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Dental Marketing: How to market a dental practice

Dental Marketing: How to market a dental practice

. 7 min read

Getting new customers interested in your dental business can make you feel like an ambiguous situation.

However, there's a good chance that you've been curious about how to develop a decent online presence via dental marketing and dental SEO.

A good, well-organized dental marketing campaign could get out of those difficulties.

According to a study on dental marketing, 89% of consumers-to-be turn to Google to find their healthcare queries.

Moreover, 83% of them go through online dental practice before booking a visit. That's why dental marketing and, particularly, dental SEO marketing has massive importance in driving consumers to your dental practice clinic.

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Thankfully, there are several ways to connect with your target audience with some dental SEO marketing. Thus, you will be able to create an online, engaging dental marketing campaign.

How to market a dental office:

Here is our list of 4 dental marketing ideas for dental SEO marketing:

1) Get localized!

Dental internet marketing has a vast volume nowadays. At this point, local SEO comes to the assistance. If you want to increase the visibility of your local dental business, dental SEO and dental marketing could be hugely influential for your business. Why? Because;

  • 50% of mobile users are firstly looking for some local stores and visit them eventually!
  • 78% of all geographical searches through mobile devices result in offline purchasing!
  • 82% of mobile users prefer "near me" searches while checking something online!

For instance, if you are searching for "new jersey dental," you will see a result like that;

So, there are some dental marketing ideas that you can start for an online local dental business.

The good thing is that dental SEO keeps your sales high in the long run without recurring additional costs like social media ads.

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2) Use Google My Business for better visibility on Google!

Moreover, Google My Business is also another vital platform for promoting your dental practice within the dental SEO. Thus, you can make your dental clinic more visible for Google via auto-generating your business info on Google's in-house business platform.

With Google My Business, you can add all information about your dental business like geographic location, working hours, and, more importantly, contact info. All this info will also be available on Google search results with a Google Maps preview.

Be sure, this is a superior online marketing strategy, and it will open the doors of successful dental marketing.

Further, Google ads can be quite efficient for any dental marketing. However, it must be appropriately applied. For instance, it is precious for any dental clinic to focus on emergency keywords once creating Google ads and dental SEO oriented website content.

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3) Analyze your Target Audience!

Once you know what your audience would like to have, it would be much easier to address and offer them.

So, if you want to imply successful dental marketing, you have to define your target audience. For instance, you can connect with other dental practitioners and potential patients on social media channels.

Circleboom's User Analytics will provide you the best data for your social media channels. Thus, you will be able to drive traffic to your website by helping your Dental web marketing.

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In the case of Twitter, you can regularly search to spot and determine your target audience and design a tweet scheme to appeal to them with well-defined content.

At this point, a social media management tool like Interest Cloud comes in handy to monitor and to learn your target audience insights.

To reach out to your target audience, you have to define the best time to tweet. Herein, Best Time to Tweet help you analyzing all your followers' most active times depending on their tweeting date. The feature collects all these data and presents them in a smart graphic.

4) Create Quality Content!

Dental marketing isn't just advertising. So, you should actively use other types of quality content to drive your potential patients to your website. Creating quality media is a crucial part of dental marketing and dental SEO.

Before beginning, you should consider cleaning your social media accounts. For instance, you can delete your irrelevant tweets and Twitter media before rolling out your new dental marketing on Twitter.

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Collecting some client testimonials could be quite useful for your dental marketing. To do that, you should ask your regular, old patients to leave reviews about their experience with your dental practice as Pro Dental Clinic do:

Thus, you can add them to your website to gain confidence among your target audience. For further, you may even share those testimonies regularly with some quality photos of your patients if it is possible.

You may consider hiring a professional photographer to take some high-quality photos, and even if it is possible, some quality video depending on your purpose. Then you will need to share those media regularly on your social media accounts.

For instance, Massetts Road Dental Practice presents a nice example of creative using of media on Twitter:

If your patients allow you to take their photos before and after, you shouldn't miss this opportunity and share them on your social media pages. They will highlight the quality of your service.

Creating dental marketing-oriented podcast series and feature videos on dental practice can be useful for your existing patients and appeal the potential ones. If they are helpful, your tips will be circulated among people, and you will reach a larger audience.

Don't forget that you should show them you are a true expert!

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Final Verdict

If you are looking for a fully automated, multi-featured social media management service for dental marketing on various social platforms, Circleboom could meet your expectation. Circleboom gives you complete control of your Twitter account.

Also, with Social Media Publisher, you can find and curate more than a thousand blogs and websites classified in more than 300 categories. Therefore, once you select your interest areas, you can choose among thousands of features and post immediately to Twitter.

Moreover, Circleboom guarantees your total safety on its dashboard. Unlike the many other third-party social media management services, Circleboom presents high security to fulfill your safety. Hereby, it also holds references from tens of companies worldwide.

Onur Ciddi

Visual Arts Enthusiast, Copywriter & Content Specialist at Circleboom

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