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Everything you need to know about using hashtags on LinkedIn

. 10 min read

Hashtags are everywhere in the online world. They’ve become so popular that the word “hashtag” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014. There are no social media that hasn’t caught up on the hashtag trend. You can see hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even on LinkedIn!

Why should you use hashtags on LinkedIn? Hashtags are great for boosting the visibility of your content. Adding relevant hashtags to your content will make it much easier to find.

Image Source: LinkedIn Hashtag Best Practices Guide

So how can you use hashtags on LinkedIn? Let’s jump in!

Hashtags on LinkedIn: What to know

Using a hashtag on LinkedIn is very similar to using a hashtag on other social media platforms. All you have to do is type a word, a phrase, a number or an emoji after the hashtag symbol. #EasyPeasy, right?

Hashtags started to appear on LinkedIn in 2018. LinkedIn hashtags are a little different than your regular hashtags on Twitter or Instagram. While the #officeoutfit hashtag might be the perfect caption to a photo of you in that snappy suit on the ‘Gram, LinkedIn hashtags are a little more professional. Think like #personaldevelopment or #productivity.

How to add hashtags on LinkedIn

You can use hashtags on LinkedIn:

  • In your posts. These are also known as “Updates”.
  • In your articles.
  • On your company page.
Use hashtags on LinkedIn company pages.
Image Source: LinkedIn Hashtag Best Practices Guide

So let's find out how to add hashtags to your LinkedIn posts.

Adding hashtags to your LinkedIn posts (Updates)

You can add hashtags to your LinkedIn posts in just a few steps.

#1: Head over to the LinkedIn home page where you'll find the Share a post section.

Image Source: LinkedIn 

#2: Type your content.

Create LinkedIn content with hashtags.
Image Source: LinkedIn

#3: Add your hashtags. Below the What do you want to talk about? field, you'll find the Add hashtag option. LinkedIn will suggest recommended hashtags as you add yours.

If you want to learn more about how to create a good post on LinkedIn, check out our guide What to post on LinkedIn: Best Examples and Practices.

What to post on LinkedIn: Best Examples and Practices
If you follow the right steps we’ve listed on what to post on Linkedin, you will enhance your LinkedIn engagement.

Adding hashtags to your LinkedIn articles

Adding hashtags to your LinkedIn articles is as simple as adding hashtags to your LinkedIn posts. Let's look at the steps you should follow.

#1: Click on Write article on the homepage.

Image Source: LinkedIn 

#2: Once you're done editing your article, click on Publish in the top right of the page. This will prompt a pop-up window.

#3: In the pop-up window, you'll have the option to include hashtags in your article. These hashtags will appear in the commentary section above the article.

Add hashtags to your LinkedIn posts.
Image Source: LinkedIn
Pro Tip: Select Make my public profile visible to everyone in your public profile settings. This way, LinkedIn members searching for the hashtags in your article will be able to find your article. 
Make your LinkedIn Profile great: Superb tips & LinkedIn profile examples
Catch our LinkedIn profile tips to create a good LinkedIn profile and gathered various LinkedIn profile examples to get inspired.

Adding hashtags to your company page

You can add hashtags to your company page but they don't function as searchable keywords. You can add up to 3 hashtags to your company page in the Edit section.

Do's and don'ts of using hashtags on LinkedIn

There are a couple cardinal rules that you should follow while using hashtags on LinkedIn. Let's go over them quickly.

  • DON’T use spaces between words #LikeThis
  • DO capitalize each word #ReadabilityMatters
  • DON’T use special characters
  • DON’T use punctuation marks
  • DO check your spelling DON’T hashtag every word

You can learn more about hashtag etiquette on LinkedIn here.

Q-A: What are the 5 top LinkedIn hashtags in 2022 so far? (Toggle down for the answers)






Learn more here.

How many hashtags should I add?

LinkedIn's answer to this question is 3 hashtags. On LinkedIn, three's never a crowd.

Going overboard with your hashtag use can make your content look spammy. It can also distract from the message you want to share.

Image Source: LinkedIn 

How to choose hashtags

It might be a little bit tricky to find the best hashtags to use on LinkedIn. There's a balance you should aim to find between broad and niche hashtags according to LinkedIn.

Don't overdo it: Recommend using no more than 3 hashtags per post, and leverage both broad and niche hashtags for increased exposure (e.g. #marketing vs. #TED2019)

So why should you use both broad and niche hashtags?

Broad hashtags enhance your exposure on LinkedIn. The only downside is that there's more content in the feed of broad hashtags, so your post or article will disappear in the feed more quickly.

Niche hashtags have less competition in the feed which means that your post or article will appear longer.

You can also create personal hashtags to increase the visibility of your personal brand.

Let's check out an example below to see what I mean.

Image Source: LinkedIn 

The hashtags in Adam Posner's post have the perfect balance between broad and niche hashtags. There's also the personal hashtag #thePOZcast which promotes Adam's brand.

How to follow and search for hashtags on LinkedIn

It's always a good idea to follow hashtags relevant to your business to broaden your horizon. When you follow a hashtag on LinkedIn, content that includes that hashtag will start appearing in your feed.

There are multiple ways you can find hashtags to follow on LinkedIn. Let's take a quick look at some of them.

#1: Use the good old search bar. If you click on the hashtag, LinkedIn will take you to that hashtag's feed where you'll see content that includes it. If you click on Follow, content with that hashtag will start appearing in your feed.

Image Source: LinkedIn 
Pro Tip: See how LinkedIn shows you the number of followers that hashtag has? Before you add a hashtag to your LinkedIn post or article, you can use the search bar to see how popular the hashtag you want to use is. 

#2: If you see a hashtag that you want to follow in your feed, just click on it. Then click on the Follow button at the top of the page.

#3: Go to Followed Hashtags on your LinkedIn homepage and click Discover more. You will see a list of recommended hashtags related to the hashtags you follow.

If you want to learn more about finding relevant hashtags to follow and managing your followed hashtags, click here. Additionally, you can find out how to use LinkedIn hashtags for marketing purposes and grow your clients for your businesses. All you need is reading our detailed guide here:

Grow your clients: How to use hashtags on LinkedIn
LinkedIn hashtags are one of these marketing tools to increase their visibility. You can gain more visibility if you know how to use hashtags on LinkedIn.

More tips for using hashtags on LinkedIn

#1 Make sure your content shines. Hashtags are complementary to the content you post on LinkedIn, so you should make sure your posts and articles are #quality. Let's say a LinkedIn member is browsing through the feed of one of the hashtag's you've used. If your content is good, it's much more likely to grab the attention of that LinkedIn member going through the hashtag feed.

You can use Circleboom Publish to design, post, and schedule your LinkedIn posts. Circleboom Publish has the LinkedIn Post Design feature which will take your LinkedIn posts to the next level. It has ready-made post templates that will save you a lot of time while designing your post. You can also use Unsplash, Giphy and Canva to add the best visuals to your post.

Circleboom Publish has an intuitive dashboard that has the best features for LinkedIn.

#2 Create hashtags for your personal brand or your company. Creating your hashtags is a great idea to attract attention to your personal brand or your company. Make sure to use your custom hashtags consistently and follow the Do's and Don'ts of LinkedIn hashtags.

#3 Check out the feeds of hashtags you're interested in. See which posts are trending. You can get inspiration for your own posts. You can engage with other LinkedIn members to boost your visibility. Just remember that the hashtags in comments don't work.

#4 Analyze your successful posts. Which hashtags did you use in those posts? Analyzing your successful posts will give you ideas about which hashtags to use next.

#5 Identify common themes. What seem to be the recurring themes in your posts? When you identify them, you can break them down into keywords. This will make it easier to come up with hashtags to use.

On Circleboom, it is possible to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts for both LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn company pages. So, you can add your profiles and pages to manage them all in one, simple dashboard!

Manage Multiple LinkedIn Accounts | Post to Multiple LinkedIn Accounts
Managing multiple LinkedIn accounts? Yes, you heard it just right! Circleboom Publish lets you manage multiple LinkedIn accounts in one place!

Let's look at some popular LinkedIn hashtags to give you an idea. This is a list of trending hashtags on LinkedIn in 2022:

  1. #Networking
  2. #Workfromhome
  3. #Homeoffice
  4. #workingathome
  5. #Life
  6. #Entrepreneurship
  7. #Work
  8. #Success
  9. #mentorship
  10. #Creativity
  11. #Inspiration
  12. #Mobileapplications
  13. #Healthcare
  14. #entrepreneur
  15. #Mondaymotivation
  16. #careers
  17. #future
  18. #innovation
  19. #management
  20. #humanresources
  21. #digitalmarketing
  22. #technology
  23. #economics
  24. #india
  25. #leadership
  26. #personaldevelopment
  27. #branding
  28. #marketing
  29. #socialmedia
  30. #jobinterviews
  31. #futurism
  32. #bestadvice
  33. #socialnetworking
  34. #whatinspiresme
  35. #markets
  36. #startups
  37. #venturecapital
  38. #leanstartups
  39. #advertisingandmarketing
  40. #motivation
  41. #investing
  42. #bankingindustry
  43. #personalbranding
  44. #education
  45. #productivity

Top LinkedIn Hashtags with the most followers

Here's a list of top LinkedIn hashtags with the most followers.

  1. #india — 68M
  2. #innovation — 39M
  3. #management — 36.2M
  4. #humanresources — 33.4M
  5. #digitalmarketing — 27.5M
  6. #technology — 26.4M
  7. #creativity — 25M
  8. #future — 24.7M
  9. #futurism — 23.7M
  10. #entrepreneurship — 23M
  11. #careers — 22.4M
  12. #markets — 22M
  13. #startups — 21.4M
  14. #marketing — 20.3M
  15. #socialmedia — 19.8M
  16. #venturecapital — 19.4M
  17. #leanstartups — 19.1M
  18. #economy — 19M
  19. #socialnetworking — 19M
  20. #economics — 18.2M
  21. #branding -18.1M
  22. #advertisingandmarketing — 17.3M
  23. #motivation — 15.5M
  24. #personaldevelopment — 14.8M
  25. #investing — 14.5M
  26. #jobinterviews — 14.5M
  27. #money — 14.2M
  28. #bankingindustry — 14M
  29. #sustainability — 13.3M
  30. #alternativeenergy — 13M
  31. #personalbranding — 10.5M
  32. #hiringandpromotion — 10.1M
  33. #healthcare — 9.7M
  34. #education — 9.6M
  35. #customerrelations — 9M
  36. #productivity — 8.5M
  37. #whatinspiresme — 8.1M
  38. #bestadvice — 7.7M
  39. #bigdata — 7M
  40. #travel — 7M
  41. #gettingthingsdone — 7M
  42. #businessintelligence — 7M
  43. #softwareengineering — 6.6M
  44. #programing — 6.6M
  45. #analytics — 6M
  46. #softwaredesign — 6M
  47. #datamining — 6M
  48. #data — 6M
  49. #socialentrepreneurs — 5.9M
  50. #sales — 5.8M
  51. #fundraising — 5.8M
  52. #law — 5.5M
  53. #lawandlegislation — 5.5M
  54. #legalissues — 5.3M
  55. #strategy — 5.1M
  56. #projectmanagement — 5M
  57. #culture — 4.7M
  58. #userexperience — 4.7M
  59. #fashion — 4.2M
  60. #cloudcomputing — 4M
  61. #mobileapplications — 4M
  62. #consultants — 4M
  63. #productmanagement — 3.6M
  64. #business — 3.6M
  65. #networking — 3.5M
  66. #leadership — 2.8M
  67. #artificialintelligence — 2.4M
  68. #hiring — 2.1M
  69. #health — 1.9M
  70. #engineering — 1.8M
  71. #mindfulness — 1.7M
  72. #jobsearch — 1.5M
  73. #jobseekers — 1.3M
  74. #africa — 1.15M
  75. #deeplearning — 855k
  76. #hr — 810k
  77. #smallbusiness — 800k
  78. #workingathome — 800k
  79. #recruiting — 785k
  80. #inspiration — 760k
  81. #job — 742k
  82. #datascience — 725k
  83. #contentmarketing — 640k
  84. #research — 592,000
  85. #success — 540k
  86. #ai — 500k
  87. #storytelling — 486k
  88. #computerscience — 485k
  89. #python — 450k
  90. #entrepreneur — 510K
  91. #fintech — 435k
  92. #onlineadvertising — 400k
  93. #selfhelp — 300k
  94. #neuralnetworks — 296k
  95. #partnerships — 260k
  96. #jobopening — 340k
  97. #cloud — 270k
  98. #homeoffice — 146k
  99. #openings — 178k
  100. #automation — 141k

What is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

It's business hours from Tuesday to Thursday. Learn more here.

Can you post multiple photos on LinkedIn?

Yes, it is possible to share multiple photos on LinkedIn.

What are the best tips for an effective LinkedIn marketing?

#1 Make your company page perfect.

#2 Post content regularly.

#3 Create rich visuals and videos.

Learn more.

Final Words

Even the professional world of LinkedIn has caught up on the hashtag trend of social media. Using hashtags on LinkedIn is a #GreatIdea for boosting your visibility and growing your audience. That's not to say that your content matters the most. Think of your content as the lead singer and hashtags as your backup vocals.

It's always a good idea to get a little help while creating content on LinkedIn. Circleboom Publish helps you with making your LinkedIn posts shine. If you make sure your content is well-crafted, you can trust hashtags to take it from there.

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