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Weather the storm: How to survive COVID-19 Pandemic via Twitter marketing

. 5 min read

How can we survive the COVID-19 pandemic at the home stretch? Let's find out together!

We have lived through a new reality since the beginning of 2020 because of the ongoing circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak. Thanks to breaking developments on COVID-19 vaccines, we are about the see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, the pandemic is still going on, and at these times, well-planned marketing strategies are needed for all of us. Herein, Twitter plays a significant role in crisis management. Moreover, it can be a lifesaver ground for sustaining communication with your target audience and broader environment at times like this.

I will be arraying some life-saving Twitter strategies below, but before beginning, let me explain something. Those steps shouldn't be regarded as an opportunity but just specialized surviving tactics for brands and influencers.

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Reconfigure your Mindset Regarding the Time

Although it can be useful to follow how other brands act, it is not the time to adapt their strategies literally. On the contrary, it is a much better idea to think about some unique marketing strategies regarding the present dynamics affect your audience's life.

Within this context, you should be looking forward answer for such questions; which approach and content can touch their expectations? Briefly, it would be best if you gained a positive attitude to consider your audience's possible needs and interests. Here, you can look at Follower Interest Cloud, which presents unique infographics based on your audience's interest.

Trace Changes in the Audience Behaviors

We are living in the bulk of extraordinary circumstances for a while. Everything these days are quite variable. Because people are asked to take themselves in self-isolation or stay home, changes in human behaviors eventually become inevitable in such an atmosphere.

Hence, you understand better the people in a broader framework in these times, which can be quite changeable. You have to follow your audience's interest closely; you can appeal to Circleboom's Friends & Follower Characteristics feature.

Keep yourself up to date with Twitter Lists and Following Twitter Hashtags

You should create quality Twitter Lists with prestigious news organizations regarding COVID-19, and you check it regularly to keep yourself up to date. If you would like to share it with your follower, it would also be a friendly act to sustain communication with your audience. For creating quality Twitter Lists, Circleboom presents a super useful Twitter List Feature. Here you can specify your search on Twitter to easily create your Twitter Lists.

How to Use Twitter Lists More Effectively
Via Twitter lists, you can categorize your followers and avoid wasting time weeding out their tweets as well as not missing significant tweets. You can create Twitter lists in bulk eith Circleboom.

Following hot pipping Twitter hashtags may be the most important one in outbreak times. The primary meaning of hashtags is creating conversation topics for people to make them interact. Especially these days, the importance of following hashtags is literally boomed.

So, to plan an incisive strategy to sustain your communication with your target audience and gain new followers following and engaging in Twitter hashtags are crucial. I should admit that keeping up-to-date every time can be quite tiring and but thanks to Circleboom's Smart Search, you can perform spot-on searches to keep up your audience all the time.

How to perform Twitter hashtag search to find Twitter accounts
In this article, we will understand the benefits of searching Twitter accounts using hashtags and the method to do so.

Be Unique

To be honest, that's not the time to seek for-profit acts. At times like this, you should be looking for authentic engagement with the audience for confidence building through openness.

How? You may want to consider various multimedia tools on Twitter. Graphic content, like images and videos, is a simple method to convey many messages concisely and attractively. That method also triggers people to your platform. To create quality content, you may consider downloading some Twitter videos. It is quite easy and free with Circleboom's Twitter Video Downloader.

Delete All My Tweets with Circleboom - Find and delete your tweets and replies
Use power search to find specific tweets and replies of yours and delete them. You can delete your tweets and replies one by one or delete tweets all at once.

Wrapping Up

We all know that these days will pass eventually, and we can weather the storm. Anyway, it seems there is still time for that, and during that time, we must act cleverly to survive the COVID-19 pandemic both physically and economically.

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