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5 tips to grow your Twitter account by spending 10 minutes every day

5 tips to grow your Twitter account by spending 10 minutes every day

. 4 min read

Can gaining new followers on Twitter be made simple? Should you invest your time in increasing your Twitter followers or just focus on posting content? Though posting engaging content is the best trick to grow your Twitter followers, you also need to try other simple methods that are effective and worth your time.

Let’s look at some of the most amazing tips that you can do everyday effortlessly and gain new followers on Twitter.

#1 Schedule 5-7 tweets for each day (Appx time to complete: 3 minutes)

The first step to gaining new followers is to share tweets that can get you on Twitter feeds of other people. To do this, you need to share tweets that are knowledgeable/ interesting/ unique/ funny or viral worthy. The reason you need to share at least 5-7 tweets per day is because that’s an ideal number to get noticed without appearing spammy.

Now, you must be wondering that sharing tweets is a task that can definitely not be done in 3 minutes. Well, it can be, if you use the right Twitter scheduling tool. Circleboom is a Twitter scheduler that allows you to easily schedule tweets by creating queues and by listing popular articles in your niche. All you need to do is click to add them to schedule.

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#2 Retweet tweets from 4-5 different accounts each day (Appx time to complete: 1 minute)

Retweeting on Twitter is a way to acknowledge and gain close connections on Twitter. In other words, it’s a way how you network on Twitter. When you retweet from accounts related to your niche, appreciating them, sooner or later, they will do the same. Doing this everyday means creating a circle of accounts who would retweet your tweet too.

This is an incredible exercise to gain new followers and something you can do from your phone at any time. So, get into the habit of retweeting tweets you like and engaging with other accounts.

#3 Engage with your fans and followers (Appx time to complete: 2 minutes)

Many Twitter accounts ignore this crucial step of engaging with your existing followers and fans. How does this help in gaining new followers? Well, when you reply and get replies, your tweets are noticed by other accounts too that follow your followers. Doing so helps you reach new accounts and also create a positive impression. When other accounts see the human side of your Twitter account, they are more interested in following you.

#4 Find and follow new Twitter accounts (Appx time to complete: 2 minutes)

A process that might seem to take forever can be done in minutes with the right tool at your disposal. Circleboom helps you find new Twitter accounts by using the “Smart Search” feature and then follow them easily. The more accounts you follow, the more accounts will follow you back, thus this is another must step in growing your Twitter followers.

You can also follow friends of your Twitter friends by using Circleboom’s “Find Friend Search” feature and gain followers relevant to your account.

#5 Analyze your Twitter analytics regularly (Appx time to complete: 2 minutes)

This is an everyday step that will help you gain your followers in the long-term. By analyzing your follower growth charts, your tweet engagement, you can understand if your above actions are bringing results. You can also analyze the data to understand which tweets bring better engagement and work towards that. Learning your Twitter analytics everyday is important to make sure your account is growing in the right direction.

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Final Words:

If you regularly follow all the steps above rigorously for a month, we bet you will see a definite increase in your Twitter followers. Doing it regularly will make your Twitter account worth a follow. So, go ahead, and get going!

Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

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