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Use Twitter for Art: All you need to know before starting!

Use Twitter for Art: All you need to know before starting!

. 9 min read

Twitter currently has nearly 400 million monthly active users, and 6,000 tweets are posted every second. The platform continues to expand both in numbers and features.

The growth of the platform makes it more appealing to many business industries.

Twitter makes it easier for many companies and individuals to reach out to their target audience, expand their circle, strengthen their relations with their followers, increase their brand awareness, boost their visibility and build a loyal community around their brand.

And, this is, of course, valid for the art industry, too!

Regardless of their profession, many artists want to take advantage of Twitter's limitless opportunities. If you are one of the many but not sure how to use Twitter for art, we are here to help you!

In this blog post, we aim to explain how to use Twitter for art, when is the best time to promote art on Twitter, which art hashtags you should use. Also, we will provide you with some trending art accounts to get inspired by them about how to use Twitter for art.

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How to use Twitter for art?

If you're an artist or operate an art company, your social media presence may help you grow your business quickly by allowing you to promote your work on social media networks.

However, this is only possible with the appropriate marketing plan. So, first of all, you need to define your goals and build a marketing strategy to fulfill your expectations.

Basics to use Twitter for art

Before promoting art on Twitter, make sure that you effectively use every part of your Twitter account. People tend to make initial impressions based on your profile image and bio.

So, we suggest you upload a high-quality headshot photo of yours. This will help you to increase your credibility.

Also, you can provide links to your website, portfolios, blogs, and future exhibitions in your bio to boost your online visibility. You can also use the cover image to promote your fresh artworks and exhibitions.

All of the information you require is contained in a single interactive Twitter audience analytics graph with Circleboom's Twitter Interest Targeting feature!

All of the information you require is contained in a single interactive Twitter audience analytics graph with Circleboom's Twitter Interest Targeting feature!
Twitter Interest Targeting graph by Circleboom Twitter

You'll constantly be aware of what your Twitter followers are talking about, and you'll be able to send out precise tweets!

Be personal and engage with your audience

Most artists mistakenly build their social media strategy with one-way communication when using Twitter for art. Engagement and interaction are the keys to an effective social media strategy, which is also especially valid for the art industry. Artists don't basically sell a commodity; it is the ideas and the individuals behind them.

In sum, get personal with your audience. Whether you are a painter, musician, or performance artist, you should convey your ideas and traits through your artwork and engagement. Even if your sole purpose is to sell your work, you need to become an industry thought leader and build an art community with your words.

For example, the painter Steve Bird makes live-streaming sessions and invites his audience to watch him painting a new work of art. So, his followers can get to know him better and see his work in progress. Also, this strategy makes it possible for you to show your hard work and creativity behind the scenes.

You can use Twitter for art to promote your events and exhibitions.

Use Twitter Lists to expand your circle

Another way to use Twitter for art is to create Twitter Lists to follow the updates in art.

With Circleboom Twitter, you can export the following lists of famous art galleries and people and find out relevant people who might be interested in your work.

It is a great way to expand your circle as it becomes much easier to reach your target audience.

Make use of pinned Tweets

If you have fresh artwork or an upcoming exhibition, you can use pinned tweets to increase visibility.

The pinning feature will ensure that the tweet will be the first thing your audience sees on your page, regardless of when it was published.

By pinning your tweet, you'll be able to generate a persistent call to action that may direct people to your Dribbble, Behance, and Deviantart accounts or the announcement of your forthcoming exhibits and launches.

Geotagging is necessary for exhibitions and workshops

Geotagging may be used on Twitter to alert your followers about your events and workshops regarding exhibitions.

Anyone looking for the location on Twitter can more easily find the location details in your tweet. It may even attract folks who might not usually go to the art exhibits in the neighborhood.

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Best time to post art on Twitter?

Whether you're introducing a new art exhibition at an art gallery or a new artwork, you'll want to know the optimal time to promote art on Twitter to reach much more people.

Avoiding weekends is a popular tip for the optimum time to promote art on Twitter for maximum coverage. That shouldn't come as a shock because most individuals participate in activities on weekends that they had already arranged throughout the week.

Of course, you can still tweet on weekends to inform people about upcoming activities for the day as a reminder.  Instead of posting on weekends, you can post your content in the afternoon during the weekdays to get the most of it.

But still, these are just general guidelines for the best time to use Twitter for art. If you don't want to leave it to chance and take a risk, you can get help from the ultimate Twitter management tool, Circleboom Twitter.

Circleboom Twitter will give you the best time to post to promote art on Twitter (Disclaimer: Sample Graph)
Circleboom Twitter will give you the best time to post to promote art on Twitter (Disclaimer: Sample Graph)

Circleboom Twitter gives you the best time to post by analyzing your own circle on Twitter. Art people might have a wide range of habits and schedules.

So, you need to become familiar with your target audience's specific lifestyles and routines. Thankfully, Circleboom Twitter can provide you with this insight within a few seconds.

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Also, you can take Circleboom's Twitter scheduler to create your posts and schedule them in bulk in advance to reach your audience at the best time!

Bonus: Art hashtags for Twitter

Hashtags are probably something you've heard about before. They're keywords with the # sign in front of them. For example, a hashtag for "home decor" might be #homedecor.

Hashtags on Twitter together similar themes, making it more straightforward for users to locate the content they're looking for.

The hashtag strategy is one of the key factors to use Twitter for art effectively. As you include proper hashtags in your posts, you may increase the visibility of your art and reach out to more potential followers and eventually buyers.

#Art, #artinfo, #artgallery, #artnews, #photo, #painting, #photography, #acrylic, #abstract, #watercolor are some of the popular art-related hashtags. But you need to make sure that you are using relevant hashtags in your tweets. It would be better to avoid using hashtags just because they are popular.

Instead of this, you can try making up your personal hashtags and using the Twitter search tool to see what you can find in this hashtag topic.

With Keyword & Hashtag Tracker, you may look for trends you're interested in on Twitter profiles, including bios and tweets. To identify Twitter accounts with similar tastes to yours, use a keyword/hashtag search.

When you try to look up a hashtag, remember to keep it short and straightforward. And, there is absolutely no such thing as more hashtags, more reach.

You can also check leading artists in your industry to find out the trending hashtags to promote art on Twitter.

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Artists to follow on Twitter

We have gathered different kinds of best Twitter art accounts to get inspired. You can get some fascinating ideas about promoting art on Twitter and the trendy hashtags used widely.

#1 @artistaday

If you want to discover new artists, @artistaday can be one of the best Twitter art accounts for you!

Every day, they post a different artwork from another emerging artist.

#2 @artsy

@Artsy is one of the most famous art news accounts on Twitter. If you want to use Twitter for art not only for discovering but to buy, Artsy can be a good option for you, too!

You can also get inspired by their profile to sell art on Twitter.

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#3 @stevebirdartist

Steve Bird is a British watercolor artist who uses Twitter for art actively. He uses Twitter to promote and sell his paintings.

Also, he announces his live-stream painting sessions. You can check his profile to see an excellent example of an artist's Twitter profile.

#4 @honor_fraser

Honor Fraser is an art gallery located in Los Angeles. They strongly support emerging media artists working with new technologies.

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#5 @markweaver

Mark Weaver is an NYC-based artist and collector. He posts about his own artwork and some other incredible artists' pieces.

You can also get art-related updates by following this one of the best Twitter art accounts.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we aim to provide you with some practical ideas, strategies, and tips to promote art on Twitter. You don't need to be a social media professional to use Twitter for art. By following the advanced audience insights provided by Circleboom, you can easily enhance your Twitter visibility as we are sure that your art speaks for itself!

There are many ways to use Twitter for art. When used correctly, Twitter can help you boost your awareness as an artist, promote your exhibitions, expand your fans and eventually increase your sales.

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