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20+ Best Pinterest Automation Tools for Automating Pinterest!

. 15 min read

In the world of social media marketing, Pinterest is a platform that often gets overlooked. However, with over 480 million monthly active users, and its prophecy-like trends and predictions, Pinterest is a goldmine for anyone looking to increase their online presence.

And I can tell that I’ve seen firsthand how automating Pinterest can significantly boost a brand’s visibility and engagement. In this blog post, I’ll share some of the best Pinterest automation tools I’ve encountered in my experience, including Circleboom Publish.

What is Pinterest Automation?

Pinterest automation refers to the use of software or tools to automate various tasks on Pinterest. These tasks can range from scheduling pins, cross-posting with other social platforms, and creating pins from files. Automating these tasks can save time, increase efficiency, and ultimately lead to a more successful Pinterest strategy.

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Pinterest SEO and promoted Pins should be the Pinterest marketing elements to focus on while boosting shop traffic for your business.

Ways to Automate Pinterest

  • Pin scheduling: Schedule pins in advance, and especially at the best times, to automate Pinterest posts. This will ensure consistent activity and reach a wider audience across different time zones.
  • Pin creation: Generate pins automatically from blog posts, articles, or other content sources to automate Pinterest pins.
  • Board management: Organize your boards automatically based on keywords, categories, or other criteria.
  • Engagement: Automate Pinterest actions like liking, commenting, and following other users to build relationships and grow your audience.
  • Analytics Tracking: Employ tools to automatically track crucial metrics, providing insights into your strategy's performance and areas for refinement.
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Pinterest provides to the pinners enormous availability for circulation of content and their original sources.

Why Opt for Pinterest Automation?

Pinterest automation tools save you time and effort, and you'll become able to dedicate more time to strategic planning and content creation. You can redirect your focus towards crafting quality content and strategizing your Pinterest approach by minimizing the need for manual, repetitive tasks.

Plus, adopting Pinterest automation can significantly enhance your visibility and may even make you go viral on the platform by ensuring a steady and strategic posting schedule set at the best times to post on Pinterest. You can achieve a consistent online presence and engage a broader audience through automated scheduling and interactions.

Pinterest Auto Poster | Easily Auto Post to Pinterest
Are you looking for a Pinterest automation tool to auto-post to Pinterest not only your pins but also directly from RSS feeds?

Pinterest Automation Tools

There are several Pinterest automation tools available that can help you streamline your overall efforts on Pinterest. Here are some of the best ones.

Circleboom Publish

Meet the best way to post on Pinterest: Automated Pinterest posting with Circleboom, the great Pinterest automation tool!

Circleboom's AI-powered social media management tool, namely Circleboom Publish, offers a Pinterest scheduler and a Pinterest auto poster. So it emerges as a comprehensive Pinterest automation tool. It is designed to enhance your Pinterest management and marketing strategy while also helping you automate Pinterest with many of its related features that improve engagement and efficiency. With Circleboom, you can seamlessly design, create, schedule, and automate Pinterest posts as images and videos, even for multiple accounts.

Here's what it has to offer in a nutshell:

  • Pinterest means captivating images, and it may become a bit hard and time-consuming to create them after a while. That's why Circleboom offers Canva as built-in so that you can design your pins on the same dashboard. Utilizing the integrated Canva extension does not only add flexibility but it also saves you from the trouble of creating the right-sized, high-resolution pins as it comes with ready-made pin templates.
  • Don't even have time for that? Simply curate stock images from Unsplash. Or you can access your Google Photos to use images or videos from there, taking another step into Pinterest automation. Yes, all these are integrated within the same dashboard!
  • Another standout feature of Circleboom is its AI-powered Pinterest pin generator and description generator, leveraging ChatGPT to create compelling texts and engaging captions for Pinterest pins. This innovative tool empowers you to customize your Pinterest pins with emojis and relevant hashtags effortlessly. It also allows for setting the tone of voice, applying grammar checks, and even translating your content.
  • Moreover, Circleboom automates Pinterest pins by enabling you to create queues and schedule pins with precision. In other words, you can create your Pinterest pins in mass and bulk schedule them.
  • You can either create your own calendar or pick the best times to post on Pinterest automatically offered to you within the platform. All you need to do is set your posting times, create your pins, add them to your queue, and leave the rest to Circleboom. A great way to save time and maximize productivity!
  • Additionally, Circleboom facilitates the management of multiple Pinterest accounts and boards and allows you to add multiple pictures at once to your Pinterest boards and accounts from a single dashboard. You can benefit from the seamless organization of your Pinterest boards and pins, enhancing overall efficiency.

By automating repetitive tasks and leveraging AI for content creation and optimization, Circleboom Publish would enable you to focus more on strategy and less on day-to-day management. Its features, designed to increase reach, engagement, and efficiency, position Circleboom Publish as a potentially invaluable Pinterest automation tool for small businesses, enterprises, agencies, content creators, social media managers, and any Pinterest enthusiast aiming to elevate their Pinterest presence!

You know what more? Features listed below don't even makeup 10% of how Circleboom makes your life easier. So you definitely need to see the rest yourself!

Automate Pinterest Posts with Circleboom Publish

Circleboom supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, YouTube, and TikTok (soon).



Leveraging AI, PinPinterest lets you automate Pinterest pins that resonate with your audience by selecting and scheduling them, ensuring your content strategy is both efficient and effective. Boasting an autopilot, it also automates Pinterest followings.

The platform's analytics capabilities automate tracking key performance indicators, helping you refine your approach based on data-driven insights. It basically streamlines the planning and execution of your Pinterest strategy, making it easier to manage content across multiple accounts.


Tailwind's suite of  Pinterest automation features makes it a powerhouse for Pinterest marketing. Its smart schedule feature automatically suggests the best times to post your pins, maximizing visibility and engagement. The bulk pinning feature allows scheduling multiple pins simultaneously, saving significant time.

Furthermore, Tailwind Tribes enables you to automate the process of content sharing and collaboration with like-minded creators, amplifying your content's reach. The analytics tool automates the process of tracking performance, providing actionable insights to continually refine your Pinterest strategy. But there are also many alternatives to Tailwind.

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Tailwind has been a popular Pinterest tool and has helped marketers efficiently manage their Pinterest accounts. However, there popped up also excellent alternative tools in the meantime. So, it’s worth checking the new tools and seeing what’s on the table.


While not a traditional Pinterest automation tool, SweepWidget automates the growth of your Pinterest audience through interactive contests and giveaways. It simplifies creating and managing these campaigns, automatically capturing leads and engaging users. Its analytics feature provides automated insights into the performance of your contests, helping you gauge their effectiveness in boosting your Pinterest presence.


Designed specifically for visual platforms with the motto of "by creators, for creators", Planoly allows you to automate Pinterest pins by visually planning and scheduling them. Its intuitive interface simplifies the process of managing pins and boards, with analytics to track engagement and performance.

Planoly is perfect for creators and brands focused on maintaining a cohesive aesthetic across their Pinterest accounts. It also offers a browser extension and a mobile app.

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Iconosquare provides detailed analytics and management features to help you automate Pinterest, emphasizing the growth and engagement aspects of social media marketing. Its features include scheduling, reporting, and analytics that help you understand your audience and improve your content strategy based on actionable insights.

It's not only the AI assistant and scheduling features that make it a Pinterest automation tool but it also comes with automated custom reporting. And another strength is that it has a "teams" tier, allowing multiple users to work with the tool as a team.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social offers scheduling, analytics, and collaboration features tailored for Pinterest and other social media platforms. As a Pinterest automation tool, its strength lies in its ability to automate posting schedules, track performance metrics, and facilitate team collaboration, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their social media management.


As a Pinterest automation tool, Buffer excels in simplifying the scheduling process. You can automate posting your pins throughout the day or week, ensuring a consistent online presence. The analytics feature allows for the automated tracking of basic engagement metrics, helping you understand the performance of your pins.

Buffer's ability to automate cross-posting to other social media platforms also streamlines the management of your overall digital marketing efforts, making it easier to maintain a cohesive brand presence across the board. Having said all these, I also would like to add that there are many alternative tools to Buffer.

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It is significant to use external social media management tools for professional causes since they facilitate an opportunity for the creation of more quality content by giving less time. Circleboom and Buffer are the two of the social media management tools you might want to look at in the sector.


SocialPilot helps you automate Pinterest pins in terms of scheduling and publishing them, enabling bulk uploads and planning to save time. Its content curation feature can also automate the discovery and sharing of relevant content, ensuring your boards stay fresh and engaging.

The analytics feature provides automated reports on your Pinterest performance, allowing for informed decision-making and strategy adjustments based on comprehensive data analysis.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a comprehensive social media management tool that enhances Pinterest marketing through advanced scheduling, detailed analytics, and engagement tools. Its scheduling capabilities allow for consistent content posting, which is crucial for audience growth and makes it a Pinterest automation tool. The platform provides insightful analytics for understanding pin performance and audience engagement, helping to refine strategies for better results.

Sprout Social's engagement features ensure timely interaction with followers, fostering a strong community. Designed for efficiency, it supports team collaboration and integrates seamlessly with multiple social platforms, making it an ideal choice for managing cross-platform campaigns. Simplifying and automating Pinterest management, Sprout Social empowers you to focus on creating high-quality content and strategizing for growth.

12 Sprout Social alternatives!
Sprout Social has been quite some time. Particularly its price may lead customers to look for Sprout Social alternatives as a social media automation platform.


Later offers Pinterest automation through content and scheduling.

Later lets you automate Pinterest posts by focusing on automating the scheduling and visual planning of your Pinterest content, allowing you to map out your pinning strategy weeks in advance.

Its visual content creation tools automate the design process, helping you produce engaging pins without needing extensive design skills. The platform's first comment optimization feature can automate the process of enhancing your pins' visibility through strategic hashtag use, ensuring your content reaches a wider audience.


Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media management platform supporting Pinterest and other social media networks. It allows you to automate Pinterest pins by scheduling at the optimal time for engagement, ensuring your content reaches the widest possible audience.

Also, Hootsuite's analytics tools provide detailed insights into your Pinterest campaign's performance, helping you make data-driven decisions. The platform also enables team collaboration, making it easier to manage your social media efforts in a coordinated way. And like Tailwind and Buffer, it also has many alternatives.

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Sendible is a social media management tool and also a Pinterest automation tool designed to help brands boost their online presence across multiple platforms, including Pinterest. It automates scheduling posts, tracks the success of your content, and engages with your audience.

Also, Sendible's content suggestion feature automates the process of finding relevant content to share, making it easier to maintain an active Pinterest account by achieving Pinterest automation. Its detailed reporting tools provide insights into your Pinterest strategy's performance, enabling continuous improvement.


Agorapulse facilitates Pinterest automation with AI-assisted pin scheduling. The platform's content curation and discovery tools automate the process of finding high-quality content to share on Pinterest, while its built-in Canva helps you with post design, enriching your content strategy. Meanwhile, it also gives the ability to work as a team within the tool.


eClincher offers a robust suite of tools for managing social media platforms, including Pinterest. It provides you with functionalities for scheduling posts, analyzing performance, and engaging with audiences, making it also a Pinterest automation tool.

Its unified social media inbox makes it easier to manage interactions across platforms, and the auto-posting feature with queues can help maintain a consistent presence on Pinterest.


CoSchedule helps you automate Pinterest pins through content and scheduling.

CoSchedule is a marketing calendar that helps automate your content marketing and social scheduling, including Pinterest. It allows you to automate Pinterest pins by scheduling pins in advance, integrating your overall marketing calendar for a unified strategy, and using the analytics feature to track your Pinterest activity's effectiveness. CoSchedule’s ReQueue feature can automate the process of finding the best times to post your content, ensuring maximum engagement.


MeetEdgar specializes in automating content creation and distribution, making it a valuable Pinterest automation tool. It can automate Pinterest pins by generating posts from your content library and scheduling them, ensuring a consistent online presence. Its unique evergreen content recycling feature keeps your Pinterest feed active without constant manual input.


Loomly is a brand management and social media tool that supports Pinterest, helping you create, schedule, and optimize your posts. It offers a calendar interface where teams can collaborate on content creation, with suggestions for post ideas and optimization tips to enhance engagement.

Loomly also provides analytics to track the performance of your Pinterest strategy, making it suitable for brands looking to improve their online presence with data-driven insights. It can be called a decent Pinterest automation tool with all these features.


SocialBee stands out for its content categorization, scheduling, and evergreen content recycling capabilities. It allows you to maintain an active Pinterest presence, as it allows them to automate Pinterest pins and re-posting, ensuring that valuable content continues to reach new audiences over time. SocialBee is ideal for users looking to maximize the lifespan and reach of their content with minimal effort.


Crowdfire supports Pinterest automation by offering features to schedule posts, curate content, and track performance. Its content recommendation engine helps you find relevant content to share, simplifying content discovery.

Crowdfire's strength lies in its ability to streamline content management across multiple platforms including Pinterest, making it a good choice for users looking to maintain an active and engaging Pinterest presence alongside other social media activities.


RecurPost allows you to automate content sharing, including Pinterest automation.

RecurPost allows you to schedule your posts, including pins, and automate content sharing, including Pinterest automation. It supports content recycling, helping you to repost their most valuable content periodically. This ensures ongoing engagement without the need for constant content creation.

Hopper HQ

Hopper HQ is another Pinterest automation tool that supports scheduling for Pinterest. It mainly aims to streamline the planning process with a visual calendar, bulk upload, and editing features.

Choosing The Right Pinterest Automation Tool

This list may go even further to include each and every one of the tools that somewhat offers Pinterest automation features. But it will only make it harder for you to choose among them.

The best Pinterest automation tool for you depends on your specific needs and budget. So you might want to consider the following factors:

  • Functionality: What do you need the most? Scheduling, increasing engagement, content discovery, or content creation?
  • Price and Free Trial: Do you prefer to start with a paid plan right on? Or would you like to give it a try before making a payment?
  • Platform integration: Do you need multi-platform management, let's say, like sharing simultaneously on Instagram along with your Pinterest?
  • Ease of use: How user-friendly is the tool? How easy is the dashboard? Are you paying for exactly what you need or has it got features that you don't even want to use?

Let me give you a friendly recommendation, though: In my experience, Circleboom Publish excels in all these with its features, not to mention its 14-day free trial. So why not give it a try and see it for yourself?

Bonus: Considerations for Pinterest Automation

Automating Pinterest in Line with the Community Guidelines

Exercise caution with Pinterest automation tools. Some of them may violate Pinterest's community guidelines, which can cause you potential account issues or even lead to account suspension. Always use tools that are credible and safe.

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The more social media channels have become significant, the more the needs have emerged to be good at managing them. Circleboom offers remarkably effective products to help the administration of social media accounts of yourself, your brand, or your organization.

Maintaining Authenticity While Automating Pinterest

While Pinterest automation can be helpful, it's important to maintain a balance and avoid appearing spammy. Automated activities should be balanced with genuine engagement to ensure your account or brand remains authentic and valuable to your followers. It's always better to be yourself than, let's say, a fake influencer.

Outcomes of the Pinterest Automation Tools May Vary

Keep in mind that using Pinterest automation tools is a way to help you, but not a guaranteed path to success. The quality of your content, understanding of your audience, and your engagement strategy are pivotal factors in achieving your goals on Pinterest.

Final Words

Pinterest automation is a powerful strategy for businesses looking to increase their online presence. By automating tasks like pinning and scheduling, you can save time and focus on creating high-quality content. Starting with Circleboom Publish, the tools mentioned above are some of the best Pinterest automation tools available, and they can help you streamline your Pinterest marketing efforts. Remember, the key to successful Pinterest automation is choosing the right tool that fits your needs and goals. Happy pinning!

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