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Auto post to Pinterest effortlessly!

Circleboom Social Media Management Tool enables users to plan, design, schedule their posts to manage multiple social media accounts from one place.

We support automation for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile and Pinterest.

Advanced Pinterest scheduler


Circleboom Publish's Advanced Pinterest Scheduler helps you create, design, share, schedule, and automate Pinterest image and video pins for multiple Pinterest boards and accounts at once.

Now, you can add titles and URLs to your Pinterest image and video pins on Circleboom. You can change the thumbnails of your video pins as you wish.

You can convert traffic from your pins to your website by adding URLs to your Pinterest posts. You can promote your services and products on Pinterest and drive visitors to your website with a proper Pinterest marketing strategy.

With Circleboom Publish, you can easily create pin queues to automate pins on Pinterest.


Do you need a Pinterest automation tool to share your pins on multiple boards and accounts automatically and continuously? As the most comprehensive Pinterest scheduling app, Circleboom Publish provides its users with a remarkable ability to share pins in an automated way: Queue scheduling.

The queue scheduling feature on Circleboom's Pinterest scheduler tool enables you to automatically set time intervals and create pin queues to publish your pins. This makes you target different time zones and parts of a day. Imagine you can post pins to your multiple Pinterest boards and accounts while sleeping on Circleboom Publish.

The Pinterest auto poster on Circleboom Publish makes your Pinterest experience easier, funnier, and safer. The tiresome process of creating, designing, and scheduling pins on Pinterest becomes a joy with Circleboom Publish's Pinterest scheduler tool.

Pinterest is not your only option on Circleboom. On the same dashboard, you can use Twitter scheduler or LinkedIn post scheduler for your multiple accounts.

Pinterest Hashtag Generator


Using hashtags on Pinterest can boost your Pinterest reach, impressions, and engagement. Enriching your Pinterest posts with proper hashtags is one of the best ways to post on Pinterest and level up your Pinterest experience.

Thanks to Circleboom Publish's Pinterest Hashtag Generator, you will find the most relevant hashtags for your Pinterest pins. You won't need to search on the internet for Pinterest hashtags related to your Pinterest posts. You can use ready-made hashtag groups on Circleboom and add them to your Pinterest posts to increase your reach and make your pins more accessible.

Circleboom Publish also has a great Instagram Hashtag Generator. Thanks to ready-made Instagram hashtags, you can find the most relevant hashtags for your Instagram pictures, videos, reels, grid and panoramic posts on Circleboom.

You can quickly schedule pins with Pinterest bulk pinner.


Don’t worry if you are looking for a Pinterest bulk pinner tool for your Pinterest account(s). On Circleboom Publish, you can create your Pinterest pins in bulk and schedule or post them easily in a few seconds!

It becomes a nightmare when you have lots of pins to share on Pinterest. You can feel lazy or forget to post in a day. So, the best practice for your multiple pins is to bulk schedule them on Circleboom Publish. You can choose a day and schedule all your pins for the whole week or even a month in one sitting. This will save you an amazing amount of time, believe us!

Circleboom Publish helps you promote your services and products on Pinterest with multiple pins. You can create the best Pinterest marketing strategy with great tools and features on Circleboom.

Circleboom Publish is the best Tailwind alternative for Pinterest available on the market.

You can quickly schedule video pins on Pinterest with Circleboom Publish.


Not only images but also you can schedule video pins on Pinterest with Circleboom Publish. Circleboom Publish is the best Pinterest scheduling software that supports photo and video pins on Pinterest. You can import your files from your computer and post them directly to your multiple Pinterest boards and accounts.

Or, you can schedule your video pins for future days and hours. As a third option, you can set time intervals and automate your video pins. If you want to continue working on later, you can save your video pins as a draft.

You’re perfectly safe with Circleboom.


Circleboom Publish is preferred by many corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations alongside thousands of individual users worldwide. Why? Because we strictly adhere to Pinterest Community Guidelines, we do not conduct any activity that may jeopardize your account while you are using the Circleboom Publish services. You're safe on Circleboom!

You can schedule perfect Pinterest pins easily with Circleboom Publish.


Circleboom Publish is the best Pinterest-approved scheduler tool to create, design, publish, schedule, and automate your pins for your multiple boards and accounts in one dashboard. On Circleboom Publish, it will take only a few clicks to create, design, and schedule your pins from images and videos. Small business owners who desire to promote their products and services online, graphic artists who want to reach a wider audience for their works, social media influencers who aim to cross-post their content, and many others... You can use the Pinterest scheduling tool on Circleboom Publish to benefit more from Pinterest.

Circleboom Publish is an all-in-one social media platform where you can import photos and videos and create and design Pinterest pins in-house. There are great built-in extensions: Giphy, Unsplash, and Canva. You can curate content for your pins to attract visitors and make them loyal followers for your Pinterest boards. Canva extension on Circleboom provides users with ready-made pin templates, images, gifs, animations, filters, effects, backgrounds, and other materials to design and embellish your Pinterest content. The best Pinterest scheduling app, Circleboom Publish, is in your service from the first moment of creating pins to designing and posting or scheduling them.

Basically, the main goal of managing a social media account is getting clicks for your posts, having followers who will be loyal to your profile, and bringing you likes, favorites, and, if possible, promoting products and services. But, we all know that many social media channels are available, and no one wants to miss them! They can be limitless, but we have limited time every day. Even logging into each social media platform takes time and energy. Hold on! Don't lose your motivation! You can save time and energy by managing all your social media profiles along with your multiple Pinterest accounts and boards on Circleboom Publish! Social media management is easier than ever now!

You can cross-post your Pinterest content on your other social media profiles. For example, Circleboom Publish has a full-fledged Google Business Profile scheduler. Or, you can take advantage of the fantastic Instagram scheduler and Facebook scheduler to promote your pins on other channels.


Use OpenAI and Canva integrations on Circleboom Publish to auto-generate pin images and descriptions on Circleboom Publish. Now, it is much easier to create pins for your multiple boards and accounts.

Circleboom's AI Pinterest Pin Generator helps you organize pins easily and increase your engagement with wisely designed images and descriptions. AI-Powered Pinterest Pin Description Generator is your assistant to auto-write explanatory texts for your pins.

You can manage multiple Pinterest accounts simultaneously with Circleboom Publish.


Do you lose so much time and energy just because you don’t know how to manage multiple Pinterest accounts? Don’t worry, it is a thing of the past now! Circleboom’s manage multiple Pinterest accounts feature allows you to control multiple Pinterest boards and create and schedule pins on Pinterest for multiple accounts and boards.

Managing multiple Pinterest accounts and boards is one of the key strategies for effective Pinterest management. You can organize your multiple Pinterest boards and accounts and create designs, and schedule pins on Circleboom Publish's Pinterest scheduling app.

As you can manage multiple Pinterest accounts and boards, you can also add multiple pictures at once to your Pinterest boards and accounts. You can create pins with photo galleries and share them with your Pinterest audience.

On Circleboom Publish, you can also manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile accounts together with Pinterest accounts. You can create, design, share, schedule, automate, and edit posts simultaneously for your multiple social media profiles.

You can quickly design your pins with the help of Circleboom Publish.


Pinterest is a platform where visuality rules. To attract users, you need to come up with eye-catching, attractive pin designs. You may think designing requires special talents and education. However, on Circleboom Publish, it is super easy to design your Pinterest pins thanks to the built-in extension of Canva.

You can upload your files from your computer or select the appropriate one for your purposes among thousands of templates, images, gifs, backgrounds, animations, graphics, and other elements. Then, you can design and embellish your pins with amazing Canva effects and filters. Pinterest pin creator tool on Circleboom helps you from designing to scheduling your pins.

You can publish your designs immediately or schedule your pins for a later date and time. Or you can set time intervals and automate your pins. Don't you want to share your pins now? It is okay, all your design efforts won't be in vain because you can save your pins as a draft on Circleboom and continue working on them later. This is why Circleboom Publish is the best among Pinterest scheduler tools on the market.

What can a good pin design do for you? You can go viral on Pinterest with your unique designs scheduled for the best times to post on Pinterest. All is possible only with Circleboom Publish, your Pinterest manager!

Pinterest title and URL support


Circleboom Publish allows users to add title and URL to websites on their pins before they publish and schedule. This way, you can create, post, and schedule SEO friendly Pinterest pins and convert traffic from your posts to your website.

Pinterest video support


When you post a video on Pinterest, the first image that viewers see has a great impact for the rest of the journey. This means you should select your Pinterest video thumbnails carefully.

Circleboom Publish makes it possible to change your thumbnails for Pinterest video pins.

Start scheduling pins on Pinterest!


On Circleboom Publish, you can easily create, curate, and schedule your pins to Pinterest. Just keep following our quick guidelines below:


Go to the Circleboom Publish log-in screen, and sign in with your Circleboom account.

Haven't you got a Circleboom account yet? Don't worry, you'll be able to get yours in just a matter of seconds!

Circleboom Publish log-in screen

On the opening page, you'll find options for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Pinterest, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Page, and Google Business Profile.

Here, you can start by adding your Pinterest account(s) to Circleboom Publish.

Here, you can start with adding your Pinterest account(s) to Circleboom Publish

It’s also possible to manage multiple Pinterest accounts at once through Circleboom Publish!


Open the sidebar after you've added your Pinterest account(s).

To continue, select "Create New Post" from the drop-down menu.

You can also add and manage multiple Pinterest accounts at once via Circleboom Publish!

To select your Pinterest account(s), go to the "Select Account" option.

After choosing Pinterest accounts, the next step is to define boards to save your pin on Pinterest. Then you can continue to design your pins before the posting/scheduling process.

Choose your Pinterest account(s) and boards to save your pin on Pinterest.

If you consider, you can take advantage of the social media post design features of Circleboom Publish.

You can either use Unsplash, Giphy, and Canva to design your Pinterest pin or simply upload your graphics. On Canva, you can select ready-made Pinterest pin templates. Or, you can customize a specific pin template with a certain size and dimensions.

You can take advantage of social media post design features of Circleboom Publish.
You can design your pins on Canva with unique templates, effects, filters, and other materials. Once you have finished, click on the "Publish" button at the top right corner.
Design your pins on Canva extension on Circleboom Publish.

You can either add your Pinterest pin to a queue, schedule it, or post it directly once if you want to post it at the moment!

To schedule your Pinterest posts, simply click the "Schedule it" button and select the time you want it to be scheduled on Pinterest!

Lastly, you can directly post, add the pin queue, or schedule to Pinterest!
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Pinterest Scheduler

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