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Clubhouse Marketing: How to use Clubhouse for business

. 13 min read

Clubhouse is an effective marketing platform to promote your business. Wondering how to market your business using Clubhouse? Read on to know what Clubhouse is and what it holds for your business.

To stand among your competitors, you have to go the extra mile. Let your guards down. We here present a unique and effective platform for marketing, i.e., Clubhouse App.

What is Clubhouse?

It is a social media platform that allows users to interact with each other in a virtual room through audio. Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, who previously worked at Google, launched it by March 2020. Initially, it was accessible to top-profile celebrities.

Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey and Drake are included in one of its pioneer users. Recently, it became accessible to a wide audience, as it allows its users to invite two people to the app. As a result, it contains more than 10 million users today.

How does Clubhouse work?

Clubhouse marketing holds great potential to promote your business online. To market your business, you need to understand how Clubhouse and further, Clubhouse marketing works.

It doesn't allow any visual and written communication like Facebook, Twitter, which makes it unique.

There are virtual rooms in the Clubhouse App that supports communication between different users through audio streaming.

It's like an audio zoom meeting. A person who launched the room is the moderator and can invite his followers to the room.

It's a virtual meeting room where moderators can control who will speak on the stage.  If the attendants in a meeting want to say something, they just need to raise their hands. Moderators, then, decide if they invite the hand raiser to stage or ignore it.

Besides virtual rooms, you can also join clubs and follow persons. A club is a group where different users of common interests, hobbies or professions are present.

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Create your account on Clubhouse

Firstly you need to create your account on the Clubhouse App. But, it's not simple as it seems to be. You really have to put in an effort in order to get this task done.

You need to ask any Clubhouse member to invite you to join the community

Unfortunately, it is your bad luck if you are an android user. For companies and brands, they need to buy their marketing team iPhone. Secondly, ask any Clubhouse member to invite you. You can also reserve your seat by signing in.

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Follow rooms people and Clubs

Targeting the right audience is the most effective part of successful Clubhouse marketing. For finding your right audience, choose the rooms and people very carefully you are going to follow.

If you are a new user, the app will show you a list of trending rooms and people from your phone contacts. If you are already a user of this app, you are going to see a list of rooms and people you follow.

Targeting the right audience is the most effective part of successful Clubhouse marketing

In different rooms, you are going to notice different people having different ideas and interests. You may also see a room hosted by a particular cub. Get the info of that Club by tapping the green house icon. You can also search Clubs of your interest by using search explorer on the main tab.

If you are impressed by a speaker in a room and want to follow him/her to get the notification, here is the tip. While in a room, the first row of the members showing on your screen are speakers, the second row includes users followed by speakers, and the third row mentions the audience.

You should search Clubs of your interest by using search explorer to address the right audience

How to use Clubhouse for Business

As said earlier, the Clubhouse App is an audio streaming-based platform. To promote your business and make people aware of it, you can join different clubs and virtual rooms.

There are some steps and tips that will let you know how to use the Clubhouse.

To enhance your following, you will need to stay active on the Clubhouse App. Also, do consider coming up on stage if you really want to get noticed. It's hard to get noticed in rooms with a large number of people.

Collaborate with professionals in the same industry, having more followers. Don't speak alone on stage. Invite them to join your conversation. Eventually, this will lead your brand to get noticed by its followers.

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#1: Clubhouse Creator First Program

Clubhouse, an audio-only app that made a name for itself among tech entrepreneurs before branching out into entertainment, is now attempting to develop its local celebrities.

With over 40 Clubhouse influencers who introduce a major online celebrity class, the app is exploring an invite-only "Creator Pilot Program." They have been given daily meetings with one of Clubhouse's creators and early access to special resources tailored for power users so far.

Several of the app's most influential personalities are not the Gen Zers and millennials that most people associate with influencers.

One of the clubhouse sensations has clarified that what unusual characters are present on Clubhouse varies from what it looks like on other channels. According to the New York Times, most pilot program participants are in their 40s or 50s.

Clubhouse claimed that it would provide creators with analytics at a certain point, but now there is no user interface ready to show.  Some took a recommendation about a weekly audience growth rate of 30% as a prerequisite to stay in the program, while others took it as an incentive. There is no prerequisite for creators to rise, as per the company statements.

#2: Adapting Clubhouse to Social Media Marketing Strategy

Connecting people to your company for sales, use Twitter and Instagram.

People who hear you talk will go to your bio and click on the links to your social media accounts for more information, purchases, and so on. Particularly, using Clubhouse bios and showing off via profile picture is quite important and critical for initiating a conversation.

Clubhouse marketing holds great potential to promote your business online

Furthermore, since there is no chat feature, it is difficult for moderators to share links to services, but you can still use direct messaging (DM) to get information.

People who follow you are interested in your stuff. This is a method of gaining customer confidence and starting the customer journey. So, to navigate your listeners, use your already developed Twitter account or other accounts.

#3: Establishing a Persona as Opinion Leader

Although the links do not include profiles, you can include links to your Twitter and Instagram profiles. When people are chatting, moderators and analysts are looking at profiles, so even if you do not engage in the discussion, make sure to demonstrate your expertise. You can navigate people to the area in which you are specialized and reflect your constructed persona here.

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#4: Creating a community of like-minded individuals and businesses

Networking is a wonderful way to meet people who can support you with your business.

For those looking for the right groups to join, the app has a fantastic search feature. Another way to find good groups is to read speakers' bios and look at the groups that they join when you're on the call.

There is also a great tool that allows you to invite someone to enter a discussion by pushing it to them.

Since COVID is still affecting a large number of people, traditional networking is not an option. And after COVID is done, the best part is that it helps you network with others around the world for business.

You can learn a lot from other people by listening to what tools, tips, and tricks they used to profit.

People are discussing their current business strategies. They are debating how to gain funding or get their novel published.

Providing a wonderful product and putting it in front of customers who want to buy it is what it takes to make money at the end of the day.

Other services and resources that the moderators and speakers were aware of were also shared. So, if one of them may recommend your product or service, that would be extremely beneficial to you.

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#6: Identifying people who have the qualifications and skills you need

You can meet people with the knowledge and expertise you need while entering rooms relevant to your company. For instance,  a virtual assistant chat room can help you if you are looking for someone to help your company. And the candidates can send your direct messages.

#7: Being in touch with your stakeholders and clients

People need community, and they return when they have a supportive and helpful community.

We want to learn and evolve from one another as humans generally. As a result, it is a huge opportunity to connect with people who want to follow your lead, lessons, and path.

But, bear in mind that it  is indeed a fantastic way to Relate to your clients. You can hold a Q&A session and see that to hear the questions asked is immensely helpful.

#8: Building your own Club

Before you can start your Club, you must first host at least three rooms on the app.

It is a perfect way to evaluate content for your audience after you've done so.

Source: Neil Patel

Schedule several talks for your community and begin assisting members with the goods and resources they need to succeed. You may also visit other people's clubs, rooms, and discussions. Build the culture as a whole and add value wherever you can.

#8: Do not overcomplicate it

But  enjoy yourself and pursue your interest. Stay for several mins in a room discussing marketing, blogging, podcast creation, or anything else that interests you, and then follow people who seem interested.

#9: Make an effort to add value

Choose a subject about which you are knowledgeable and believe others will profit and schedule your first chat room. Prepare a simple structure ahead of time, so you know which topics you want to cover, and make sure to spare a dedicated time for questions and answers.

#10: Increase the level of engagement

Bringing in a keynote speaker who is an expert on a particular subject and ask them common questions that you believe would benefit others. The app's most exciting feature is that each chat room is a living entity, and one cannot know exactly where the conversation will lead you. However, take advantage of the YouTube community, where people are increasingly accustomed to learning by watching or listening.

People no longer look for information in books or other sources (of course, there are some exceptions). However, similar to Youtube and podcasting, how to rooms will help you gain an audience.

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#11: Provide Clubhouse users with discount codes that lead them to your items

People would naturally search your bio when you are networking and having a conversation on Clubhouse. For instance, you might build a coupon code like CLUB10 to give Clubhouse members a 10% discount on their course. You can either promote your goods during the discussion or encourage your people to access your information after producing a bunch of free value.

#12: B2B collaborations

You can propose this way of partnerships to other businesses in a variety of networking rooms for investors, by either 'raising your hand' and getting up on stage and presenting your idea, or by directly approaching entrepreneurs who are open to collaborations when you find suitable investors or partners in the room.

#13: Rooms with sponsors

Companies can sponsor you to develop or participate in a room if you have identified yourself as a dependable presenter, speaker, or expert in your field. This can take time, but it will eventually be the case if you put your effort into processing.

#14: Affiliate marketing

While on Clubhouse, you might also make money by doing affiliate marketing. When you use affiliate marketing, you promote other people's goods in exchange for a fee on sales made by your specific referral links.

If you have any business or referral links on a specific subject, you can mention them as advice in related rooms. Imagine yourself as a friend who suggests it's the community the tools they used, preferred, or the products they love.

#15: Ask me anything rooms

You might set up a room and start charging a fee to answer their private or corporate questions if you are an expert in your field. Although the Clubhouse app does not allow sending and receiving payments, some moderators have allowed payments through other payment tools.

Helps brand to build trust and community

The pandemic has really hit us hard. Now people are attracted to the companies and brands who care about them and give them some value, especially online.

Clubhouse lets you connect with different celebrities and professionals of the same industry to build community and earn credibility. Addressing people's queries in a live interactive session will make them understand that you care about their concerns. It helps develop bonds of trust among the general audience.

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People likes online audio sessions

In the time of pandemic when we all were stuck in our homes, we turned to screens of mobile devices, laptops and TVs. And it caused screen fatigue, as staring at a screen for long is not good for the health of your eyes.

But the Clubhouse offers live audio streaming. It allows your audience to listen and solve their queries about your brand literally while doing workouts or washing dishes. It also doesn't restrict them to stare at the screen during meetings.

Pros of Clubhouse marketing

You might be wondering, does promote your brand in Clubhouse will get any fruitful results? I can understand your concerns, and it's so natural. We all get a little bit scared when we try something new. But to boost your enthusiasm, we will share with you some examples of successful people who dared to speak about their brand on stage. So here it goes:

A brand-named bite toothpaste sponsored a room, and the CEO of the company shared his success story. And you know what happened? The brand made 30 new customers at the end of the room meeting.

Here's a similar example of a property attorney. In the startup room, she addresses queries of people present in the room. When the room meeting ended, she had already gathered 20 new clients. So, what are you waiting for?

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Cons of Clubhouse marketing

Clubhouse still has a limited audience. It's only available to iPhone users that limits its audience. But there is a possibility that it will be available for android iPhone users as well. Until then, you can build your name and community to hit a large audience when others get access to it. Let's hope to have the Android version soon.

The other major con of it is brand vulnerability. Literally, anyone from the audience can ask any unexpected question. And since it's a live session, you promptly need to answer it rightly. It offers an unfiltered audio live streaming that people can record with other third-party apps. So a marketer needs to remain calm and hold his nerves together during a session.


Clubhouse offers audio live streaming sessions just like a zoom meeting or a podcast. The difference is only that it's not available after the session has ended. It holds great potential for marketing brands and companies. It helps brands build trust and community. But the audience is still limited, and brands seem more vulnerable to unfiltered questions.

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