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How to delete your Trump/Biden tweets at once after the election

. 6 min read

Have you ever thought about Tweets you post during the election process? Are you still OK with all of them?

Today is the big day for the United States; the most contentious US presidential elections of the near past will be done within hours. The whole election marathon has been quite backbreaking for both Democrats and Republicans.

Beyond the candidates and volunteers who have worked for them, millions of voters were mobilized around Trump and Biden. When black lives matter and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are included, the US has lived through one of the most turbulent years in its whole history. In such an atmosphere, people became a party to Republicans or Democrats regarding ongoing unrest. So, many have not hesitated to show their support for those conflicts.

By this night, voting will end, and a long counting process will begin considering most people used the postal voting system, according to the New York Times.

After all, those ended, many people who have got into the excitement of elections and other sociopolitical debates will probably want to delete their Trump or Biden Tweets, retweets, replies, or whole Twitter history. However, Twitter doesn’t provide a bulk delete service. Here you should apply for a reliable third-party service like Circleboom to delete your Trump tweets or Biden Tweets. After uploading your Twitter archive, you can filter them and delete your Trump tweets or  Biden Tweets. You can even filter them by keywords, usernames, replies, or specific date range.

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Bulk Delete all Trump/Biden Retweets:

If you wouldn’t like to delete all your Trump/Biden tweets and retweets but selected ones, you need to follow the steps below:

Step #1: Log in to the Circleboom dashboard via linked your Twitter account.

Step #2: Go for the Circleboom menu on the left of the window and click on the drop-icon next to “My Tweets.” Then, you should go for “Delete RTs” from the drop menu.

If you would like to search your retweets with specific keywords and delete them, you will find the grid power search utility of Circleboom quite useful. This feature provides a search for specific keywords, hashtags, and usernames as a big time-saver, especially if you focus on deleting specific tweets.

How to use Smart Search and Grid Power Search Effectively on Circleboom:
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Step #3: For example, let’s consider you want your retweets from Trump; you should type in the username of Trump, @realDonaldTrump, and search for it. After that, Circleboom list all Trump retweets. And you can delete all your Trump retweets at once. You can also do the same for @JoeBiden retweets; you can write @joebiden or any other Biden related keywords on the search and delete all your Biden retweets with just one click.

Step #4: Check all the retweets you want to delete and click on the red “Delete selected RTs” button to finish the process. It is just that easy on Circleboom.

Note: Twitter reserves all tweets and retweets of its users, but it presents the last 3,200 tweets and retweets of an account. So, you can monitor only those last 3,200 on your timeline.

Don’t worry, you can download your Twitter archive file via your Twitter account. Here you would need a reliable third-party service provider like Circleboom to configure the rest of your Twitter history.

Delete All your Trump/Biden Tweets with Twitter Archive:

If you consider deleting all Trump/Biden tweets and retweets at once, the steps you should take would be short and easy via Circleboom’s Delete Twitter Archive feature. You need to download your Twitter archive and upload it to Circleboom.

Step #1: You can find out how to download your Twitter archive here.

Step #2: Log in to the Circleboom dashboard via linked your Twitter account.

Step #3: From the Menu, go for “My Tweets” and then “Delete Old Tweets.” Thus, within milliseconds you will find to “Upload Your Archive” page. Here you need to upload the “Tweet.js” file.

Step #4: After the upload is done, you will be directed to a window with options “Delete my Tweets,” “Delete my Retweets,” and “Delete my Replies.” Here you would check the boxes do you mind.

Step #5: For instance, if you want to delete all your retweets from Biden’s or Trump’s official Twitter accounts, it is quite easy. You should click on the filter bar below the checkboxes to prompt it, and search “@realDonaldTrump” or “@JoeBiden” on the “Any Keyword / Username or Hashtag Search” bar.

For further, if you would like to filter your tweets, with options “Filter by Date” and “Search by Tweet Language,” you can use them to specify your filtering.

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Step #6: Lastly, you can check the checkbox of the tweet you wish to delete, and you can click on “Delete selected RTs” and finish the process. You can write to search box any keywords about Trump or Biden. If you have many tweets which you mentioned @JoeBiden or @realDonaldTrump , just write usernames and delete all Trump/Biden tweets at once.

You can also delete all your Twitter likes with circleboom Unlike feature.

The Last Words:

Deleting your old tweets, retweets, and replies don’t have to cost plenty of time. Via Circleboom, all those different steps can be done within minutes without any problem at all.

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