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Who are my Twitter followers? Learn everything about your followers

. 4 min read

Do you ever wonder, who are my Twitter followers? Knowing your Twitter followers is the science that anyone with a good number of followers should not escape from. The more you understand who your followers are, the better content you can provide them.

Knowing your followers is true for all social media platforms be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. While Facebook and Instagram have inbuilt analytics that give you insights on who your audience is, Twitter has no such feature.

Twitter’s inbuilt analytics doesn’t share any data regarding your followers demographic, interest, or any other distribution. If you want to understand who your Twitter followers are, you need to use third-party apps like Circleboom that can provide credible information to you regarding the same.

How do I track my Twitter followers daily/weekly/monthly
Whether you have a few hundred or few thousand followers, everyone wants to track their Twitter followers and monitor their growth. Here are some easy steps to easily track Twitter follower count.

Features of Circleboom’s follower analytics:

Circleboom is a reliable Twitter app that has been providing Twitter follower analytics for over years now. The app has detailed and beautiful charts that can easily allow you to learn about your Twitter followers and share with others as well. Let’s have a look at everything you can know about your followers using Circleboom.

Fake vs human vs inactive vs overactive followers:

Don’t you want to know how many of your Twitter followers are real with Twitter filled with spam and fake accounts? This feature does exactly that. With Circleboom’s friends and followers characteristics, you can determine how many real followers you have. The charts also clearly divide your followers by:

  • Human vs fake followers
  • Verified vs unverified followers
  • Active vs inactive followers
  • Ordinary vs overactive followers

Gender of your Twitter followers:

Is gender important in planning your Twitter content? Of Course it is, especially if you’re a fashion brand that needs to target based on your followers’ gender. With Circleboom analytics, you can access gender stats and clearly learn about your followers. The gender breakdown is given for both followers and friends so you can use it accordingly.

Interests of your Twitter followers:

Perhaps the most important metric in understanding your Twitter followers is knowing their interests. And, Circleboom has the best way to present it to you with the interest cloud. The interest cloud clearly highlights all the possible interests of your followers combined in a simple chart. The bigger the font, the more your followers are interested in the particular interest.

This information is vital for small businesses and brands. You can use this information to plan what content to post, what areas to focus on, and if you’re missing any particular segment that your followers are interested in.

Time when your Twitter followers are online:

Another important metric that you cannot miss is knowing when your followers are online. This can help you schedule your posts at times when they are online for maximum engagement. With Circleboom’s best time to tweet, you can quickly learn the day and times when your followers are online.

Do you know who your Twitter followers are now?

With all the Twitter follower analytics presented above, I’m sure you have a very good idea about your Twitter users and you understand them a lot better now. To use Circleboom analytics, authenticate your Twitter account with Circleboom, and from the menu, select “Analytics” and all this information will be available to you.

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Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

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