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A Quick 1-Min Twitter Audit to Find Your Real Followers

. 2 min read

Gauging your followers once in a while is a good way to know who you actually follow. Twitter removed more than 70 million fake accounts last year as an attempt to cleanse Twitter of false accounts. Even then, there’s a good probability of you following fake/bots/spam Twitter accounts. A quick Twitter audit can help you find your real followers.

A good Twitter audit would involve analyzing all the accounts you follow and looking for:

  • Bots/Fake Twitter accounts:

Accounts that have been created by third-party apps as bot accounts to increase unreal activity on the platform. These accounts do not belong to any real person and have no actual engagement or connection with any Twitter account.

  • Inactive accounts:

Inactive accounts are the Twitter accounts that have been created by users who don’t use it anymore. According to stats, out of 1.3 billion Twitter accounts, 391 million accounts have 0 followers. Such accounts are an example of inactive accounts who create accounts but don’t follow, don’t tweet, and end up with no followers.

  • Eggheads:

Eggheads are Twitter accounts with no profile picture. These accounts are often considered as suspicious accounts because real people prefer to add a profile picture to their Twitter accounts.

Spotting these Twitter accounts can be very helpful as these are non-interactive accounts and following them is not beneficial to you.

In this article, we will look at the quickest way to perform your Twitter audit.

How to Perform Twitter Audit in a Minute:

Just logging in to your Circleboom dashboard can give you a complete Twitter audit of your Twitter account. To login to the Circleboom, you need to authenticate your Twitter account and you will be logged in.

Once logged in, you can see your Twitter audit on the dashboard. Here’s what the audit looks like:

Quick Free Twitter Audit
  • Audit Fake Followers:

On the top right, the total number of fake followers you follow are listed. If you’re following any bot account, the total number will be listed here. To get the complete list all the fake Twitter accounts you follow, go to Circleboom meu on the left, select “The Circle”-> “Fake/Spam.” To unfollow an account, you can click on the “Visit” button next to the account to visit their account and unfollow them.

  • Audit Inactive Twitter Accounts:

On your Circleboom dashboard, you can see the inactive accounts you follow at the bottom of the grid. Click on “Take a Look” to list all the inactive accounts you are following.

  • Audit Eggheads:

You can audit your eggheads on the Circleboom dashboard by going to the menu and select “The Circle’-> “Eggheads.” All your eggheads will be listed and you can unfollow them by visiting your account.

Checking the accounts above can help you perform a quick Twitter audit and get rid of accounts you don’t want to follow anymore.

Final Thoughts:

Rather than using a non-trustworthy tool, you can use Circleboom which is a 100% reliable Twitter tool to perform your Twitter audit. Being a compliant Twitter tool, it helps you stay within the boundaries of Twitter while auditing and unfollowing.

Harshita Agrawal
Harshita Agrawal

Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

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