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How can I schedule more than 10 posts a day on social media?

. 6 min read

With the introduction of native scheduling features on many platforms, scheduling a high volume of social media posts, more than 10 a day, can technically be done manually.

You sign in to each platform, create your posts, adjust your visual sizes accordingly, write your texts in line with different character limits, be online at the best times to post, and so on.

Everyday stuff, for a person or a business that can spare hours and hours working on all these, and do it every day. Yeah, I can hear you saying, "Ain't nobody got time for that", and you are right. To efficiently manage such a process, you need to have a scheduling tool. And if you're not already convinced by all these, you might want to check out the following article:

The Benefits of Using Social Media Scheduling Tools
If you’re a business owner, social media manager, or anyone else responsible for managing a social media presence, you know how time-consuming and overwhelming it can be to keep up with your accounts. This is where social media scheduling tools come in.

When I say a social media scheduling tool, I mean a comprehensive one with supporting features to help you create and design your content, time your posts, manage multiple accounts on one platform, and maybe even automate your social media.

Luckily, I know a tool that can do all these and more: Circleboom Publish.

Circleboom Publish

Circleboom supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, YouTube, and TikTok (soon).


I can hear you ask, "Why Circleboom when there are many other tools out there?", and there are many answers to this question:

Why Circleboom?

With all these features, it can be called ideal for agencies, content creators, influencers, small businesses, NGOs, and corporations with many different pricing tiers.

Now, if you're convinced about this powerhouse, let's see how you can schedule 10 or more social media posts a day by using Circleboom:

Step #1: Create your account and log in.

Then you'll be asked to connect your social accounts.

Step #2: Once you add your social account, you'll see the "Create New Post" button on the dashboard.

Click "Create New Post" or pick any platform you'd like.

Step #3: Pick your social accounts, get through visuals with the design tools, and create your caption with built-in ChatGPT without leaving the platform.

Once these are done, you're actually ready to share or schedule your post. But there is more to help you increase your posting frequency and speed up your content processes.

Step #4: Let's create your calendar so that you don't even need to schedule every other post one by one.

Visit "Time and Queue Settings" to adjust your posting calendar or pick the best times to post with a single click. Then save your settings for each social account.

Step #5: You can also take advantage of the content curation feature by clicking on the "Discover Articles" button on the menu.

Here, you can define your article interest from thousands of categories and curated content among 10,000s hand-picked articles to be auto-posted.

Step #6: Last but not least, you can connect some RSS feeds, either from your own sites or outer sources, to make posting on social media as effortless as possible!

Pick your accounts, copy and paste your valid RSS feed URL, set up posting intervals, and enjoy the content flowing into your social timelines by itself!

As you see, it's really easy to schedule more than 10 posts a day on social media if you have a powerhouse like Circleboom at your service.

Once you've finished scheduling, you'll see the scheduled posts on the right side of your dashboard.

Or you can always visit your outbox to see them in more detail:

As in the example seen above, I have a total of 13 posts scheduled in my outbox, and 10 of them are for different accounts on a single day. And it took me not more than a few minutes, really.

Speaking of your outbox, you can also use the "Repost" feature of Circleboom to repost your old posts, as the name indicates.

It can be a popular tweet that you want to re-gain the engagements of, a product you had promoted not less than a few months ago, or it can even be a GMB post that had vanished in 7 days!

Here's how you can repost your old posts on Circleboom Publish to save great time and effort, not only from creating new content but also from finding content ideas!

Step #1: Skipping the account creation and login parts and assuming that you're on your dashboard, simply hover on the left menu.

From there, you need to choose "sent items".

Step #2: Scroll through your old posts for some inspiration.

You can apply filters based on dates, platforms, post types, and share groups.

Step #3: Now it's time to bring those old posts back to life.

There are the options of adding them to your queue, editing them, and rescheduling them.

If you add them to your queue, your post is automatically scheduled to be re-shared at the next available time slot of your already created calendar.

If you want to schedule it again, you can simply pick the time and dates for your posts to go, or even proceed with your suggested best times to post depending on the platform.

Want to make more edits? Then just click on "Edit post", the button at the very right, and you'll be taken to the initial post creation screen with your visuals, texts, and everything else ready for you. In other words, you'll be using your old post as a draft to create something just a little different from that.

Final Words

You see, scheduling more than 10 posts a day on social media is quite easy, almost regardless of the platform, but only if you have the right tool, which, in this case, is Circleboom Publish.

Still not convinced? Then you should give it a try yourself, as it offers a 14-day trial. What is there to lose anyway?

Fatih Kemal Oksuzoglu

Passionate about the latest trends and developments in the digital world, all the way from social media marketing to cybersecurity, and enjoys sharing his insights and tips.

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