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What is Twitter's DM limit, and how to deal with it?

. 7 min read

Twitter has many restrictions in place to ensure a positive and sustainable user experience. One of these limitations is the Twitter DM limit, which helps prevent spam messages, harassment of bot accounts, and abuse while maintaining the integrity of the platform.

However, the DM limit on Twitter also has a significant impact on how users interact, especially for businesses and influencers who heavily rely on DMs for communication. That's why we'll try to dig a bit deeper into this limit, starting from the very basics and also telling you how Circleboom can serve as an advanced tool to deal with this limit.

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Is there a DM limit on Twitter?

It is actually quite understandable for someone to ask this question, as there are many people out there who aren't aware of this limit. But if you are trying to form business connections or seeking influencer collaborations on Twitter, you might have stumbled upon this.

But if not, let's highlight again: Indeed, there is a DM limit on Twitter. In fact, there exists more than one Twitter DM limit. One is a Twitter DM character limit, and the other is about how often you can send Twitter DMs.

#1 Twitter DM character limit

Twitter DMs can be up to 10,000 characters, or, if you assume the average length of a word to be 5 characters, you can say that it's around 2,000 words (for English). This is actually a generous limit compared to Twitter’s 280-character limit for tweets, which makes many users post their thoughts as Twitter threads.

This high limit allows users to have more detailed and extensive private conversations on the platform. So, instead of having to split a long text into multiple messages, you can send it all at once in a DM. This makes DMs a great tool for sharing detailed information, lengthy explanations, or complex ideas. It seems like you can even type a whole article as a DM, but I'd still recommend you post them on Twitter with the help of Circleboom's article curation feature. 🙂.

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#2 Twitter daily DM limit

The daily DM limit for Twitter, according to the official Twitter help page, is 500 messages. However, some users have reported on Reddit and even on Twitter itself that the actual limit is lower, around 100 messages per day.

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It’s important to note that this limit applies to the total number of DMs sent, not the number of conversations. So, if you send multiple DMs to the same person, each message counts towards your daily limit.

#3 Twitter Blue DM limit

We all know that Twitter Blue, or with its new name, X Premium, offers certain benefits to its subscribers. However, there is no specific information available about whether verified subscribers have a different DM limit. In fact, the complaints of users indicate that the DM limit is lower for non-verified users, but I guess it's safe to say that it is still 500 messages per day for verified ones.

It’s also worth noting that Twitter has recently announced that it will soon limit the number of daily DMs that unverified users can send. Considering the complaints coming from various users, it seems that this change is a tactic of you-know-who to "encourage" more users to purchase Premium.

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#4 Twitter DM limit per hour

While Twitter has not explicitly stated an hourly DM limit, we can basically take an hourly average based on the daily limit. So, on average, Twitter's DM limit per hour comes down to around 20 messages if the daily limit is taken as 500 (or 4 per hour if the daily limit is 100).

Watch out! This is just my personal calculation to give you an average as an answer to this question. You can still send a larger number of DMs in a short period. Just remember that you might hit your limit faster while doing so.

When does the Twitter DM limit reset?

Twitter’s DM limit, as the name indicates, resets after a 24-hour period. If you reach your DM limit, Twitter notifies you with an error message and you’ll need to wait until the 24-hour period has elapsed before you can send more DMs.

The reset time is based on when you started sending DMs, not a set time of day. So, if you start sending DMs at 5 PM and hit your limit at 7 PM, your DM limit will start resetting around 5 PM the next day and you will have your full allotment back by 7 PM.

How to bypass the Twitter DM limit!

One does not simply violate Twitter's policies and keep on tweeting without a shadowban, if not total suspension. It's simple, you need to play by the rules. So for your account's sake, my personal recommendation would be not to rely on any app or anything else that boasts of violating any Twitter rules, including bypassing DM limits.

So not a way of bypassing Twitter DM limits, but I have some soft tricks for you to utilize more Twitter DMs in a better fashion.

  • Have multiple accounts: Out of daily DMs? Keep on using your other account. Sounds like a straightforward solution, right? But use these accounts carefully, as Twitter may ban duplicate accounts if they are found to be violating the platform's policies.
  • Subscribe to X Premium: Verifying your Twitter account may apparently help you DM with extended limits. Or at least it seems like it will be useful for the future, if not today.
  • Contact Twitter support: If you are experiencing issues with Twitter's DM limit, you can contact Twitter support for assistance. They may be able to provide guidance or resolve any underlying issues.

Not very to the point, are they? So if you think you do not have enough DMs for a day, you need to be careful when and who to DM. Because you get to reach only so many people a day. So I recommend you use Circleboom Twitter. Below is how it can help you.

How can Circlebom help me deal with Twitter DM limits?

Circleboom Twitter is actually a comprehensive Twitter management tool that offers you many features, all the way from bulk tweet deletion to account export. While Circleboom does not directly affect the Twitter DM limit, it can help you find who and what to DM so that you increase the effectiveness of your Twitter DMs and shoot your bullets more accurately.

You can use Circleboom’s "best times to tweet" feature to see when your audience is most active. Simply check your user analytics provided by Circleboom, and voila! You'll know when to send your DMs to maximize engagement.

Circleboom also shows you fake/bot accounts and inactives. So you'll know who not to DM without being deceived by high follower numbers, and use your limited DMs more effectively.

Trying to reach out to your competitors' clients or partners? You can easily see the followers and followings of any Twitter account and find new peers to contact.

Moreover, Circleboom’s smart search tool can help you find new peers to connect with, expanding your network and making your DMs more effective. Let's say you are looking for NFT influencers on Twitter. Simply type in NFT to the smart search bar of Circleboom and see the magic happen. Circleboom's advanced search looks for particular words or phrases in Twitter bios and profiles. So you can easily search for hashtags and keywords among millions of Twitter profiles and find the accounts interested in a particular niche.

Plus, you can use many advanced filter options based on follower count, activity level, account verification, join date, and many more. You will basically have all the power to find any Twitter influencers, top Twitter users, or niche accounts based on their interests and account qualities.

If you would like to reach out to influencers within your network, Circleboom can serve you as an influencer marketing tool also.

You can see your influencer followers and friends with a simple click on Circleboom's dashboard.

All these that let you make the most of your limited Twitter DMs, plus many other features, are offered to you by Circleboom Twitter.

Final Words

Understanding the Twitter DM limit is crucial for anyone who uses Twitter for business or personal communication. While these limits can sometimes be restrictive, they are in place to ensure the platform’s reliability and reduce spam. By being aware of these limits and knowing how to work within them, you can make the most of your Twitter experience.

Remember, the key to successful communication on Twitter, as with any social media platform, is not just about quantity, but also about the quality of your interactions. And Circleboom is always here to help you increase that!

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Passionate about the latest trends and developments in the digital world, all the way from social media marketing to cybersecurity, and enjoys sharing his insights and tips.

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