Curate photos and schedule to publish on multiple social media channels!

Photo Curation

Circleboom Publish's photo curation tool makes your job easier to curate photos as you wish to have!
Curate great photos to reach your audience and increase your posts' engagement!

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Curate photos and schedule to publish on multiple social media channels!


It's looking through all of the intriguing photos on the web, selecting the appropriate ones for your audience, editing or organizing them to look more appealing, and posting the most attention-grabbing images on your social media channels is photo curation is all about.


Photo curation is the method you don't have to produce all the content for your social networks. So, take your chance in photo curation to curate superb photos for multiple social media channels, but aren't sure where to start at? You are at the right place!


Define your content creation strategy and schedule your content to publish on multiple social networks. Reach your followers at the right time when you need to. Always be posting fascinating photos!


Circleboom's social media management tool lets you curate photos and curate articles to make queues in one go! Curate among thousands of graphic contents on photo curation tools of Circleboom Publish. Pick whatever you like and schedule it to be automatically posted on multiple social media platforms at times you define.


Circleboom's social media management tool is the most gainful way to manage all of your social media in one place. It's the most intuitive tool available to curate photos and help you manage your time better and reach the folk! You can curate the most striking photos, schedule and publish them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google My Business from the same dashboard.

Photo Curation for free!


No one tool can do everything. This is why Circleboom Publish makes curating photos easier than ever. Take advantage of using the photo curation tool to find valuable and trendy photos related to your specific goals. Photo curation lets you curate photos for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google My Business.


First, log in to the Circleboom Publish.

If you don't have a Circleboom Publish account yet, you can get one in seconds.

photo curation for social media!

Here, you'll find out the options for multiple social media channels that Circleboom's social media scheduler provides services for.

Pick the social media network that you want to curate photos for.

Benefit photo curation service of Circleboom Publish!

After adding your social media account, click on the "Create New Post" tab on the left-hand menu.

Hence, you can get started to benefit from Circleboom Publish photo creation tools.

You can easily find out how to curate photos and boost engagements.

You will be asked to select the account.

Choose a social media account or multiple accounts that you want to curate photos for.

 photo curation by Circlebooms social media management tool

A new window will prompt. Here, choose the account or accounts you want to curate photos for that social media platform.

You can curate photos from Giphy and Unplash on Circleboom Publish

On the dashboard, you can find Circleboom Publish's photo curation tools, Giphy, Unsplash and Canva!

You can also upload your native photos with the "Upload Media" button next to them.

photo curation for multiple social media channels with Circlebooms social media creator!

To curate photos, you either prefer to dig into Giphy to find some striking GIFs or curate free photos from Unsplash!

 Take advantage of photo curation for all social media in one place!

Or you can proceed to use Canva!

Image curation is easy-peasy with Circlebooms social media scheduler

To benefit from the endless photo curation capabilities of Circleboom Publish, just click on the "Design on Canva" button.

Then, click on the ready Instagram template from the prompting sub-window.

To curate photos, use Circlebooms Canva photo curation tool!

You don't need to remember image size to post while you are on Circleboom Publish. Anyway, we have a detailed cheat sheet for social media image sizes if you still want to check them out!


After logging in, you can use the Circleboom Canva design tool's photo curation features. You can also benefit from Canva's unlimited social media post design capabilities.

Once you are done with your image curation and design, you can click on the "Publish" button on the top right.

Take advantage of image curation on Circleboom social media management tool!

You can choose from thousands of ready-to-use layouts, background views and effects to improve your content on Circleboom Publish's Canva social media post design tool.


Lastly, you can add the design to your queue, schedule it or publish it at once!

Or, for a particular date and time, you would like to schedule social media posts, go to the preview of the post and then click on "Schedule." That's easy!

image curation is no more complicated with Circleboom Publish!

You can choose from thousands of ready-to-use layouts, background views and effects to improve your content on Circleboom Publish's Canva social media post design tool.

Curate photos for social media now!

Circleboom Publish provides you Twitter Scheduler, Facebook Post Scheduler, LinkedIn Post Scheduler, Instagram Post Scheduler and Google My Business Scheduler in one tool!

Looking for further? Circleboom's social media management tool allows you to design your social media posts on its intuitive dashboard!

Manage all social media in one place! One dashboard, less effort.

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