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7 desired features and improvements that Twitter doesn't have!

7 desired features and improvements that Twitter doesn't have!

. 8 min read

A couple of days ago, Michael Sayman who is a product lead at Twitter asked two questions from his profile on the platform. The first question was asking people to say the feature that they wish Twitter had. This was a straightforward question and people poured down their feature wishes for Twitter.

Tweet of Michael Sayman
The first tweet of Michael Sayman

It got a lot of reactions and became a source of what Twitter needs to fulfill people’s demands. Three days later, Sayman asked another question. This time, he asked people to say the feature they wish that Twitter didn’t have.  Although he insisted that he wrote “didn’t have”, again people listed their wishes for future improvements and features for Twitter.

The second tweet from Sayman
The second tweet from Sayman

7 Twitter features and improvements that people asking for

In our article, we listed the most requested 7 Twitter features according to the responses that came to Michael Sayman’s questions.

#1 Ability to mass delete tweets

That feature request has come from many individuals and made it the number one requested feature for Twitter. A remarkable amount of people want to delete all their tweets and have a fresh start on the platform.

Mass delete tweets
Asking for the ability to mass delete tweets

This is one example. Some other individuals elaborated on their needs. They want to mass delete tweets from a period of time, before and after a date.

Delete tweets by date
Mass deleting tweets within a time frame

Yes, it isn’t possible to mass delete tweets on Twitter. However, you can still use some other third-party tools to remove all your tweets, retweets, replies, and likes from your accounts and clean your Twitter account.

Circleboom Twitter is the most comprehensive Twitter management tool on the web. It offers amazing features and one of them is to mass delete tweets, retweets, likes, replies, and open a new page on your profile. You can also download your Twitter history archive and clean up your profile from zero.

On Circleboom, filtering down your tweets by date and keyword is possible too. You can search on specific keywords and mass delete all tweets that have them. Also, you can set a date and remove all tweets before or after a specific day, month, or year. If you want to read about this, check our detailed article here:

How to Delete Tweets by Date
Whatever your reason may be to delete tweets by date, with the right tool, getting rid of old tweets is not a problem anymore.

#2 An edit button

Interestingly, on the same day when Michael Sayman asked people their wishes about features on Twitter, Elon Musk created a poll on the platform asking “Do you want an edit button?” More than 4 million people participated in this poll and 73.6% of them voted in favor of an edit button.

Elon Mosk's Twitter poll on edit button
Elon Musk's "Edit Button" poll.

We don’t know related or not, the same request was in high demand under Sayman’s questions. People on Twitter definitely want an edit button.

Edit button requests on Twitter
Edit button requests on Twitter

Then, we all learned that Twitter ‘has been working on an edit button since last year. They made an announcement on the platform just a day later from Musk’s poll and Sayman’s question.

Twitter edit button

The solution on the Twitter side seems to wait for a while. But, the question is still here: How can we edit tweets?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit tweets on regular Twitter accounts once sent. But, you can edit your scheduled tweets before sharing them. You can schedule tweets by using some third-party tools and Circleboom Publish is the most comprehensive but the simplest one at the same time.

If you want to learn more about how to schedule tweets and how to edit scheduled tweets before sharing them, you can read our detailed guide here:

Ultimate Twitter Scheduler: Schedule tweets like a pro
As you schedule tweets according to the best time to tweet, you can reach and engage more followers and grow your audience on Twitter.

#3 A better verification system

Verification on Twitter is symbolized by a blue tick. Sometimes it is argued that not real people and accounts who deserve verification get the blue Twitter tick. And sometimes, Twitter gives a blue verification badge to fake accounts, mistakenly.  

Under Sayman’s tweet, many people expressed this verification issue. They want Twitter verification more systematized. Here is one example of these suggestions:

Verified Twitter accounts
A more sophisticated verification system on Twitter is wanted.

Regarding verified Twitter accounts, users can filter their and someone else’s Twitter followers and friends by their verification status. You can get a list of verified Twitter users among your Twitter followers. If you want to know more about this Circleboom feature, you can read our blog article here:

How to List all My Verified Followers on Twitter
With Circleboom’s latest feature, you can force accounts that follow you to unfollow you.

#4 Bookmark shortcut

It is not one of the most wanted features but it is found “interesting” by Micheal Sayman. It is about defining a shortcut to bookmark on Twitter.

Bookmark shortcut

#5 Expanded search feature

Searching within the platform is another frequently asked feature for Twitter. People wrote under Sayman’s tweet that they want “expanded Twitter search functions”.

Expanded search feature on Twitter
People are asking for "expanded search functions" on Twitter. 

We don’t know if Twitter will expand its search functions, but we are certain that Circleboom Twitter has an amazing “Smart Search”. This function allows users to search keywords and hashtags all over Twitter and find profiles who use these keywords on their tweets, bios, etc.

You can find out more about Circleboom’s Search tool by reading our article here:

How to find the right Twitter profiles to follow
It is essential to find the right profiles to follow and grow your social network healthily. Circleboom has two features, “Smart Search” and “Keyword/Hashtag Search”, created to enable you to find the right peers on Twitter.

#6 Deleting a specific tweet from a thread

Deleting all tweets is something. But, deleting a specific tweet from a Twitter thread is another. People are asking for the ability to remove a single tweet that spoils the coherence of the whole thread.

Here is an example of these requests;

Delete a spesific tweet from a thread
Deleting a single tweet from a Twitter thread.

We believe this would be a great improvement. However, we are not sure when this improvement will be made. Until that time, you can continue to use Circleboom Twitter’s delete services to delete a specific tweet. On Circleboom, you can filter your tweets by date and by keyword. So, you can find a delete a specific tweet from a thread easily.

Then, you can delete these tweet(s) without any problem.

#7 Bot/spam/fake account detection

We don’t know how many bot or fake accounts are there on Twitter. Research indicated that between 9% and 15% of all tweets are coming from bot accounts. This is a huge number. Sometimes, they are organized on specific topics. For example, during the Covid pandemic, there was a big movement on Twitter about the subject. Another research claimed that almost half of accounts that are tweeting about Coronavirus are fake and bot profiles.

This is an important problem. So, naturally, people are asking for a feature or improvement from Twitter to detect and eliminate bots and fake accounts.

Fake/Spam/Bot Twitter accounts
Detect and eliminate bot accounts on Twitter

This can be an urgent issue and we don’t know if Twitter will take care of it. We may have some fake or spam Twitter followers who are spoiling our Twitter timeline right now. Can we detect them? Yes, we can!

Circleboom Twitter is again in your service. You can detect fake/spam/bot accounts that are following you. If you want to remove them, you can visit their profiles through Circleboom, check their profiles with your eyes and unfollow them if you wish. That’s simple! If you want to learn more about this, you’d better check this out:

Twitter Bot Checker: That’s how to check for Twitter Bots!
To protect your Twitter account against spammers, it’s best to delete those ghost Twitter accounts and fakes after a Twitter bot checker.

Final Words

Surely, there are many other feature and improvement requests under Twitter product lead Michael Sayman’s tweet. We have compiled the most popular 7 of them that get the most interactions.

We don’t know even if these requests will be fulfilled by Twitter itself in the future. But, we all agree that they are essential features and improvements for effective, healthy Twitter management.

As you read above, you can reach almost all of them with Circleboom Twitter at affordable prices.

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