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Free and easy tweet scheduler that works in 2023

Free and easy tweet scheduler that works in 2023

. 4 min read

Twitter continues to be the top five social media networks worldwide with people continuing to spend time on Twitter. People access Twitter to discover what’s new and connect with their peers and friends. Getting noticed on Twitter still remains a hard job for individuals and brands, thereby tweeting seems like a good step forward. Using a tweet scheduler that works well can help you make your own space in the Twitter environment.

Tweet scheduler helps you in scheduling your tweets well in advance so you can gain popularity on Twitter. With the tweet scheduler, you can also see the variability in your tweets and manage your content in a better way.  In this article, we will help you learn how to use Circleboom, a tweet scheduler that works perfectly well in 2023.

Word of caution: It’s important for any Twitter user to use a Twitter scheduler that adheres to Twitter rules. For example, Twitter doesn’t permit posting the same tweet from multiple accounts at the same time, so you need to make sure your Twitter scheduler abides by the Twitter rules. Circleboom is constantly updated as per the changing Twitter rules thus making it completely safe to use.

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How Circleboom tweet scheduler helps in queuing and scheduling tweets:

Create your queue for faster scheduling:

Creating a queue allows you to quickly schedule posts as everything you add to the schedule goes out as per the queue.

To create your queue, login to the Circleboom dashboard and go to Publish -> Settings -> Queue Settings. Here, you can change the queue settings as required.

Post interval: With the post interval, you can select how often should your scheduled tweets go out. You can set the gap between 10 minutes to 12 hours based on your requirement.

Start time and end time: With the start time and end time, you can select times between which your tweets can be published.

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Pro tip: While setting your queue settings, have a look at Circleboom’s analytics, best time to tweet, and then make the setting. As you will figure out the time when your Twitter users are online, it will be easier to schedule tweets accordingly.

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Schedule your tweets:

Once your queue is set, you can work on Circleboom’s tweet scheduler to schedule tweets. Go to the Circleboom menu, Publish -> “Schedule Tweets” to schedule. While creating tweets, you can create tweets just like you would create on Twitter, add text, hashtags, gifs, emoticons, images, and videos. When your tweet is ready, you can either add to the queue or add to schedule.

If you don’t want to create your tweets, you can also schedule articles from Circleboom’s curated list. Just select your areas of interest and all the related articles will be displayed to you. To select articles, from the Circleboom menu, go to Publish -> “Articles.” Click share next to the article that you want to add to the queue.

Try the tweet scheduler now:

We hope you followed the methods above to easily schedule your tweets in 2023. Circleboom is also updating to accommodate other social media platforms and soon you will be able to schedule social media posts on other platforms too. Meanwhile, enjoy the tweet scheduler and make your life simpler.

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Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

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