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Twitter Algorithm Code is Open Now! Let's Dive Into How Tweets Are Ranked!

. 6 min read
The World Wide Web is like a broken water main, but instead of water, it's spewing information every which way - Stephen King (If It Bleeds)

King has put it right. Nowadays, you can find everything on the internet including how tweets are ranked!

Twitter released its code to GitHub and this open-source algorithm shows us the parameters for determining which tweets to feature.

It explains how Twitter ranks and filters tweets to feature in the "For You" timeline. The recommendation pipeline is made up of three main stages:

  • Initially, it collects the most exceptional tweets from diverse recommendation sources.
  • Afterwards, it utilizes a machine learning model to assign a ranking to those tweets.
  • Finally, before displaying them on your timeline, it removes tweets from individuals you've blocked, tweets that you've previously viewed, or tweets that may not be suitable for the workplace.

This is fantastic! But still, there is something that needs further explanation to make all this sense. What is this machine learning model?

Which parameters does Twitter's algorithm utilize for ranking your tweets? This is crucial! A higher ranking means higher engagement on Twitter! If you don't know and implement them, your tweets won't rank high on Twitter.

This is that important!

How will you know these tricks? If you dive deeper into this open-source Twitter code, you will find it! You need to be real close to this broken water pipeline as King put it.

Or, just keep reading our article to find out tips and tricks to rank your tweets higher than ever! This is so simple!

How are your tweets ranked? What should we know?

There are some factors that have a huge impact on the ranking of your tweets. Here they are:

#1 Like count

#2 Retweet count

#3 Follower - Following ratio

#4 Be careful what to post

#5 Verified accounts are boosted

#6 Outside links

#7 Keep your hashtags limited

#1 Like Count

Likes that your tweets receive have the biggest impact on their ranking.

One like is equal to 30 replies.

So, focus on generating tweets that people will like!

How would you manage that? It would be amazing if you knew what your followers like on Twitter, right?

Actually, it is possible!

Interest Targeting feature on Circleboom shows you topics that your followers are interested in! This means that you can create posts accordingly and increase the chances for likes!

Knowing when to post is as important as what to post! The "Best Time to Tweet" feature on Circleboom enables you to see when your Twitter audience is most active!


So, you would like to keep only your liked tweets in your profile and delete the rest!

On Circleboom, you can sort your tweets by like count and delete your tweets with no likes!

#2 Retweet Count

Retweets that your tweets have are another boosting factor for your Twitter posts. More retweets mean that your tweet will rank higher!

One retweet is equal to 20 replies.

Twitter algorithm

You can again use Circleboom's features to generate tweets that target the right audience, with the right content, at the right time!

To make crafting tweets easier, Circleboom has an amazing tool:

You can auto-generate tweets with ChatGPT integration on Circleboom and add extras like emojis, hashtags, grammar fixes, etc. automatically.

You can find and add relevant hashtags with Twitter Hashtag Generator.

Similar to likes, retweets are another engagement sign. If you want to only keep your engaged tweets, and remove the rest, this is only possible with Circleboom if you want to do it safely!

You can filter your tweets with retweet count and delete all tweets that haven't been retweeted!

#3 Follower - Following Ratio

Having close followers and following numbers is ideal on social media.

But, if you follow way more than following you or vice versa, there is a problem!

They could be the reason why your following-follower ratio is so distorted.

I bought fake Twitter and Instagram followers! How can I remove them all?
You’ve ever made a mistake and bought fake followers? Now, don’t know how to get rid of them? You’re in the right place to find out how to remove fake followers from your Twitter and Instagram accounts.

If this is the case, your tweets will be prioritized and won't rank higher!

To prevent this, you can remove fake followers on Twitter!  Thanks to Circleboom, you can detect:

  • inactive,
  • overactive,
  • fake,
  • bot,
  • spam,
  • egghead (no profile pic),
  • and verified accounts and remove them in bulk!
Mass unfollowing is labeled as a bot activity. That's why Circleboom does it in a while to protect your account from being spotted!

You can also do it on your mobile devices with Circleboom's iOS app.

Circleboom Twitter iOS App

That's why, you should be careful and selective about who to follow on Twitter. Following people without a strategy could harm your follower - following ratio and your reputation.

"Smart Search" feature on Circleboom makes it possible to conduct an advanced account search and find related, worth-following accounts.

You can make your searches by keywords and hashtags and apply filters like location, language, follower - following count, join date, etc. You will really follow people who will be beneficial for your Twitter strategy.

Smart Search

#4 Be careful what to post!

Twitter has blacklisted some topics.  We don't know them. They are in the Twitter database, not found in the algorithm.

If your tweets have references to these blacklisted topics, your profile and tweets won't be ranked high!

Therefore, we advise you to avoid posting offensive content on Twitter. This way, you will decrease the chance that your content is among these blacklisted ones!

#5 Verified accounts are boosted!

Twitter wants you to spend money!

Verified Twitter accounts get a total boost from the algorithm.

To verify your account, you should subscribe to Twitter Blue and fulfill some requirements.

How to verify your Twitter account: Guide for 2023
Twitter verification is open to the public. You can verify your Twitter account easily by following the necessary steps if your account meets the criteria.

You can list your verified followers easily and quickly with Circleboom!

News and media links help your tweets be boosted. But, links that are other than news and media will de-prioritize your tweets.

#7 Keep your hashtags limited!

If you tend to use as many hashtags as you can, don't do this!

Not just for Twitter! All social media channel algorithms favor 3-5 hashtags per post.

So, what becomes more important is how you choose your hashtags!

Be selective! You should choose the most relevant ones that have the highest traffic!

It is a job in itself! To make it easy, you can use Circleboom's Twitter Hashtag Generator!

Find relevant, popular hashtags for your tweets easily and quickly!

Twitter Hashtag Generator

Find relevant and popular hashtags for your tweets quickly and easily!


Level your Twitter strategy up and boost your tweets with these 7 tips and tricks!

Wrapping Up

Twitter algorithm ( not all but some important parts ) are accessible now. From there, we can find valuable clues about how our tweets are ranked!

In this article, I tried to create a guide on what to pay attention to if you want to have a successful Twitter strategy and your tweets be ranked higher!

Through your Twitter journey, Circleboom can help you with its amazing features and tools, at affordable prices. Worth checking it!

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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