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How to tweet more than 280 characters on Twitter!

. 7 min read

You have a brilliant thought, a hilarious story, an insightful experience – and then you slam into that 280-character limit of Twitter. Same with me! But don't worry, as there are ways to break free and share your voice.

I’m here to share some insider tips on how to post more than 280 characters on Twitter.

Most of my friends know me as someone so talkative that I can hardly ever tell the short version of any story. (It was even harder for me when the Twitter character limit was 140 and not 280 before Musk, and I honestly hated Twitter back then!)

After becoming a more active Twitter user, however, I felt the need to come up with some solutions to this habit of mine, including the use of the following tool

Circleboom Publish

Circleboom supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, YouTube, and TikTok (soon).


You see, even this intro was too long, right? Anyway, let's turn back to our topic. Here are the runarounds of posting on Twitter with more than 280 characters:

1- Beat Twitter's 280-character limit with Twitter threads

You're probably aware that Twitter allows you to connect a series of tweets to form a thread. All you need to do for that is start your tweet as usual and then click on the + button to add more tweets to your thread.

PRO TIP: The number of tweets you can add to a single Twitter thread at once is limited also. I've personally tested and found it to be 24, as below.
You can add 24 tweets to a single Twitter thread at once.

So what if even this is not enough for you? How can you beat that tweet limit on threads? Well, for me, the solution was Circleboom Publish.

Its Twitter thread maker doesn't only let me go with Twitter threads with more than 25 tweets, but it also provides an excellent experience for creating, designing, publishing, and scheduling Twitter threads to reach a larger audience. Many other social media management tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer still lack this feature to beat Twitter's 280 character limit, let alone beating the 25-tweet limit on a Twitter thread.

You can add more than 25 tweets to a single Twitter thread at once with Circleboom.

As you can see, beating the limits is not the only magic of Circleboom. It also comes with built-in design tools so that you can support your text with

Is there more? Absolutely! With Circleboom, you can connect and manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Also, you can schedule entire Twitter threads, which are not offered natively on Twitter. All these make Circleboom a superior choice compared to Twitter and other tools.

BONUS: Wondering when to send out your tweets and threads for maximum engagement? Circleboom also has another tool: Circleboom Twitter. This tool specializes in Twitter management and provides users with useful statistics, graphs, and information to boost impressions and engagement for your accounts. One of these amazing features is the ‘best time to tweet.’ Read more below ⬇️:
How to determine your “Best Time to Post” on Twitter!
Let’s find out how to find your user-specific best time to post on Twitter! Circleboom gives you the chance to maximize your impressions and engagement on Twitter!

A lot more to tell about Twitter threads, but I need to provide some more info on how to post more than 280 characters on Twitter. So if you're really that into Twitter threads, here's a more comprehensive guide:

How to Make a Thread on Twitter (X)!
Let’s find out the best tips to make and schedule threads on Twitter (X) to enhance your tweeting space and reach more accounts and engagement!

2. Go beyond the limit of 280 characters on Twitter: Twitter Premium

You may also consider upgrading to Twitter Premium and enjoy the luxury of 25,000 characters a tweet at your fingertips. But it will come with a limitation too, and only show the first 280 characters on the timelines of others.

On the other hand, subscribing to premium comes with a few other features, including having a checkmark by your profile, which is also widely known as "becoming verified".

Many people are dying to find verified accounts to connect with them, so this might even be helpful for growing your account.

If you're also one of them, having a sneak peek into other people's verified followers may be helpful for you. See how below:
How to List Someone’s Verified (Blue Ticked) Followers on Twitter
I’m sure you get excited every time you see a verified or blue ticked Twitter account on your feed. So, wouldn’t it be perfect if you could get the list of verified followers/friends of other Twitter accounts?

3. Is a picture worth a thousand words to post more than 280 characters on Twitter?

We've all seen those tweets with screenshots of text. It's not the most elegant solution, but it works and is also easy to do.

Just write your longer message in another app, take a screenshot of the text, and upload the screenshot as an image in your tweet as below:

But remember that screenshots are not too convenient to read long texts. But hey, at least it's limitless, right? ... Right?

Not really, no. You cannot post more than 4 images on a single tweet, so again, you need to make threads if you need more than 4 images. More info on posting multiple images on social media platforms can be found here:
How to post multiple photos on social media?
The very basic idea behind the importance of multiple photos on social media is that it increases the average view duration per post. Whether they are similar or different, or they are related to each other or not, multiple photographs boost the engagement time of the viewer with the post.

If you are after to know how to create Twitter threads that have 4 pictures in each tweet, check this article ⬇️
How can I do a Thread on Twitter with 4 pictures in each tweet?
Twitter threads allow you to connect multiple tweets, creating a cohesive narrative or sharing information in a structured manner. But what if you want to include images in your thread? Fear not—in this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to create a Twitter thread with four pictures in each t…

Bonus: Post more than 280 characters on Twitter without posting more than 280 characters

If your masterpiece already exists online, like a blog post or article, you can share the link in your tweet and summarize the key points within the character limit. This is not directly writing more than 280 characters on Twitter, but it's a good option to drive traffic to your other content.

Beat the Twitter character limit of 280 by sharing links

PRO TIP: If you're actively creating content somewhere, you may want to connect the RSS feed of that platform to your Twitter account to achieve true Twitter automation. Doing so will automatically share your most recent publications on Twitter. See how:
How to Create My Website RSS Feed in 2024!
RSS is the abbreviation of “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary.” Once you have an RSS feed set up for your content, your audience can plug this into their RSS readers, providing them with automatic updates whenever you post anything new.

So what's the best way to beat all these limitations?

Every alternative way of running around Twitter's limit of 280 characters has a downside, even posting native threads on Twitter. So if you have a lot to tell, I'm recommending the use of Circleboom again and again. It even has a 14-day trial, so what is there to lose if you just give it a try? I'm sure you'll like it anyway...

Fatih Kemal Oksuzoglu

Passionate about the latest trends and developments in the digital world, all the way from social media marketing to cybersecurity, and enjoys sharing his insights and tips.

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