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11 Dental Marketing Strategies to Attract More Patients

. 3 min read

Digital marketing is crucial to increase awareness of your clinic and to get patients to visit you. Needless to say, no marketing strategy can work for a dentist as word-of-mouth, but there are some dental marketing strategies that can get you started.

89% of consumers turn to search engine when they’re wanting to solve their healthcare queries, 83% go through their online website before booking a visit. Hence, a digital presence is must for every clinic.

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Here is my list of 11 dental marketing strategies:

1.      Be Omnipresent on the Internet: Create your website and social media pages.

It’s 2019 and you cannot have a dental clinic without having a website and social media accounts. First step would be to create your online presence. Next step would be to add your website details and social media information on your visiting cards, pamphlets, and promotion material.

2.      Register yourself in the Online Directories.

Registering in your local online directories will help you get in front of local customers. Make sure to add important information like address, maps, and phone numbers so customers can contact you.

3.      Take Appointments through Website.

Adding an option to take appointments through website will make it really easy for your customers to book appointment with you. They can just reserve online for free and get a checkup with you.

4.      Rank for local searches by focusing on the Local SEO.

Claim your Google My Business page. Add your business information and get yourself on Google maps so you can be seen by nearby residents and locals.

5.      Collect Some Client Testimonials.

Ask your regular customers to send reviews of their experience and you can add them to the website. Make sure to add the names and photos of the reviewers.

6.      Take High Quality Pictures and Videos of your Clinic.

Hire a photographer to take some high quality videos and photos of your clinic. You will need to share these often on your social media and advertisements. You even need to add images to your Google listing.

7.      Create PPC ads to reach the right audience.

Creating an optimized AdWords campaign can get you immediate customers. You can learn all about creating AdWords online within a few minutes.

8.      Post Actual Before-After Photos on Website and Social Media.

If your patients allow you to take their before and after photos, then you must take them and share on your social media pages. These will highlight the quality of your service.

9.      Create Podcasts and Videos on Dental Care.

If you can create podcasts and videos on dental care then these will be really useful for your existing patients and attract new ones. Your tips if helpful will be circulated amongst people and you will reach a bigger audience.

10.  Focus on Emergency Keywords.

For any dental clinic, it’s very important to focus on emergency keywords while creating Google ads and website content. People are often looking for the closest dental clinic in terms of emergency.

11.  Find your Targeted Audience

You can connect with other doctors or potential patients on Twitter and build connections with them online and offline. They can refer their patients for dental services to your clinic. By using tools like Circleboom, you can search doctors or within your area and connect with them.

I hope you find these dental marketing strategies useful. Share your views and questions in the comments below!

Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

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