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How to delete tweets from Google search results

. 9 min read

From time to time, we all want to clean our Twitter accounts. Even if we delete all our tweets, there is still a problem: how to delete tweets from Google search results! Therefore, we need an extra solution beyond simply deleting our all tweets.

You must have seen at least once that sometimes we see tweets in Google after we search a term. In these cases, these tweets or names of Twitter accounts are kind of related to the search topic.

So, even if you delete your tweets, you can’t stop them to be displayed on Google search. Do you know a method to remove tweets from Google search results? If you don’t, keep reading!

Twitter History Archive contains all of your tweets, retweets, likes, replies, and media from the first second you created your Twitter account. So, if you can delete your Twitter archive, you can delete tweets from Google search.

Well, let’s move on to how to clear Twitter History Archive!

Can you bulk delete Twitter Likes? Yes, in just 2 steps!
Circleboom is a Twitter app that helps you quickly bulk delete Twitter likes. Hereby, you can just delete Twitter likes at once within seconds.

How to delete your Twitter History Archive on Circleboom Twitter

Circleboom Twitter is a Twitter management tool that you can delete all your tweets, retweets, replies, likes, and media from your Twitter accounts.

When you delete your Twitter History Archive, after some time your tweets will be removed from Google search. It is a permanent and irreversible action.

First of all, you need to know what is Twitter History Archive and how to get it. The Twitter archive is a package of your all Twitter information and contains your all tweets, retweets, media, and replies.

You need to follow these steps to download your Twitter archive on Twitter.

1) Go to your Twitter account. By selecting your account from the menu after clicking the "more" option in the navigation bar, you may access your Account Settings.

2) Tap on "Download an archive of your data".

3) Then, you should enter your password, then click Confirm.

4) Click "Send code" to your registered phone number or email address to confirm your identification. You will be taken to the Account details page if you don't have your email address or phone number on file.

5) Enter the code that was sent to your phone or email address.

6) Click the "Request data" button after establishing your Twitter identity.

7) Twitter will send an email to the email address you've connected when your download is prepared, or if you have the app loaded, a push notification. You can click the "Download data" button under the Download data section of your preferences.

8) When you receive the email, connect to your Twitter account and click the "Download" option to download a .zip file containing your Twitter archive.

Now you have your Twitter archive file. Please follow these steps to clear your Twitter archive and delete your tweets from Google Search.

If you still could not figure out how to download your Twitter archive file, check this help menu on a Twitter webpage: download your Twitter archive on Twitter.

Then follow the below steps to delete tweets from Google search results.

Step#1: Open your browser and log into Circleboom Twitter.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one in a few clicks!

Circleboom Twitter

Step#2: After you logged in, you should give access and authorize your Twitter account with your Circleboom Twitter account.

Circleboom is the safest Twitter management tool on the market!

Connect your Twitter account with Circleboom!

Step#3: You should download your Twitter history archive on Twitter. When you have your history archive, you are ready to use Circleboom!

On the left-side menu, you need to select “My Tweets” and then “Delete Twitter Archive”.

"My Tweets" and "Delete Twitter Archive"

Step#4: Then, you should upload your Twitter history archive. Among downloaded files, pick up the 'tweet.js' named file and upload it.

You are a step away to delete your tweets from Google search.

Upload your tweet.js file.

Step#5: After you uploaded your Twitter History Archive on Circleboom Twitter, you will be directed to the dashboard where you can apply filters to your all tweets, retweets, likes, replies, and media.

You can filter your tweets by date, keyword, and language. You can also remove tweets with or without media.

You can filter your tweets by date, language, and keyword.

Step#6: As the last step, you should press the red “Delete My Archive” button to clean your Twitter archive.

This way, your tweets will be deleted from Google Search after a while.

Click on "Delete My Archive" to finish the process.

You can also watch our hands-on video guide to clean your Twitter History Archive and delete your tweets from Google search results.

Thanks to Circleboom Twitter's iOS app, you can do all of these on your iPhone. Take your Twitter management assistance to wherever you are!

Circleboom Twitter iOS App

How to remove Twitter pictures from Google search

If your tweets have pictures and they are displayed on Google search results, you can delete your Twitter media on Circleboom Twitter. Therefore, you can remove your Twitter pictures from Google search. 

On Circleboom Twitter, you can do much more than delete your Twitter History Archive.

First of all, you can get useful insights into your Twitter friends and followers. You can detect inactive, overactive, fake, spam, bot, and not following back Twitter accounts in your Twitter audience.  

After that, you can remove your Twitter followers easily on Circleboom. To get more details on this topic, you can read our detailed guide here:

How to remove inactive Twitter accounts in 2022
There are lots of inactive users on Twitter. Inactive Twitter accounts are created but not used. So, why don’t you remove inactive Twitter accounts?

Secondly, you can take advantage of smart search on Twitter. You can find accounts by searching them with keywords and hashtags. You can also narrow down your searches by location, language, entry date to Twitter, tweet numbers, etc.

Then, you can visit their Twitter profiles and follow them if you want. Or, you can create lists with these accounts on Circleboom's Twitter List Manager feature and follow them by keeping your follower/following ratio. To add people to Twitter lists in bulk, read our detailed guide here:

How to add people to Twitter lists in bulk
A single Twitter user can create up to 1,000 Lists, each of which can contain up to 5,000 accounts. So, you can have your special Twitter timeline by adding accounts you want to your Twitter lists in bulk.

Also, you can have amazing statistics and analytics about your tweets, followers, and followings. You can track your follower/friends' growth.

Account Analytics by Circleboom | Take Control Of Your Account
Get in-depth analytics about your followers, friends and tweets statistics. Manage and grow your Twitter account.

You can filter your friends and followers by language and gender. This helps you determine a healthy Twitter strategy for your business.

You can find the best time to post on Twitter. Circleboom analyzes all activities of your Twitter followers and comes up with a nice graphic showing you the best time to post on Twitter.

Last but not least, you can have the interest targeting for your Twitter account. You can know what your Twitter friends are tweeting about. This way, you will know what to post on Twitter to boost your impressions and engagement.

For more details, please watch our hands-on video tutorial here:

Wrapping Up

You can delete tweets from Google search by deleting your Twitter history archive. When you clean your Twitter archive, your tweets will be removed from Google search results after a while.

You can use Circleboom Twitter to delete your Twitter archive and delete your tweets from Google search. It is very easy to have a clean Twitter account with Circleboom.

You can take advantage of Circleboom Twitter features at affordable prices.

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