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How can I make my LinkedIn connections into followers?

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LinkedIn is a growing platform because it has evolved from a job-sharing place to a multi-faceted, informational channel in the course of the last couple of years. If you don't want to fall behind your competitors in your business, you have to follow the latest updates on your niche through LinkedIn.

Now, you can

To make these actions meaningful, you need a community on LinkedIn. There are two ways of connection on LinkedIn that you can build with other users: "connecting" and "following". They differ at some points.

Connecting vs. Following

Connecting Following
Relationship Type Mutual Relationship One-Sided Relationship
Messaging Yes, Direct Messaging No Direct Messaging (unless mutual connection)
Profile Access Full Profile Access Limited Profile View
Content Visibility See Shared Content and Updates See Posts and Updates in the Feed

What's the difference between following and connecting on LinkedIn?

"Connecting" on LinkedIn creates a relationship between users. When you connect with someone, you access each other's complete profiles and become 1st-degree connections, enabling direct conversation. This reciprocal relationship enables private communications, profile recommendations, and access to extensive career information. Your network grows as a result, leading to new prospects and teamwork.

On LinkedIn, however, "Following" someone is a one-sided relationship. When you follow someone, their posts and updates appear in your feed, but they are not required to follow you back. Even though you can't communicate with them directly, you can still keep up with their professional activity using this method. Like subscribing to someone's updates, following allows you to interact with their thoughts and content without requiring a reciprocal connection.

If you follow someone on LinkedIn, do they know?

No, when you follow someone on LinkedIn, they won't be notified or get any special alert telling them you've done so. On LinkedIn, following someone is a private action that doesn't send the follower any notifications. You can covertly monitor someone else's postings and updates in your feed because your choice to follow them is not made public.

How to connect on LinkedIn without knowing the person

It's essential to keep things polite and considerate when reaching out on LinkedIn to someone you have yet to meet in person. Start interacting with their material by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts. You can also follow their profile. Sincere interaction creates a rapport, which increases the likelihood that your subsequent connection request will be granted. Furthermore, utilize the "Connect" option on the platform carefully, and always customize your invitation with a brief note outlining your reason for connecting.

Whether you're appreciating their work, sharing professional interests, or getting industry insights, be clear about your aims. Recognize that some users prefer connections from people who know their email addresses exclusively and abide by their privacy settings. Participating in group conversations on LinkedIn can also offer a natural setting for networking if you belong to the same groups. Recall that sincere professional interest and genuine interactions drive the growth of a professional network on LinkedIn.

Why won't LinkedIn let me connect?

There are a few things to consider while connecting on LinkedIn to ensure a civil and fruitful networking encounter. First and foremost, it's imperative to customize your connection requests. Write a brief, kind note outlining your reasons for wishing to get in touch. Mention shared professional aspirations, shared interests, or shared connections. Making your invitations unique shows that you are genuinely interested in them, which improves the chances that your requests will be granted.

Second, make sure your LinkedIn profile is current and presents a professional image. A complete profile with a high-quality photo boosts your trustworthiness and invites others to get in touch. Posing a comprehensive profile gives prospective contacts confidence regarding your sincerity and expertise.

Finally, consider your networking approach carefully. Refrain from making a lot of connection requests in a short time, especially to those with whom you don't have a truly professional relationship. If LinkedIn consistently rejects or flags your connections as spam, it may limit your access to the platform. Instead, concentrate on interacting with people you know personally or have already worked with to create a meaningful network. To cultivate genuine relationships in your network, participate in meaningful activities like posting insightful content and leaving comments on other people's postings.

You may improve your LinkedIn experience and create a valuable and accurate professional network by tailoring your requests, keeping your profile professional, and using a thoughtful networking strategy.

It is clear that if you want to grow your community on LinkedIn, you must increase your LinkedIn traffic. If you can drive more people to your LinkedIn content, more people will desire to connect and follow you. This way, you will have a chance to turn your LinkedIn connections into followers!

How to get more traffic on LinkedIn

Like in all other social media channels, great content is the most powerful and organic method to get more traffic on LinkedIn. If you can produce attention-driving posts and share them at the best times, you can maximize your possibility of gaining more traffic and followers. Also, you can turn your existing connections into followers.

Being a professional LinkedIn user needs professional assistance. You can't always find the ideas that will hit the target. Or, if you have the idea, you need words and images to convey it. All these obstacles hinder the creation of content for LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Here Circleboom steps in! You can utilize its LinkedIn Post Generator to create, design, post, schedule, and automate your LinkedIn posts for your multiple LinkedIn Profiles and Company Pages.

AI-Powered LinkedIn Post Generator

Auto-generate LinkedIn posts with Circleboom for your multiple accounts at once!


Circleboom is a comprehensive social media management tool that supports LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile. You can manage multiple accounts in one place.

It has amazing built-in extensions: Canva, Unsplash, Giphy, and ChatGPT. You can curate content and find the best images, graphics, videos, filters, effects, etc. to embellish your posts. Thanks to OpenAI integration, you can auto-generate your texts and find your tone and style with the correct words.

Once your content is ready, it is still not the time to spread it over the platform. First, you can grow your reach with the correct hashtags. Circleboom's LinkedIn Hashtag Generator helps you find related, popular hashtags for your post.

Plus, you can write the first comments for your LinkedIn posts in advance and schedule them with Circleboom. Therefore, you will have more space to be more visible to other people on the platform.

Once all these are set, you can share your LinkedIn post. If you know the best time to send, you can maximize your impressions and engagement. Circleboom provides the optimal times to share on all supported social media channels. You can pick the most appropriate one and schedule your LinkedIn content.

Now, you know how to gain more traffic on LinkedIn and make your "connections" into your "followers" to create a more professional LinkedIn profile.

Consistency is key on social media. So, if you can keep creating content, that will drive attention from other users. If you worry about finding ideas, do not! Circleboom's automation tools help you connect RSS Feeds and queue schedule your LinkedIn posts.

You can automatically share updates from your favorite journals, magazines, newspapers, and blogs. You can set intervals and let Circleboom auto-share from RSS Feeds.

For example, you have a website and want to share your website content automatically on your multiple LinkedIn account.

Then you can create an RSS Feed of your website and connect it to your LinkedIn accounts through Circleboom.

Another way of automation on Circleboom is queue scheduling. You can set time intervals and share your LinkedIn posts automatically.

LinkedIn queue scheduling

Final Words

Success on social media is measured by your community. If you enhance your reach with real people, you will be getting more impressions and engagement.

A bigger community can be created with more traffic. You can enlarge your LinkedIn audience by creating captivating content. Circleboom helps you in creating, designing, sharing, and scheduling your LinkedIn posts. You can take advantage of its amazing tools and features.

There are more on Circleboom. You can try them at affordable prices.

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