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4 Major Twitter Updates of 2019 that are Worth Knowing

. 4 min read

Twitter spends a lot of time enhancing the platform and making it better for its users. 2019 has seen some major Twitter updates that have changed the Twitter experience for all Twitter users.

From basic algorithmic tweaks to introducing new features, Twitter has done a lot.

The Twitter updates have been received well by most of its users while some users are still expecting new features that aren’t being worked upon.

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Twitter updates 2019

Let’s have a look at the top updates Twitter has introduced this year and how it affects our Twitter experience:

A Shiny New Twitter for Desktops

Twitter revamped its site this year to give you a new Twitter experience on desktops. The new Twitter with much better features and functionalities. Some of the major updates made are:

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Explore page:

Twitter added an Explore page that gives you more personalized content as per your choices. There’s more video content, local moments, and top trends that makes Twitter more interesting for you.

Bookmarks and Lists:

To make navigation easier on Twitter, the updated Twitter has your profile, bookmarks, and lists on the left menu. The old version of Twitter had trends on the left, and messages, notifications at the top. The new version has your messages and notifications on the left with other features like navigation and lists.

Better Dark Mode:

The new Twitter has two dark modes letting you switch between the darker version that suits your eyes. There are different themes and color options as well to make your Twitter prettier.

More Control over Conversations:

In another Twitter update, Twitter now lets users hide replies to their tweets in the safest way possible without offending anyone and still doing the job. You can hide replies to the tweets that you think are irrelevant, unintelligible, or abusive. The hidden replies can be seen in a click if someone’s interested.

Twitter is also planning to make some major changes in how conversations happen on Twitter. The new features are currently being tested on their prototype app Twittr. Learn more about the updated conversations here.

Improved Search Results:

Twitter has been working on its search tools to better highlight the Twitter network, latest trends, and more. Hence, with the new Twitter search, when you search on Twitter, you can see tweets for that account/keyword in the last hour. It also shows the accounts following the searched Twitter accounts.

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Better Support:

With a consistent effort to make Twitter a cleaner and safer environment, Twitter has updated how it reviews its content and abuses on the platform. Earlier, Twitter would rely on report abuses to take action. But now, Twitter has taken a proactive approach to removing hateful content and harmful tweets from Twitter with human reviews.

Wrap Up:

These are some of the latest Twitter updates that you must know as a regular Twitter user. Feel free to share your views on the latest updates in the comments below.

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Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.