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30+ Deep tweets to get inspired!

30+ Deep tweets to get inspired!

. 9 min read

Our way of thinking, living, and even connecting has all altered due to social media. Thanks to the growing importance of it, we keep up with what is going on in society, our friends and family members’ lives, and so on.

Have you ever had the feeling or impression that someone's life is very similar to yours when reading deep tweets? Because our brain naturally connects our previous experiences with new ones, actively engaging with current information if we see some deductions on life, such as through deep tweets.

Your audience will naturally establish connections with you or your Twitter persona if you suggest deep tweets about life or deep love tweets.

Photo by michal dziekonski on Unsplash

Deep Tweets About Life

We all do similar things online, from posting billions of images to putting ‘check-ins’ of places you went, stalking your lover, to exploring #lifegoals in anonymous accounts. We all have several things in common in our lives that there is a good possibility we’ll come across it when browsing, right?

If you ever feel that you are “strange” or that life is unfair to you, surf social media and read deep life tweets to understand you are not alone.

1. Consider this when having a hard time.

2. Don’t we all have at least one or two individuals like this in our lives?

3. We cannot pass on motivational quotes when searching for deep tweets about life. Because the concept of deep life tweets is bound to simultaneously include success, failure, and bad and good choices.

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4. What do people say at the end of their lives?

5. Deep tweets about living – seizing your life can enlighten your day.

6. As suggested by Dr. Anne Brown on Twitter, holding onto what you can do and your achievements is the only key to get over other obstacles you encounter.

7. How many times have you felt this way in your life?

8. What about friendship? If you need to say something out loud about your friends or frenzy, deep tweets about friendship, look below and free your thoughts and feelings.

9. Another deep tweet about life and friendship is below.

10.  What can we say more? Parents sometimes – maybe usually knows much more even we do not admit.

Suppose you are looking for more romantic lines and pushing your pen to write one on your own. Let us help you with the below deep love tweets.

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Deep Love Tweets

1. Don’t you want somebody to love, they said, but what about having someone who can’t get enough of you?

2. Choosing the right person cannot be put in the words better than this 280-character deep love tweet.

3. Saying I won’t do it is a responsibility.

4. But what they say, never give up on hope.

5. Say that those who exhaust you right away!

6. A bit sad but relatable to many of us who had been through several relationships.

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Famous Deep Tweets

If you are looking for deep tweets about life or deep tweets about love, you will come across the big words of philosophers, authors, as well as poets.

1. A cooler way of saying do not give up from Victor Hugo.

2. Learning from mistakes.

3. Another deep tweet about life, learning from mistakes and getting a better grip is stated by Paulo Coelho.


4. Let’s give our ears to Socrates.

5. And Nietzsche from the dark side.

6. The dark night of the soul by Carl Jung

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Funny Yet Relatable Deep Tweets

1. We won’t tell your boss, promise!

2. Making new friends being as an adult is harder than times in college or high school. Yet, dedicating so much time as you did before is even impossible. In any case, we still need friends, old and new ones, while dealing with our procrastination.

3. And here goes another one; sad but true!

4. How many of us wanted to tell this to the face of some co-worker at work? Snap!

5. Funny and realistic parents, are you out there?

6. Raise your hand if you are doing below always but not admitting it to yourself.

7. Yes, that’s intense!

8. And if you are not done below in your life, you are among the very few of those young and self-determined students.

9. Let’s consider witty yet loving moments with this deep tweet.

10.  And as a final motivation to go for your grown-up life:

All these deep tweets about life and love are hitting the right note, but sometimes you want something you own or create. If that is the urge in your case, we can still help you from outside to bring you some inspiration.

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Bonus: How to select the best deep tweets to share with your followers?

Deep tweets matter when the audience sees and perceives them in that way.

Consider an audience of married adults, moms, and working people in a Twitter profile; in that case, relatable tweets about school life do not interest them. And even though they are good, the audience may not relate to them.

So that, understanding your audience and tailoring the deep tweets, which will bring much more engagement, likes, and retweets will be the essential strategy.

Here you can look deep into your audience characteristics and what they talk or think about through Circleboom Interest Cloud.

If they are talking about love, self-care, psychology, going for deep love tweets may work. Or famous tweets to boost retweets.

But how can you be sure what your followers follow, discuss and mention?

Find out what your Twitter community is discussing, following, and tweeting about.

You don’t have to guess what your Twitter followers and friends were talking about or thinking about.  

With Circleboom’s Twitter Interest Cloud, you can quickly learn what interests your followers. This tool helps you adapt your tweets to the preferences of your target audience. Or, select the deep Twitter quotes based on the Interests of your Twitter followers and friends.

Interest Cloud collects the latest information and dozens of tweets from your followers’ accounts. It then arranges the program into a dynamic visual depiction of the thoughts and discussions of your friends and followers.

Take the next step: Visualize your deep tweet posts

Like we mentioned above, you can write down your deep tweet quotes on a vivid color background or go for neutral tones and put the text on them. These backgrounds can be stock photos or simple colored textures, but they grab attention.

Also, if you prefer to send your deep tweet quotes as text directly, you can still add an image to it. Whether photos, bespoke graphics, or infographics, sharing material on Twitter might captivate individuals during browsing.

If you agree with us so far, you may try Circleboom Publish design tool when posting your tweets. You can choose a Twitter post to move forward with the correct image size.

Design an eye-catching and related visual for Twitter quote post

Here you can also add stock photos from Unsplash or free GIFs from Giphy to strike your Twitter quotes in a feed.

Besides that, Circleboom has teamed with Canva to deliver an integrated Canva app for users. Now it is possible to design your own Twitter post visual and hit to send button right away.

Try Twitter post templates in Canva and publish your design directly to your account on the same page.

You can also schedule your Tweets with Circleboom Publisher.

In short, Circleboom can help you find what subject matter really catches your audience, write your content, embellish with trendy visuals or stock photos and send & schedule in one place.

Don’t you think that it is worth a shot?

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Wrap Up

Deep tweets are another viral way to showcase yourself on Twitter. As you have seen in this deep tweets blog, there are funny, relatable and also deep tweets about love, life, and friendship over the internet for inspiration.

If you enjoy reading and contemplating deep life tweets, why not start writing them right now!

We offered beneficial tools to aid you in this writing journey, so heads up and start working your pen – or fingers!

Onur Ciddi

Visual Arts Enthusiast, Copywriter & Content Specialist at Circleboom

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