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How can you highlight a scientific paper on LinkedIn? Make your research noticed!

. 7 min read
What's your paper about? Technology, medicine, history, etc. The quickest way to grow your reach and highlight your paper on LinkedIn is to find relevant hashtags based on your topic!

We use social media almost for everything! Games, recipes, datings, and also information. If you are looking for games, Facebook is the best! Tinder is obviously for dating. LinkedIn is the best place to find scientific papers if you are up to scientific knowledge.

If you are here to provide knowledge, you should know how to highlight your scientific paper on LinkedIn to spread both information and your name to more and more people!

It is not a one-button action. You should develop a full strategy to grow your reach and successfully highlight your research on LinkedIn.

In this article, I will show you the best practices to build LinkedIn authority and make your scientific research noticed by more people on LinkedIn.

Let's start.

8 best practices to highlight scientific papers on LinkedIn

As I said above, you should have a consistent LinkedIn strategy to build trust and authority and spread your knowledge all over the LinkedIn sky. You can highlight your research by following these steps in total.

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile.
  • Share your paper on LinkedIn at the best times.
  • Find and use relevant hashtags.
  • Optimize your LinkedIn texts and captions.
  • Use attractive images with your paper on LinkedIn.
  • Tag relevant people with your scientific paper.
  • Be active on relevant LinkedIn Groups and Pages.
  • Keep posting.

#1 Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Without a proper profile, your efforts on LinkedIn won't be successful. Even if you are providing the most precious scientific knowledge, people won't believe it because the first impression really matters!

Well, how can you optimize your LinkedIn profile? Let's discover how to make your LinkedIn profile great!

First things first. You should choose the right profile picture.

Your LinkedIn profile picture is your visual identity on the virtual platform. It welcomes people to your LinkedIn page and has a significant impact from the beginning.

People with a profile photo might get up to 21 times more views than those without. A profile photo indeed increases your credibility on LinkedIn.

So, first of all, make sure that you have uploaded a recent and high-quality photo of yourself. Also, it is recommended that your face takes up approximately 60% of the visual.

Upload a background photo.

The background visuals are an additional tool for building an excellent LinkedIn profile. They are a powerful tool for drawing website users' attention. It sets the scene and provides some further insight into your personal priorities.

Above all, the right background image can aid in making your page stand out, draw attention, and maintain top-of-mind awareness.

Make your headline stand out.

Using the headline area solely for your job title is not mandatory. One valuable tip for optimizing your LinkedIn profile is to utilize the headline section to convey your perspective on your role and highlight your motivations.

This provides an opportunity to showcase a specific area of expertise or let your personality shine. If you're unsure how to craft this concise description, seeking inspiration from successful sales representatives within your company who excel in social selling is a wise approach.

Give your story in your LinkedIn summary.

When individuals view your profile, they should be able to discern your purpose, motivations, and skills from the About section. Hence, one of the essential LinkedIn profile tips is to ensure that you have a well-crafted About section.

When completing this section, it's crucial not to simply list your abilities or past job titles. Instead, use this opportunity to share your story and narrative. It is advisable to explain the significance of these skills and how they can bring value to those you collaborate with.

However, while sharing your narrative, it's important to strike a balance. Avoid getting carried away and overwhelming visitors with excessive text or appearing overly self-focused. We recommend keeping the content concise, typically consisting of one or two paragraphs, to maintain visitor engagement and avoid coming across as self-centered.

Request recommendations from your connections

A recommendation serves as a tribute or recognition of a professional relationship, whether it's with a colleague, business partner, supervisor, or student. There is no limit to the number of recommendations you can request.

Typically, when you accept a recommendation from a connection, it becomes visible and available to your network on your LinkedIn profile. However, you also have the flexibility to hide any recommendations that you feel may not align with your professional goals.

Utilizing recommendations is considered one of the most impactful LinkedIn profile tips to enhance the credibility of your profile.

#2 Share your paper on LinkedIn at the best times

Posting your LinkedIn content is throwing it into a vast space! You should know strategic details to highlight your scientific paper. For example, you should know the best times to post your LinkedIn!

Is there a general best time to post on LinkedIn? Some claim that there is!

This is not true! People have different audiences and they are online on LinkedIn at different times. So, they must post at different times to get the maximum benefit!

Thankfully Circleboom Publish provides user-specific best times for each user and you can schedule your LinkedIn posts at these times to reach more people at the right time.

Circleboom - LinkedIn Post Scheduler

Schedule your LinkedIn posts at the best times to share for multiple accounts at once!


You can manage multiple LinkedIn accounts in one dashboard. You can both post to LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn pages.

On Circleboom, you can also share and schedule LinkedIn polls!

#3 Find and Use Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags is still the most convenient way to grow your reach on social media and make your posts get noticed by more people. So, if you want to highlight your scientific papers on LinkedIn, you should know which hashtags you should use with your posts.

For example, if your paper is about cooking, you should find the best and related hashtags with that topic. But how? Is that easy?

Again I recommend Circleboom. It has a native LinkedIn hashtag generator that helps you find and use relevant, popular hashtags on any topic. So you can search and find related, trending hashtags about your research paper and increase your chance of being noticed by more people on LinkedIn.

#4 Optimize your LinkedIn texts and captions

You should promote your scientific paper on LinkedIn with the correct text and caption. You should touch on good points, including CTAs, maybe emojis etc. This way you can make people read your research.

We don't always have enough creativity to find the right words for our LinkedIn texts. That's why we need professional assistance with scientific paper writing services. Circleboom's AI LinkedIn Post Generator automatically helps you write your texts with the ChatGPT integration.

You can auto-generate LinkedIn captions to highlight your scientific papers on LinkedIn with proper hashtags, emojis, CTA buttons, etc.

You can auto-write about anything with Circleboom. For example, you can announce your graduation on LinkedIn with the correct words generated by OpenAI.

How to announce graduation on LinkedIn! Auto-generate your text!
In this blog post, we’ll provide you with some useful tips and suggestions on how to announce your graduation on LinkedIn effectively.

#5 Use attractive images with your paper on LinkedIn

Eye-catching images may help you attract people and make them read your paper on LinkedIn. Engaging colors, informational texts, maybe graphics, etc. can convince people to engage with your posts.

Again you can use Circleboom's photo curation tools to find and design the right images for your LinkedIn posts.

You can use Canva, Unsplash, Giphy, and Google Photos integrations to find and design perfect images along with your scientific papers on LinkedIn. This is one of the best methods to highlight research on LinkedIn and other social media channels.

#6 Tag relevant people with your scientific paper

Tag@ the paper's authors and any related academic institutions. This will broaden the audience and encourage involvement while also recognizing people who contributed to the research.

You can tag company pages on LinkedIn to draw their attention and audiences to your paper.

#7 Be active on relevant LinkedIn Groups and Pages

Join related LinkedIn groups in your industry and take part in discussions there. Talk about your paper with the group and interact with other participants. This will enable you to connect with knowledgeable people in your field and broaden your audience.

The specialists in your industry will be able to find your scientific work if you use LinkedIn to successfully advertise it.

#8 Keep posting!

Frequent posting on LinkedIn, not just your research paper but other content, makes your profile stand out in the eyes of the LinkedIn algorithm. So, if you can automate your LinkedIn profile, you can achieve a successful strategy and rank high on your followers' feeds.

I use Circleboom's "RSS Feed to LinkedIn" feature to auto-post LinkedIn from various sources. I can create my website's RSS or use newspapers, journals, and magazines to share content automatically on LinkedIn.

Another feature to automate LinkedIn posts is Queue scheduling. You will set time intervals and Circleboom will automatically share your queued posts at these times.

Now, you know the best 8 practices to highlight scientific papers on LinkedIn and enhance your reach on social media channels.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is a good place to promote and highlight scientific research. However, you should know the rules and practices to make people read your papers.

I outlined the best 8 practices to highlight LinkedIn papers. You should follow the rules without any missing and promote your LinkedIn posts to grow your reach and spread information to more and more people.

To make this, Circleboom is your best professional assistant.  It helps you

  • schedule posts
  • automate LinkedIn profile
  • connect RSS Feeds
  • queue your content
  • auto-generate LinkedIn texts and captions
  • find and design images

There are more! You can take advantage of fantastic LinkedIn features at affordable prices.

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)