on your followers and friends is as vital as expanding the audience to build robust digital strategies.

Circleboom Twitter can help you to investigate and expand your network on Twitter. You can find the Search, the Circle, and User Analytics tools remarkably helpful.

How to use Circleboom Twitter to augment your blockchain community on Twitter?

As mentioned, increasing the number of people in your blockchain community is not the only important thing. In addition to growth in quantity, understanding and analyzing the audience on Twitter should not be overlooked.

Circleboom Twitter

Use Circleboom's various features to grow your blockchain community on Twitter.


Hence, using Circleboom's Twitter management tools would make an enormous difference in your project's or brand's performance.  You can see the instruction below.

Step #1: Log in to your Circleboom Twitter account.

Enter your email address and password. Then, click on "Login".

Circleboom Twitter

Step #2: If you want to search who follows you, who you do not follow back, followers/friends of specific Twitter accounts, or potential followers, you can find the Search tool in the sidebar leftward.

Then, choose which feature you want to use!

There are sub-sections such as All My Followers, Needs Attention, Account Search, Smart Search, Live Search, and Blacklist.

Search menu is in the left-menu.
"Search" on the left-hand menu.

For instance, you have a blockchain project and want to see the network of Twitter accounts that are also related to the blockchain communities. You may want to see followers and friends of these Twitter accounts to enlarge yours.

Thanks to Circleboom Twitter's iOS app, you can use all these features on your mobile devices.

Circleboom Twitter iOS App

Step #3: After finding the Search tool, you can click on the "Account Search".

You can browse the Twitter account you want to look at its connections. You can click on either friends or followers parts to search for them.

Display Friends and Display Followers.
Search someone's Twitter followers with Circleboom.

For example, if you want to see the list of accounts that the @DocumentingBTC account follows, you enter this word on the search bar.

Followers of a Twitter account
Twitter followers listed by Circleboom Twitter

You can find a video instruction below.

Moreover, you can reach the graphs and figures of your connections as well as the characteristics of your followers or friends. Or, you may want to look at which keywords your network use.

Step #2: You can find the Circle tool in the sidebar after logging in.

Under the Circle tool, you can click on the particular section you want to navigate.

Circleboom's The Circle menu on the left.
Get insights into your Twitter circle.

Step #3: You might want to sort accounts and detect the fake/ spam ones. Firstly, you need to find fake/spam accounts to remove them.

You can click on the Fake/ Spam sub-section.

Circleboom will list all fake friends on your Twitter.
Found 1 fake account among the friends.

You can watch a video instruction.

Step #2: If you need to analyze data of your connection on Twitter, you can visit the "User Analytics" tool.

Here, you can find gender, language, and location aspects in addition to the information on the growth of the network throughout time.

Moreover, another section can be beneficial for your business' Twitter actions. You can post Tweets more efficiently by using "Best Time to Tweet".

You can find the User Analytics tool in the sidebar.
You can find the User Analytics tool in the sidebar.

Step #3: After clicking on the User Analytics part in the sidebar, you can go to the "Follower Characteristics" to reach data on your followers.

Analyzing your followers' characteristics can make your strategies stronger.

You can see the figure of follower characteristics.
You can see the figure of follower characteristics.

You can watch a video if you need help.

Step #4: If you need to learn which words your connections use mostly, you can click on the "Interest Cloud".

This feature can make your blockchain business strategies goal-specific. Hence, you do not spend time and energy on topics your network is not interested in.

Find what your Twitter friends and followers are tweeting about.
Circleboom's Twitter Interest targeting

There is a video instruction below.

Twitter accounts to follow for blockchain

Following other communities is another great way to build a Twitter blockchain audience. So, you need to know who are the top Twitter accounts on blockchain and crypto topics. Don't worry! We have a prepared list, and you can steal it here:

Cryptocurrency on Twitter: 12 Top crypto Twitter accounts to follow
We will explain how to find and follow best crypto Twitter accounts in this article and share some of these crypto Twitter accounts to follow.

The best practice for following these blockchain Twitter accounts is to create Twitter lists. You won't miss tweets from these accounts in your Twitter feed by following them on Twitter lists.

Circleboom provides a great Twitter List Manager to create and manage your Twitter lists easily and effectively. You can add people to Twitter lists in bulk and save time. For more details, you can check our article,

How to add people to Twitter lists in bulk
A single Twitter user can create up to 1,000 Lists, each of which can contain up to 5,000 accounts. So, you can have your special Twitter timeline by adding accounts you want to your Twitter lists in bulk.

To Conclude

Twitter and the blockchain systems have a mutually supportive relationship. As a microblogging space, Twitter facilitates a huge occasion to reach people and listen to them. The speed of these two is also highly compatible with each other. When a Tweet is posted, it gets involved in a fast circulation by sharing, retweeting, quoting tweets, etc. The blockchain world is also continually evolving.

Therefore, if a blockchain project aims to grow its community, Twitter is a reasonably useful platform. Improving this community requires knowing the ways to increase brand awareness, the ability to be updated, and strong communication with people. Circleboom Twitter's management tools are helpful for these goals by not only helping to enlarge the number of connections but also advancing the quality of these connections on Twitter.

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