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Avoid awkward moments: How to reset Instagram Explore page!

. 12 min read

You are probably aware of what the Instagram Explore page is. You know, the tab with the magnifying glass icon that shows you a personalized feed of content from accounts you don't follow, based on your interests and preferences.

It is meant to show you more of what you like. But what if you don't like what you see on your Instagram explore page? What if it's full of irrelevant, boring, or even inappropriate posts that don't match your interests? What if you want to go through an Instagram Explore page reset to see something new and different?

To answer all these, I will explain how the Instagram Explore page works, why it might show you content that you don't like, and how to reset it to get a better experience in this blog post. I will also share some tips and tricks to customize your Explore page and make it more relevant to you.

I will also tell you how to get on the Instagram Explore page at the end of this post, so read until the end if you want to boost your Instagram account with likes and followers!

How Does Instagram Explore Page Work?

The Instagram Explore page is not random. It's based on the complex Instagram algorithm that analyzes your behavior on the app (and on the Instagram web) and shows you content that it thinks you will like. The Instagram explore page algorithm takes into account several factors, including but not limited to:

  • The accounts you follow and interact with,
  • The posts you like, comment on, save, or share,
  • The hashtags, keywords, and topics you search for,
  • The time you spend on each post, and
  • The location and language of your account.

Based on these factors, the Instagram explore page algorithm creates a profile of your interests and preferences and shows you content from accounts that are similar to yours or that have a high engagement rate from users like you.

Instagram Explore Page Algorithm

The Instagram Explore page algorithm is constantly changing and evolving to provide a better user experience and to adapt to the trends and preferences of the users. Therefore, it's hard to predict or control what you will see on your explore page at any given time.

However, there are some general principles that you can follow to optimize your explore page and make it more relevant to you. These are:

  • Be consistent. The more you like, comment on, save, or share posts that match your interests, the more the algorithm will show you similar content.
  • Be diverse. The more you explore different topics, hashtags, or accounts that are related to your interests, the more the algorithm will show you varied content.
  • Be selective. The less you interact with content that you don't like or care about, the less the algorithm will show you such content

Why Is My Instagram Explore Page Full of Models?

One of the most common complaints about the Instagram Explore page is that it shows too many models, celebrities, influencers (sometimes even fake ones), or other people that you are not interested in. This can happen for several reasons, such as:

  • You have accidentally liked, commented on, or viewed posts from these accounts or related hashtags,
  • You have searched for these accounts or related keywords,
  • You have followed or interacted with accounts that follow or interact with these accounts,
  • You have a similar location or language to these accounts.

To avoid this, you should be careful about what you like, comment on, view, search for, or follow on Instagram.

A similar thing may happen to you while using Twitter also. In fact, users on Twitter may even be more aggressive. Below is a related story that may help you if you share similar concerns.
OnlyFans girls keep following me on Twitter!
It’s typical for people to follow or interact with users on social networking sites like Twitter in an effort to enhance their visibility and maybe gain more subscribers or clients. This includes content creators from websites like OnlyFans.

Is Your Instagram Explore Feed Inappropriate?

You are casually scrolling down on Instagram Explore, let's say during a short break at work, or in bed just before you fall asleep. Suddenly, not-so-appropriate images show up and your coworkers or your wife saw it. Hard to explain, right?

This is actually a very common issue with the Instagram Explore page. It shows inappropriate content that is offensive, vulgar, violent, sexualized, or otherwise unsuitable for your age or preferences. This can happen because:

  • The Instagram algorithm has misinterpreted your interests or preferences based on your behavior.
  • The Instagram algorithm has not updated your profile based on your recent changes in behavior.
  • The Instagram algorithm has been manipulated by bots or spammers who use fake accounts or hashtags to boost their visibility.
  • The Instagram algorithm has not filtered out content that violates the community guidelines or terms of service.
Is social media more traumatizing than we know?
Our dependency has reached such a level that issues such as social media detox and social media break are on many people’s agenda.

To avoid this, you should report any inappropriate content that you see on your explore page by tapping on the three dots icon in the top right corner and selecting "Report." This will help the Instagram algorithm learn from its mistakes and improve its accuracy.

You can also adjust your account settings to limit the types of content that you see. For example, you can turn on the "Sensitive Content Control" feature through "Suggested Content" in your settings to reduce the amount of potentially sensitive content that you see. Or you can hide some of the suggested content with specific keywords and phrases (similar to Twitter mute, but not that extensive).

Believe me when I say it will save you from a lot of trouble, especially the ones that you may have with your significant other.

What Does Your Instagram Explore Page Say About You?

Your Instagram explore page can reveal a lot about your personality, interests, hobbies, values, and goals. It can also show you what kind of content is popular and trending among users who are similar to you.

You can use your explore page as a source of inspiration, motivation, education, entertainment, or connection. You can also use it as a way to challenge yourself, learn new things, discover new perspectives, or expand your horizons.

However, you should also be aware that your explore page can also influence your mood, self-esteem, opinions, and decisions. It can expose you to positive or negative messages, images, and information that can affect how you feel and think about yourself and the world.

Echo Chamber Effect: How social media restrain your life?
The notion of echo chamber is particularly becoming apparent in our lives. It is our social bubble that we live, interact, communicate within.

Therefore, you should be mindful of what you consume on your explore page and how it affects you. You should also balance your time on Instagram with other activities that enrich your life and make you happy. Checking your time spent on Instagram and setting either reminders or time limits may help you with that.

Reset Instagram Explore

Now that you know all about the Instagram Explore page algorithm and why you keep on seeing what you see, let's go deep into how to reset the Instagram Explore page. If you are suffering from any of the above, or simply want some diversion in what you see, the following may help you a lot.

Reset Instagram Explore by Following More Accounts That Match Your Interests

One of the easiest ways to improve your Explore page is to follow accounts that post content that you like and care about. This will tell the algorithm what kind of content you want to see more of and it will show you similar content from other accounts.

If we were talking about Twitter, I'd say you use Circleboom Twitter to find who to follow. But on Instagram, it seems that you need to find them manually by using the search function or by browsing different categories on the Explore page. You can also use hashtags or keywords related to your interests to find relevant accounts.

For example, if you are interested in photography, you can search for #photography or "photography" and follow accounts that post beautiful photos. Or if you are interested in fitness, you can search for #fitness or "fitness" and follow accounts that post workouts, tips, or inspiration.

Unfollowing the accounts that you are not that much interested in is also a part of this. The accounts you follow may have changed the type of content they produce over time. So regularly go through the accounts you follow and see if they are still worthy of being followed by you. 

Interact with Content That Matches Your Interests to Reset Instagram Explore

Another way to improve your Explore page is to interact with content that matches your interests. This means liking, commenting on, saving, or sharing posts that catch your attention and make you happy.

This will also tell the algorithm what kind of content you enjoy and it will show you more of it. It will also help you connect with other users who share your interests and build a community around them.

You can find content that matches your interests by using the same methods as above: searching for hashtags or keywords related to your interests or browsing different categories on the explore page.

Similar to following, avoiding interaction with content you don't want to see more of is also valuable. You may even consider undoing your past interactions by checking your activity from your profile. If only Circleboom had a like deleter for Instagram similar to their Twitter feature of bulk unliking and deleting tweets in bulk...

Regularly Review and Update Your Interests to Reset Instagram Explore

As your interests evolve, it's essential to review and update them on Instagram. This ensures that the explore page algorithm accurately reflects your current preferences. So I highly recommend checking your interests, which can be found under "Suggested Content" also.

Here, you can see and manage the interests Instagram has associated with your account. You can remove any content that no longer aligns with your interests, or remove content from the "Not Interested" part to see more of those.

Also, if you see a post that you don't like on your explore page, you can tap on the three dots icon in the top right corner and select "Not Interested". This will tell the Instagram explore page algorithm that you don't want to see more similar ones.

Reset Instagram Explore Page Algorithm: A Hard Reset

None of the above worked? You may still try the following:

  • Clear your recent searches after displaying them under "Your Activity". You may have to do it several times, and often.
  • Clear your app cache or delete and reinstall the app. This will at least delete all the data that Instagram has stored on your device, such as images, videos, or cookies.
  • Creating a brand new account is always an option. If you want a completely new start, starting from scratch with a different email address or phone number might be your solution. This will give you a blank slate and a new explore page.
If you have connected your Instagram account with your Facebook profile, your actions, preferences, and overall behavior on Facebook will also affect what Instagram suggests to you. So you may have to apply all these with your Facebook too.

BONUS: How To Get on Instagram Explore Page to Boost Your Followers and Engagement

I may even consider this to be a whole other blog post. But for now, let me tell you the necessary steps for it:

  • Post high-quality and attractive content,
  • Increase the visibility of your posts,
  • Make people spend more time on your profile,
  • Strategize your posting to maximize your reach,
  • And most importantly, do all these regularly and with patience.

I know it sounds hard and time-consuming. So my solution to that would be to use a third-party social media management tool. To me, the most intuitive one is the AI-powered social media management tool of Circleboom, namely Circleboom Publish.

For you to post high-quality and attractive content on Instagram, Circleboom Publish has several features to help you with your post design. You can get stock images from Unsplash, exciting GIFs from GIPHY (yes, you can post GIFs on Instagram), or use your own visuals, even through Google Images. Then you can apply any edits to them via Canva, or even use ready-made post templates without having to worry about the image size requirements.

Instagram Post Creator | Create fascinating Instagram posts!
Do you need an intuitive Instagram Post Creator to design all your content? Stop looking around and enjoy Circleboom Publish!

You can even rely on AI to generate posts with Circleboom Publish. It offers ChatGPT-4, a $20/month tool by itself, at no extra cost! You can set your tone of voice, translate your captions, add emojis, and do much more with it.

AI Instagram Post Generator | Auto-Generate Instagram Captions
Do you want AI to curate your images and auto-generate captions, emojis, and hashtags for your Instagram posts? Let’s discover how to auto-generate Instagram content with AI integration on Circleboom!

The AI features of Circleboom do not end here, as it also has an AI-powered hashtag generator, giving you the most relevant and popular hashtags.

Instagram Hashtag Generator | Best Hashtags For Your Instagram Posts
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Yes, quality content will make people spend time on your profile. But you know what else does? A puzzle timeline. You can create the most attractive profile for yourself by making it look like a puzzle. You can easily do it with Circleboom's Instagram grid maker, may it be 3x3 or 3x4 grid layouts.

How about strategy and consistency? Circleboom's Instagram post scheduler has them covered. After creating your content, you can schedule it at the best times to post on Instagram, or you can create your own posting calendar to stick with it. You don't have to be on your phone at all times, just schedule your posts and leave the rest to Circleboom so that it can automate your Instagram posts.

Instagram Post Scheduler | Design and Schedule Instagram Posts
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See what else you can do with Circleboom Publish on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Google My Business.

Circleboom Publish

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In this blog post, we've explored the intricacies of the Instagram Explore page, delving into its algorithm, potential pitfalls, and ways to reset and optimize your experience. Understanding how the algorithm works empowers you to take control of your explore page, ensuring that it showcases content that resonates with your interests.

Remember, your explore page is a reflection of your online identity, so curate it thoughtfully. Follow accounts aligned with your passions, interact with content that inspires you, and utilize Instagram's settings to refine your experience. By employing these strategies, you can transform your Explore page into a personalized space that brings joy, inspiration, and connection to your Instagram journey.

And if you want to be among the ones that appear on other people's Instagram explore pages, then give Circleboom Publish a try.

Fatih Kemal Oksuzoglu

Passionate about the latest trends and developments in the digital world, all the way from social media marketing to cybersecurity, and enjoys sharing his insights and tips.

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